Best Metaverse Casinos in 2022

You may have heard on the news, tech moguls like Mark Zuckerberg talking about the metaverse being the future of the internet and web3, but did you know that casinos are set to be a big part of that new virtual space too? If it all sounds a bit complicated, you're in the right place. Read on to learn everything you need to know about metaverse casinos.

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What Is the Metaverse?

Just as the idea of the internet was difficult to pin down before its launch and widespread use, the concept of a metaverse can be equally complex to put into words. The metaverse is (or will be) an online virtual world in which people can socialise, work, play games, and even buy and sell things. If you've ever seen films like Ready Player One, that's the plan for the metaverse (minus the dystopia, of course!).

The heads of tech giants like Facebook (now Meta, to reflect their new direction) CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella are just two of many who are currently developing a more cohesive and connected metaverse that is both fully functional, immersive and accessible to all.

Discover a new way to gamble in the Metaverse

Currencies of the Metaverse

In the real world, products and services are bought and sold with traditional fiat currencies, for the most part, but in the metaverse environment, cryptocurrencies are the dominant monetary format. The most popular and widely used cryptocurrencies on the parts of the metaverse that currently exist are Ether (ETH from the Ethereum blockchain), Mana (specific to Decentraland), Sand (The Sandbox) and AXS (Axie Infinity).

If you don't have any of these, don't worry. A variety of crypto wallets have been created to make it easy to convert fiat currency to cryptocurrency to spend in the metaverse. We'll go into this aspect of metaverse gambling a bit later.

On our website, we have already talked about casinos using cryptocurrencies in the past.

Future Developments

The development plan is for the metaverse to become an all-encompassing world where you can be whoever you want to be, visit anywhere in the world, do things you've never done, attend new events, meet people from all walks of life and explore and experience to your heart's content.

Of course, the idea of what the metaverse should look like will vary greatly depending on who you ask. For example, Microsoft sees it as a place for interaction, to meet with colleagues and collaborate with each other on projects. Facebook (Meta) sees it as an exciting new way to explore the world and discover new experiences.

In the same way that we didn't know what the internet would look like, we won't know what the metaverse will look like when it's implemented and accessible to the general public on a large scale until it's here.

At present, the metaverse is more of a disjointed collection of standalone platforms, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start exploring it, particularly if you're a fan of online casino gambling sites and crypto gambling.

Crypto Casinos in the Metaverse

One industry that is set to explode in popularity thanks to the inception of the metaverse is the online gambling industry. Already a multi-trillion dollar industry, online gambling, particularly online casino gaming, is set to benefit hugely from the exciting new immersive nature of the metaverse.

This would potentially allow anyone from all over the world to visit virtual best online casinos that are as superb, perhaps even more so, than today's most luxurious casino resorts and play their favourite games. It's expected to be a futuristic step beyond the experience of what you might call super-real casino gaming.

But what does this all mean for your average online casino gamer? What possibilities and benefits can you expect from this new metaverse experience?

Here is how to gamble at the Metaverse casinos

How to Gamble at Metaverse Casinos

So what is it like to gamble at a metaverse casino? Mostly, metaverse casinos are just like land-based casinos, except they are hosted in a virtual world. New metaverse casinos are popping up thick and fast as the concept takes off, and with various complementary products and services being developed simultaneously (check also the NFT casino sites), these are being incorporated too to make these virtual sites even more appealing.

Here we'll take you through what to expect from a metaverse casino, from how to find one in the first place to getting hold of the proper funds to play. The process is only a few steps. Once you've filled your virtual wallet, you'll need to create or personalise your avatar or virtual character; then, you'll be ready to take a seat at your favourite game, virtually speaking, of course! 

Find a Casino on the Metaverse

Your first step is to find a metaverse casino that's worth exploring. This can be done via a simple internet search, either on your traditional connected devices or via your VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality) headset to play casino games in 3D. There are currently several metaverse casinos to choose from, which we'll cover later, with more appearing every day, so you certainly won't be stuck for choice!

