How to Play Relax Gaming Slots Like a Pro?

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Relax Gaming continues leading the online gaming and casino industry in quality, depth, and variety of games offered. Among their many offerings, their slots remain the most popular titles in the play volume, and rewards are given out. 

Here's how you can ace your spins if you're just starting with slot games or recently discovered the 100+ slot titles by Relax Gaming. 

Grasp the Basics

Relax Gaming slots operate similarly to most other popular online slot games. The game's format appears as a grid (usually 7x5) that generates symbols every time you spin or pull the lever. Symbols that align or appear in a winning combination (e.g., the same symbols in one horizontal line) will pay out rewards depending on the event's probability. 

Start by getting familiar with the different titles offered by Relax Gaming. Each game follows a visual theme and comes with a back story. For instance, Money Cart is one of their most popular titles designed on wild-west thematic graphics, while Titan Strike features Greek and Olympian symbols and visuals. 

Every game's dynamics offers bonuses, collections, and boosts that increase your chances of higher rewards or a bigger payout. 

Master the Winning Combinations

Wins happen only when you line up or combine specific symbols in a selected order, sequence, or position. Understanding these wins will allow you to identify possible combinations and anticipate oncoming symbols. 

  • Generating Pay Lines remains the most common winning combination. This win happens when matching cards or symbols appear on a single line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal).

  • You can trigger Cluster Wins when similar or identical symbols appear alongside each other in a specific combination (the position and required combination depend on the slot game). 

  • Ways Wins are rewards paid out when you generate symbols along the same reel (but need not be a full line). These rewards are smaller, but their probability of happening is higher. 

Understand Collections and Special Features

Additional features like 'Collections' and other unique slot attributes allow you to draw more out of the game. These added features often increase the chances of a payout or trigger additional matches that lead to more earnings. 

Identifying these features may be advantageous when you feel no matches are likely. 

Collections for Boosted Winnings

Relax Gaming's slots often include a 'Collection' feature. These collections appear as unique or special symbols separate from the generic symbols generated during the spins. Collections introduce additional abilities to otherwise ordinary symbols, allowing more cards to match, higher rewards to appear, extra spins to the player, etc. 

Avalanche Games

Some slot games follow an avalanche format where symbols that match will animate or explode and disappear. The replacement symbols tumble down from the top rack (like an avalanche) to occupy the empty cards. 

This format can increase your chances of making multiple matches on a single spin. These slots also feature a 'Multiplier' meter, which can amplify the rewards during an average line match. 

End Note

Master the basics of Relax Gaming slots and leverage the power of unique features to ensure that every spin you make maximizes your chances of hitting a significant payout! 

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