If you haven’t heard of the Teen Patti game, you may want to learn more about it. Operating as a card gambling game originating in India, it remains a popular game across South Asia and has been adapted to cater to the online market. Today, it can be found on some of the most popular online casino platforms. It takes its basis from three-card brag and then incorporates certain influences from the poker world. Here, we will provide insight into how to play Teen Patti and what the hands are all about.

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Teen Patti Free Demo Game

Do you want to play Teen Patti for free online? Check the game below to start the game with 5000 fun credits. You will not be able to redeem your winnings, but you can choose one of the online casinos above to play this game for real money. If you are out of credit, click F5 and reload this page.

Introduction to teen patti with real money

Bet on Teen Patti for Real Cash

The fundamental basis behind any online gambling game is to wager real money and then try winning the round to receive a real money quick payout. Of course, there are certain different bets and moments to up the ante etc., that you will need to know about when playing Teen Patti online. Look at these wagers and what you are expected to do when engaging in the game.

Game Entry Fee

It is usually the case that when you play Teen Patti, a pot is placed on the table, which has a very similar use as in poker. That's perhaps the first likeness between the two games. Most games of Teen Patti require you to pay an entry fee (also known as an ante), which occurs before anything else happens. Only after this has been paid can all players place their bets on the upcoming game round.

This ante that is paid is usually an equal amount from every player, although it may also be the case that a larger amount is paid in by one of the players, which then passes round in rotation. With antes, more players remain in hand, and the pot size increases to make for more entertaining gameplay.

When to Post in Teen Patti

If you play Teen Patti and temporarily leave your seat, you must post to re-enter the game. So, let's say that you have to go for a toilet break, or you want to go and grab a drink; for example, you need to pay an applicable ante into the table pot to return and participate in the next hand. This equates to the amount of the ante at the time when you missed out on them.

Posting is only not required if the player who would otherwise post is in the ante. In this circumstance, the advantage which would otherwise be gained by missing the ante is not the case. Because of this, it is common for new casino players to lock up a seat and wait for several hands to pass before joining the table. Likewise, a returning player may sit out several hands until the ante passes back around so that he can enter the ante without paying the post.

The Popular Blind Bet

Before a deal begins, a blind bet (sometimes called a "blind") may be placed into the pot by one or more players. This is a forced bet, which simulates bets made during gameplay. The most common version of such is when two blinds are called for – the player after the dealer blinds roughly half of what a normal bet would be, and then the following player blinds what a whole bet would be. On other occasions, just a single-blind is utilised.

Players may also optionally play blind, placing a blind bet into the pot of their own free will. This may see them place bets at least half of the current level of the bet by a seen player. Seen players have to place a bet that is at least double that of the current level of the bet by a blind player.

Loose & Tight Play

A loose and tight play in Teen Patti games describes a player's tendency to play hands beyond the first round or to proceed with folding them quickly, respectively. There isn't any accepted percentage or ratio regarding the number of hands played. Still, it is considered that someone playing tight will often decide to fold weaker hands, while someone playing loose will bet on more of the hands and therefore proceed through to the showdown more often.

The entry fee/ante is a way of discouraging someone from participating in extremely tight play. With this ante not being in place, a player who hasn't paid a blind can simply toss in their hand at no cost. Yet with an effective entry fee, anyone choosing to proceed with that type of gameplay will find themselves at a losing proportion. Most Indian online casino sites will always require an ante to be in play.

Call & Raise

If you were playing Teen Patti in India, this particular gameplay move would be known as "chaal". Of course, because the game is also popular at some of the best online casino Europe sites, it needs to be a bit more universal. It occurs once the ante and the forced blind bets have taken place. Call and raise options essentially operate as the time when everyone else playing can participate in standard bets.

The total bet can be split into two segments: the "call" and the "raise". Each player is required to place a wager that is at least equal to the previous player's wager, and they also have the option of raising it. If they opt for the latter, this becomes the new current level of bet. A limit is usually in place when it comes to "raise" options, as the total bet cannot exceed double that of the previous player's stake. The bet is usually also required to be in even number amounts.