Thanks to the inherently secure and decentralised nature of these virtual reality casinos in the metaverse and the blockchain technology on which they operate, you won't even need to sign up for a casino account to get started in most cases, making it a much more accessible and private affair than ever before.

Purchase the Currency to Gamble

Metaverse casinos don't accept traditional fiat currencies, so the first thing you'll need to do is buy a supported cryptocurrency. Luckily, this too is much more accessible than ever, thanks to a range of crypto exchange sites such as Binance and Coinbase that let you easily convert your fiat currency into various cryptocurrencies.

Once you've done that, it's highly recommended that you download a crypto wallet in order to keep and manage all your cryptocurrencies in a single place to maximise security, MetaMask is a popular choice as both an app and an extension for the Chrome browser. Not only can you import existing cryptocurrencies from another wallet, but you can also buy directly using MetaMask, making it an invaluable companion on your metaverse casino gaming journey.

Create a Virtual Character

Just like you wouldn't walk into a land-based casino without the proper attire, you won't want to virtually stroll into a metaverse casino without tweaking your outward appearance to suit your taste and preferences. Once you've found a place to play and you've loaded up your crypto wallet with supported tokens, your next step is to give yourself a virtual makeover!

The standard approach is to make various adjustments to an existing blank or cookie-cutter avatar so that it's more (or less, depending on what you're going for) like you. You'll generally be able to change physical traits like your hair, eye and skin colour, and wearable items like clothing.

In addition, you'll be able to display custom wearables like NFTs, which can unlock premium services in some cases. Marketplaces like Opensea currently have plenty of NFT wearable options such as jackets and accessories like sunglasses and shoes.

Play Your Favourite Games

When you're loaded up with funds and decked out to your satisfaction, you can then start hitting your favourite games, but how do you find them? Think land-based casino here!

Navigating a metaverse casino is very similar to walking into your typical land-based casino and taking a look around. We also understand that people are currently being hired to become virtual croupiers and hosts, so you may also be able to get a nice pointer on your first visit!

Whether your preference is slot machines, online blackjack table games, roulette, baccarat, poker games, dice games or something else, there will be a section dedicated to each of them. You'll most likely find other games to explore and bet on while you're there, so prepare to have lots of fun!

Are these Metaverse casinos reliable

Reliability of These Casinos

Since metaverse casinos can range from brand new startups to side projects of existing long-established companies, it can be difficult to tell which are worth taking the time to explore. However, one common thread runs through all of them that should put your mind at ease.

The backbone of all metaverse casinos is blockchain technology, specifically, the inherently secure and anonymous mechanism supporting cryptocurrencies. As a result, not only are all transactions publicly tracked and authenticated on the open ledger, but the provably fair technology aspect also ensures that all hosted games cannot be rigged.

As a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation), the metaverse casino does not operate under the control of a tiny group of individuals or any government-controlled entity. Instead, its rules are encoded by transparent computer programming, with many of these sites allowing players the right to vote to shape the content and direction of the organization.

All this boils down to a much more secure, transparent and fair experience for meta-gamblers. However, there are a couple of potential risks to be aware of at metaverse casinos. The first is that cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile, meaning their market value can change at the drop of a hat depending on fluctuations in the market, much more so than traditional fiat currency markets.

It's also important to realise that metaverse casinos are still in their infancy, which means standard industry regulatory bodies have not yet caught up with them to ensure player safety, though some may deem that unnecessary. Finally, finding a centralised support system may be harder to help you if you run into a problem, though your results may vary.

Payment Methods Accepted

As mentioned above, cryptocurrencies are the monetary tokens used for gambling at metaverse casinos, so you'll need to load up on the right one depending on the site you're planning to access and play at. At present, the most common cryptocurrency used for metaverse casino gaming is Ether, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain and happens to be the same platform on which NFTs are hosted.

