No more PayPal for German online casino players

Published by Daniel on September 2, 2019 IN Industry News

PayPal Germany and Online GamblingOver the past few years the online gambling industry has seen many changes and developments.  

Games have become bigger and better and casinos have increased ways of entertainment to create a more immersive gaming experience for players.  

Payment methods have also expanded making it easier for players to fund their accounts instantly using more than just a credit or debit card.  

Unfortunately for German players, the payment methods available are about to become less now that one popular E-wallet is stopping their services.

PayPal pulling out 

2019 has been a rather interesting year for the gambling industry with many changes happening in terms of gambling laws and restrictions.  

Just recently there has been talks of banning credit card gambling in an effort to curb overspending and protecting players from possible gambling addictions.  

In more recent events the popular E-wallet, PayPal, has announced that it will stop providing payment services in terms of online gambling sites. PayPal in Germany is planning to enforce restrictions to stop payments to and from gambling sites.  

These restrictions are set to be implemented by the 21st of October 2019 and German players using the E-wallet to fund their accounts will have to find another payment option.  

A long time coming 

The change comes as no surprise as PayPal Germany has made amendments to their T & C’s which introduces stricter controls regarding online gambling transactions. According to sources the main reason behind this change is a directive from the German government. The government has told PayPal to stop facilitating gambling transactions.  

In the new Terms of Service and conditions of use in Germany it clearly states that PayPal will no longer be allowing gambling transactions by German players.  

The T&C’s read that PayPal will no longer be offering their services in any regard or activities that are illegal in the region.  

Gambling History in Germany 

The new sub-clause prohibiting players from using PayPal to fund their online gambling activities come as no surprise.  

The gambling laws in Germany have always been rather complex making it difficult to understand what gambling activities is safe and legal.  

Between 2008 and 2012 gambling in any way was still declared illegal in the country under federal regulation. The only exception to the rule was the state of Schleswig-Holstein where gambling was legalized.  

After this period new rules were introduced in an effort to regulate and control the licensing procedures of local gambling operations.  

Much like in the United States, Germany’s iGaming is regulated by the individual states. Earlier this year Schleswig-Holstein starting working on a new Gaming Bill in an effort to simplify online gaming operations.  

There are high hopes to fully regulate online gambling in Germany and so far all federal states have been working together to come up with a way to do so.  

No more PayPal  

While many things are still unclear it is certain that German players will no longer be able to fund their casino account using PayPal.  

From the 21st of October 2019 the E-Wallet will stop all online gambling transactions whether they are deposits or withdrawals into German player accounts.