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Tunisia is an African country with a gambling industry that's nothing short of interesting. Gambling is legalized, just not for locals in the country. It's illegal if you are a resident of Tunisia at any of the land-based casinos - but for foreigners it's a different story.

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Last Updated • March 2024

History of Gambling in Tunisia

As we've said, the history of gambling is a little bit complicated. The country has a majority of Muslims as part of its population. And according to Islamic teachings, gambling is prohibited. But even then, all forms of gambling are legal with a few conditions within the country. Specifically, why depends on which people are playing and which activity they're participating in.

Discover the Tunisia Gambling Law

According to the gambling law, players who are residents of Tunisia are prohibited from gambling in the country. If any player is found to gamble despite it, they will be punished accordingly. But then, are there no gamblers in the country?

Most gamblers in the country are foreign residents because they can freely seek gambling services. Any Tunisian gamblers only play at worldwide casinos since online gambling isn't regulated, although it is not supposed to be used locally by locals.

Players can technically play at online casinos with no specific restrictions on online gambling. If the casino accepts players from Tunisia, they can easily do so, despite what the law says about gambling.

Land-Based Casinos in Tunisia

Foreign residents can enjoy the services of land-based casinos in Tunisia. There are several land-based casinos in Tunisia scattered across the cities on the country's eastern coast. These casinos combined have 227 slot machines and 33 gambling tables. So, players can expect to have a fun time at all of these casinos.

You can expect to see state-of-the-art facilities and hospitality there. As for some popular games, you can choose slots, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and other casino classics.

The Future of Online Gambling in Tunisia

Gambling for Tunisian residents is already illegal. So that's also true for online gambling. But since the government is not actively monitoring the players who access offshore sites, players are taking advantage of that. If the law changes in the future, the situation may change for players in Tunisia, but it's too soon to say.

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