However, since metaverses are still in the making and consist of many smaller platforms looking to establish themselves, some metaverse casinos only accept their cryptocurrencies. In most cases, downloading a cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask will allow you to buy, store and manage your cryptocurrencies in one place, so you can effectively use it as an all-in-one payment method.

Let's Talk About Withdrawals

So what about when it comes to withdrawing your winnings? Withdrawals are processed the same way as today's cryptocurrency withdrawals at standard online casinos. That means you can expect to receive your winnings very quickly. Again, using an all-encompassing wallet service like MetaMask will allow you to keep track of your deposits and withdrawals, no matter how many different cryptocurrencies you use.

We can call the Metaverse Gamification 2.0.jpg

Metaverse Casinos: The New Era of Gamification

The concept of metaverse casino gaming represents a significant step into the future, something many of us have only ever dreamed of or seen in movies. Launching the endlessly popular online casino industry in a virtually accessible world will mark the start of a new era of gamification. More elaborate and futuristic games and gambling opportunities will become the new norm.

What kind of changes can you expect to see in these metaverse casinos compared to the standard online casinos? So far, the most realistic experience you can get without actually visiting a land-based casino is playing online live dealer games, where professional dealers spin the roulette wheel and deal cards in a studio setting via live streaming. Gamblers can then place their bets using an interactive panel on their screen.

Thanks to today's breakneck speed tech developments, virtually hosted games of all kinds are cropping up everywhere, so it was only a matter of time before casino games found their way there too. The result is a much more immersive experience in which you can move around, meet and interact with people, take a seat at a virtual table and play the games for yourself!

Real 3D Gambling Experience

The main difference between online casino gaming and metaverse casino gaming is that you will be much more physically involved in the metaverse. Donning your VR or AR headset is all that's needed to enter the virtual world, and from there, you'll be able to walk around and go wherever you want.

Imagine walking into an expensive-looking virtual casino, where a friendly host greets you and directs you to your favourite slot. You take a seat, chat with the other gamers, and start playing for real money! Metaverse casino gaming is set to take live casino gameplay to a fascinating new level!

Licences of the Metaverse Casinos

So what about the licensing situation? Do these metaverse casinos need to hold a legitimate licence to offer their services?

One of the main challenges at present is the licensing situation which is still a little fuzzy since none of the main regulatory authorities such as the MGA and Curacao Gaming Commission have as yet mentioned anything about metaverse casinos in their legalese. That said, metaverse casino activity is still gambling, and as such, any organisation that offers gambling services to the public should hold a licence.

It's in your best interest to opt for a metaverse casino with a legitimate gambling license. It means the operation has been approved and is under ongoing monitoring to ensure that players are treated correctly and that their data is kept safe and secure.

Here are the best Metaverse sites to play casinos

Best Metaverse Casino Platforms in 2022

Are you looking for a place to get started exploring metaverse gambling? Let's look at a list of some of the best metaverse casino platforms as of 2022.

Bloktopia Casinos

Bloktopia is currently building a skyscraper with 21 floors that will host a variety of virtual activities for users of all experience levels. They have positioned themselves as the ideal place for absolute beginners up to those already very experienced with cryptocurrencies and the metaverse. The Penthouse & Gaming level of the skyscraper will house poker rooms where you'll be able to play poker and various other gambling games using Bloktopia's crypto tokens, BLOK.

Decentraland Casinos

Decentraland is another operation that has entered the metaverse with Tominoya Casino accepting players through their virtual doors. Helping players navigate the various Blackjack tables and Roulette wheels and teaching them how to place bets and spin the wheel are host avatars of actual company employees! MANA and DAI are currently the primary crypto tokens here.