While there may be a similarity to poker where the call and raise portion of the game is concerned, it is vital to know that it is different. This is because the bet is new each time, irrespective of how small the previous wagered amount was. For example, if a player bets an amount of 2, and then the next one raises that to 4, the first person would also have to put an additional 4 into the pot to make a call or raise it to a maximum of 8. In poker, the second player would add 2 more to bring the water up to the level of 4.

Find the game limits in online teen patti

Teen Patti Limits

There are also different betting limits associated with playing Teen Patti, which relate to the amount a player may bet in the first place or raise. These exist in four variations: fixed limit, spread limit, pot limit and no limit. These limits may be applied to either the raise or the bet. All the casino games come with a minimum bet and the maximums in place. At the same time, a betting unit is another common addition, represented by the smallest denomination of the currency in play.

Fixed Limit Game

If you opt to play Teen Patti with a Fixed-limit betting structure, you will find that the maximum raise amount generally equals the last bet amount. As a result, the maximum raise amount is equal to the call amount, and the maximum bet is double that of the previous bet. Simple!

Spread Limit Game

If you're playing Spread Limit instead, you can raise any amount within a specified maximum value. So, if you're accessing a game that comes with a maximum spread limit of ₹500, then each player has the option of raising to that ₹500 maximum amount.

Pot Limit Game

In Pot Limit versions of the game, any player can raise an amount equal to the size of the whole pot before the raise.

Let's say, for example, that there is an ante of ₹50 and then a single forced blind of ₹20 in the pot. All subsequent players have seen their cards. This means that the next player may bet the lowest amount of ₹40 (which is double that of the single forced blind) and raise it to ₹110 (which is the amount of the original ante of ₹50 + the blind bet of ₹20 + the minimum bet of ₹40). His total bet would be ₹40 + ₹110 = ₹150. If that player does choose to wager the ₹150, then the total amount of the pot will sit at ₹170, and the proceeding player can call ₹150 and raise it to ₹330 (₹170 + ₹150), bringing him a total bet of ₹480.

No Limit Game

This version's title is self-explanatory and works in the same way as playing online poker at international casinos – there is essentially no limit imposed on players. Therefore, anyone participating can raise the bet by any amount they like.

Learn the rules of the online teen patti

Teen Patti Rules: The Moves

Playing this online casino game will provide an entertaining experience for anyone. And it is also available at some of the best live casino sites in the world. Therefore, you can even get a lifelike experience from it this way. Yet you will need to know the rules surrounding the different moves available.

Playing Blind Teen Patti

Playing blind refers to engaging in gameplay without looking at your cards. Instead, a player engaging in blind play will place a wager by guessing the strength of their hand and those that he believes other players possess. Essentially, this results in the player placing a higher bet if they are of the mindset that the cards are in their favour, being stronger than the other participants. Should someone playing blind want to stay safe and not risk things, a smaller wager will be placed.

Chaal Phase (Play)

Any player participating in Teen Patti can opt to look at their cards whenever they like and then place a bet on their turn. This bet will be determined by how strong the player believes their cards are. Should there be doubt on the strength of the card combination, then there is the option to "pack", resulting in the player conceding defeat for that round. A variation of the chaal phase only allows players to see and fold their cards when it is their turn.

Sideshow Option

Sideshow almost makes you think of a travelling circus, and while there are many online casino slots with this type of theme involved, it has very little relation to Teen Patti. Should someone have looked at their cards, they can ask for a sideshow once they have placed a wager. The previous player can ask this, and sideshows are only permitted if nobody is currently playing.

The Backshow

This is a sideshow asked of the previous player – hence the name backshow. You're going back to one person to ask for a sideshow, so backshow makes more sense in this circumstance. The player can accept or decline the sideshow request, which may be done if the player is trying to bluff their way through the round, for example. Alternatively, they may decline to sideshow if they're holding a particularly strong hand and would be more interested in seeing the pot amount increase to enhance the entertainment value. If the sideshow is refused, the player requesting it must place a bet to remain in the game or fold.


