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Zambia, regarded as one of the largest countries in the world, is home to almost all forms of gambling. The history of gambling dates back pretty far, with the lottery first being introduced. Discussions are going on in the government regarding regulating the online gambling sector also.

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Last Updated • March 2024

History of Gambling in Zambia

Zambia has a rich history of gambling. In our research, the earliest form of gambling introduced in the country goes back to 1950. Back then, the lottery was the only form of gambling in Zambia. But that situation changed quickly after the country gained its independence.

Zambia has been under the rule of the British Empire since 1888. But in 1962, the country was finally free from the clutches of the Brits. After this time, the country slowly started moving towards improvement in many sectors. Fortunately for Zambians, the gambling industry was one of them.

If we go chronologically, the first gambling act was the Lotteries Act of 1952. Soon after, the Betting act was put in place in 58. This act was introduced to regulate the country's horse racing and sports betting.

Then we come to the Casino Act, which was enacted in 1992. Since then, all casinos and gambling activities have been regulated. Most of the casino players are tourists; hence in 2007, casino regulation was put under the Tourism and Hospitality Act.

Discover the Zambia Gambling Law

Under the Casino Act of 1992, operators must have a license with a validity of 5 years. The licensing committee can renew this license for the casinos to remain in operation for longer periods. Operators were also required to pay the government a 20% levy tax lifted in 2019.

Although online gambling is illegal, the country doesn't shy away from it like other African countries. But there is still no regulatory body that oversees online gambling. That's why players choose to play at top-rated online casinos wherever they are accepted.

And since we're talking about online gambling, players can also play at any offshore lottery casino. The lottery is one of the popular gambling activities, so it makes sense for players to participate in international lotteries. 

Land-Based Casinos in Zambia

Land-based casinos have been in operation since gambling has legalized. You can find all the best games, like free online slots, table games, and video poker slots to play there. Most of these casinos are situated around the capital city, Lusaka. Players of legal age can visit any of these casinos and expect a wonderful time there.

The Future of Online Gambling in Zambia

We've been saying it since the beginning, but online gambling is unregulated in the country. But the government has noticed that online gambling has found resounding success in many African countries. That's why soon, the government plans to improve upon this sector of the gambling industry and provide players with the chance to play at local online operators.

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