The Sandbox Casinos

The Sandbox is also working to enter the metaverse with what's planned to be the Sand Vegas Club. The organisation goal is to create one of the biggest online casinos in the Sandbox Metaverse. Those who purchase the group's NFTs will automatically gain a stake in the casino and stand to benefit from a 50% profit share

Highstreet Casinos

Highstreet is another metaverse developer currently creating what they call Highstreet World, which will be much like a city featuring various e-commerce centres, activities and casino gaming. Highstreet uses two types of tokens: HIGH token and STREET tokenwith the former used for real estate land and NFT purchases and the latter used for placing bets in the casino.

Metahero Casinos

Metahero is busy creating what they're calling Everdome; a metaverse planned to contain houses, shops, bars and casinos. In it, you'll be able to explore top casino games like Blackjack and Roulette using the organisation's crypto currency, HERO.

Bonus: Purchase a Casino in the Metaverse

The concept of play-to-earn gaming is not entirely new, but it is infrequent for casino gaming. That is all set to change thanks to the setup of these metaverse casinos, with most of them taking on a decentralised player-owned and governed format.

Players have the option to buy the site's cryptocurrency or NFTs in exchange for a share in the organisation's profits (dividends) and a vote on the direction it takes. In effect, what you have here is the opportunity to become an owner of the metaverse casino, with owners earning a percentage of the revenue!

DYOR Before Buying NFT Assets

It's essential to keep one foot on the ground when looking at metaverse casinos, particularly when it comes to the concept of NFTs. The fact is that these creations are still very new. And even though NFTs are gaining traction, no one is quite sure yet which of these operations will stand the test of time and fall by the wayside. 

Please do your research before investing any of your hard-earned cash, especially when it comes to something intangible such as metaverse casino shares and NFTs.

Our final thoughts on casinos in the Metaverse

Gambling in the Metaverse or Not?

The speed with which technology has advanced has resulted in some genuinely futuristic products and services, with metaverse casinos being one of them. Based in entire virtual worlds, like something out of a sci-fi movie, metaverse casinos look set to be the next big thing for the gambling industry, and they're already here and ready to be explored in a lot of cases. But should you do so?

While it is still early days yet, metaverse casinos represent the future of the international casinos as we know, and we feel it's worth taking the time to don your VR or AR headset and dive in for a look around. Just remember that even though the casinos are virtual, the money you'll be using to play is genuine, so, as with any gambling site, make wagers more than you can afford to lose.

If you don't feel like gambling with the involvement of cryptos, you can always try the sweepstakes slots, a less 3D experience but more oriented to the social part.

Metaverse Casinos FAQs

Take a look at our reader's frequently asked questions for more information on metaverse casinos

Are there casinos in the metaverse?

Yes! There are currently a number of casino establishments on the various metaverse platforms that have been built so far, with others, such as Atari's new venue Vegas City, on the way.

How can I gamble in the metaverse?

Gambling in the metaverse is made very easy. Simply trade some of your real money for the supported cryptocurrency where you plan to play, then deposit and hit those virtual tables!

Can I win real money at casinos in the metaverse?

Yes. Since you'll be playing with cryptocurrency, you can win cryptocurrency that can then be spent in the metaverse or exchanged for traditional fiat money as you see fit.

How do I buy a casino in the metaverse?

A few metaverse casinos are offering players the chance to buy their crypto tokens or NFTs to become stake holders in the organisation, complete with voting rights and a share of the profits. You'll find more details on the individual organisations' sites.

What is a Metaverse casino?

A metaverse casino like EarnBet is an online casino that allows players to play a whole host of casino classics in a whole new way. Players in the Metaverse will be virtually connected to a series of online worlds, with a custom-built casino experience in each one.

Who's using the metaverse?

Whilst metaverses are popping up, the current issue is that most of them are empty. However, there are some platforms, such as Decentraland's Ice Poker casino, where over 1000 visitors play at any given time. In a CoinDesk article, Miles Anthony, the founder of Decentral Games (DG) mentioned that the game has generated a whopping $7.5 million in revenue in just 3 months.

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