If the sideshow request is accepted, the two players will compare their cards privately. This is known as the compromise scenario. Through it, the person with the lower strength hand will be forced to fold, and if the hands are equal, the player requesting the sideshow is forced to fold.

Teen Patti Show

Betting will continue as described before until one of two outcomes occurs. They are:

  • Everyone except a single-player packs their cards. This results in the remaining player winning the money in the pot, regardless of the cards in their hand.
  • Two players remain when all others have packed. In this case, during the turn of one of the remaining players, they pay for a "show". At this point, both players reveal their card combinations, which are compared. The higher-ranking hand then wins the pot of money.

The rules for a "show" exist in the following:

  • A seen player can ask for a show with a blind player for four times the current bet.
  • Should both players be seen, then either can ask for a show by paying twice the current bet.

A blind player can usually never ask for a show or a sideshow. Yet in most modern games of Teen Patti, especially when higher bets are in action, shows are paid for at the current bet level. Furthermore, while a blind player cannot ask or be asked for a sideshow, modern-day versions of the game do provide the opportunity for a blind player to ask for a show. If they give up the pot, players can choose not to agree to a show.

The hands you should know in teen patti

Teen Patti Online Hands

Teen Patti can be played in two different ways, with the first using a standard 52-card deck and the other incorporating two Joker cards into the pack, which can be utilised as wild cards in the game. As with several of the top casino games using a structure similar to poker, the object of this game is to have the best three-card hand. At the same time, it is ideal for maximising the pot before the showdown takes place.

Should two players have the same hand at the end; then the pot is split between them, regardless of who asked for the showdown. Other game variations may be played where suits hold a rank, meaning that the player with the higher suit would win the pot in the case of the same hand outcome.

The hands possible in Teen Patti are as follows.

Three of a Kind or Trio

Whether you play Teen Patti by download or instant play, you can achieve the various hands. The three-of-a-kind hand, which is also known as a trio, occurs when three of the same cards are held by a player. Three aces serve as the highest possibility in this hand, while three twos are the lowest trio possible.

Straight Flush or Pure Sequence

Playing Teen Patti for cash can get better when forming a straight flush, which also goes by the name of a pure sequence. This requires you to hold three consecutive cards of the same suit. These start with the highest-ranking combination of A-K-Q and then go on to A-2-3, K-Q-J, Q-J-10 and continue down to the lowest of 4-3-2. You can also utilise a wraparound as a K-A-2, although this is not considered a straight flush. It is instead just a good flush.

Straight or Sequence

You can also form a Teen Patti sequence with three cards that come consecutively after one another but do not feature the same suit. This can be referred to as a straight or a round. As with straight flushes, the highest to lowest rankings of cards remain the same, and the K-A-2 is not a right hand but is a good flush.

Flush or Colour

If you possess a hand with three cards of the same suit, you possess a flush. Should two players both have flushes, then the player with the higher card in the combination wins. If they match, the next highest card is compared, then the third card in the combination, if necessary. Hands are then ranked by suit if the same card values exist throughout. Spades are first, and clubs are last in this circumstance.

Pair of Double

You can also form a pair or a double hand when playing Teen Patti online or offline at the safe online casinos. On this hand, two cards of the same rank must be present. Between two pairs, the one that has the higher value is the winning hand. The third card's value decides the winner if the pairs are of equal value.

No Pair or High Card

If two players don't have anything that is a pair or above and they share a common high card, then the rest of the cards in hand are compared. Based upon their values, the player with the higher value wins.

Table with teen patti's probabilities to win

Probabilities to Win Teen Patti

The different Teen Patti hand combinations come with different probabilities attached to them when it comes to winning. The combinations described in our table below are relative to the 52-card version of the game minus the two Jokers. In the versions that utilise Joker cards as wilds, the probabilities will vary considerably, most notably when it comes to the pair hands.

In the standard deck used in Teen Patti, 52 cards exist. The sequence in which the cards are dealt out is of little relevance – instead, the combination of the three cards in hand is looked at.

Trio or set520.24%424:1
Pure sequence480.22%459.42:1
Sequence (run)7203.26%29.69:1
High Card1644074.39%4.90:1
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There are several variations of teen patti

Teen Patti Variations

Like other online casino games such as roulette and blackjack, different types of Teen Patti can be played. Many variations can be found at online casinos, including crypto gambling sites. Look at some of these different versions of the game and find out what they entail.

Teen Patti Best-of-Four

While the general game of Teen Patti is played with three cards, the best-of-four version is the same, except with four cards instead. While you don't create combinations with the four cards, you have four cards to choose from to form the best three-card hand possible.

  • Easy to learn: 7/10
  • Entertainment: 9/10
  • Our rating: 8/10

Teen Patti Lowball

A game similar to that available as a poker version, the lowball version of Teen Patti (also known as mufliss in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, where it is most commonly played) sees the card rankings reversed. The least ranking combination in standard Teen Patti is, therefore, the highest rank in this version, and vice versa.

  • Easy to learn: 7/10
  • Entertainment: 9/10 
  • Our rating: 8/10

Teen Patti Wild Draw

In this variation, once all the cards have been dealt out to participants, the dealer will draw a single extra card randomly. This then nominates all other cards of the same rank as this extra one as wild cards throughout the round.

  • Easy to learn: 6/10
  • Entertainment:7/10 
  • Our rating: 7/10

Teen Patti Low Wild

In this version of Teen Patti rummy for quality casinos, the lowest-ranking card of each player involved, as well as all other cards of the same rank) are wilds within that player's hand. Should the two lowest cards be a pair, then that pair is considered two wild cards.

  • Easy to learn: 8/10 
  • Entertainment: 9/10 
  • Our rating: 8/10

Teen Patti High Wild

In a distinct vice versa routine to the low wild version, the highest-ranking cards in each player's hand are considered wild, and all other cards of the same rank.

  • Easy to learn: 6/10
  • Entertainment: 5/10
  • Our rating: 6/10

Teen Patti Two-Lowest Wild

Every player participating in this game variation will be dealt four cards at the beginning. The two lowest cards within each player's hand form a virtual wild card for them. Should the two lowest cards be a pair, then that pair can be considered a single wild card. If the two middle-rank cards are a pair, then the player has no wild cards.

  • Easy to learn: 7/10 
  • Entertainment: 8/10 
  • Our rating: 7/10

Teen Patti Bust Card Draw

Once the dealer has dealt out all the cards in this version, a single extra card is drawn at random. This then nominates all other cards of the same rank as bust cards. In this instance, every player holding one of the bust cards must fold automatically.

  • Easy to learn: 8/10
  • Entertainment: 8/10
  • Our rating: 7/10 

Teen Patti Stud

If you have read a casino guide to games, you may have heard of stud poker. Teen Patti also has its stud variation that can be played. It operates similarly, too, with each player receiving a pre-set mixture combination of face-down and face-up cards. Those dealt face-down to each player are known as hole cards. Those dealt face-up are the street cards.

Different versions of the game within this variation include three-card stud, with each player getting two face-down cards and one face-up card. Five-card stud is another option, with each player getting two face-down cards and three face-up cards. Some versions of this one may require the players to select a single face-down and two face-up cards compulsorily to make a three-card hand.

  • Easy to learn: 7/10 
  • Entertainment: 7/10
  • Our rating: 7/10

Teen Patti Community

In community versions of Teen Patti, all players are dealt an incomplete hand of face-down cards. Then, several face-up community cards are dealt out in the table's centre. Each can be used by one or more players, allowing them to make a three-card hand. That is similar to Texas Hold 'em poker, which is quite big at the best online gambling sites in the USA. Two versions of community Teen Patti exist the three-card community and the five-card community.

  • Easy to learn: 6/10
  • Entertainment: 8/10 
  • Our rating: 7/10

Teen Patti Draw

Each player involved in the Draw version of the game is dealt a full hand. Then, usually before the betting round, players can change their hands by discarding unwanted cards and being dealt new ones afterwards. It is also possible that players may have to "buy" the new cards by adding a predetermined amount to the pot for each one. Other versions give players up to three chances to buy and change their hands, one card at a time.

  • Easy to learn: 10/10
  • Entertainment: 7/10 
  • Our rating: 8/10

Teen Patti High-Low Split

It is most common in all variations of Teen Patti that the player with the best hand wins the whole pot. Lowball variations offer the player with the lowest hand the opportunity to win the pot. In high-low split variations, the pot is divided between the player with the best traditional hand and the one with the lowest. 

Multiple players may make it through to the showdown portion of the game when playing High-Low Split. No sideshows exist within High-Low, either. It is the most common course of action for three or four betting rounds when no player can opt out before the showdown. At the same time, a limit of 6-10 rounds of betting is incorporated, and at the end, there is a compulsory showdown. The two versions of High-Low Split are:

  • Declaration – Each player declares whether or not he wishes to contest for the high or the low hand. The pot is then split 50:50 between those succeeding in securing the highest and lowest combinations.
  • Cards Speak – All players reveal their cards at the showdown round, with the hands being evaluated by everyone. Again, the high hand wins half, and the low hand wins half.

If there is an outcome where more than one player tiers for the high and low categories, the pot can be split again into quarters or other fractions.

  • Easy to learn: 8/10 
  • Entertainment: 9/10
  • Our rating: 9/10 

Teen Patti Kiss, Miss & Bliss

If you proceed with a Teen Patti game download, you may want to involve yourself in the Kiss, Miss and Bliss option. It's an entertaining variation, with five cards being dealt out to each participant. Three types of wild/joker cards can be made, which are:

  • Kiss – A numerically sequential pair is deemed a wild card, such as 5/6 or 9/10.
  • Miss – A pair is missing a single card to make it into a three-card sequence is considered a single virtual wild, like 8/10 or 10/Q.
  • Bliss – A pair with two same-numbered cards, irrespective of the colour or suit, is considered a single wild, like 5/5 or Q/Q.

Players can make any of the above wilds as part of their hand, but each combination can only be used once per hand.

  • Easy to learn: 7/10
  • Entertainment: 8/10 
  • Our rating: 7/10 

Teen Patti Cobra

One word to describe this variation of Teen Patti is joy. Each player gets a single card dealt out to them. A predetermined amount is then placed into the pot by everyone, and then without looking at their card, pick it up and place it on their forehead. As a result, everyone can see everyone else's card but their own. Generally speaking, Teen Patti Cobra is played out as the last hand of the game.

  • Easy to learn: 9/10 
  • Entertainment: 8/10 
  • Our rating: 8/10

Teen Patti Blind King & Jack

Three or four cards are dealt out to each player in this version of Teen Patti, which also goes by "kaana". Any king or jack with a side profile featuring a single eye only being visible is considered to be a wild card. The round tends to begin when someone obtains a trio, and it continues until someone has requested a show to the player possessing the applicable king or jack.

  • Easy to learn: 8/10
  • Entertainment: 6/10
  • Our rating: 7/10

Teen patti gold is one of the best mobile apps

Teen Patti Gold

If you possess an Android or iOS device, then you can also get involved in playing Teen Patti rummy from your mobile casino handset. Teen Patti Gold is available for download from Google Play or Apple stores. It provides real-time Teen Patti online for free, where you can play alongside other skilled gamers. Through it, you also have the opportunity to access standard poker, Andar Bahar and other rummy games.

The Teen Patti variations available through the app include Joker, Hukam, Muflis, Royal, AK47 and Potblind. At the same time, there are world tournaments for you to get involved in, including those in Singapore, Dubai, London, Paris, Goa, Las Vegas and Paris.

The game can be played in many languages, including English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telegu, Urdu and Bangla, catering to an international audience. Up to five players can be present at any Teen Patti table, and there is information on how to play Teen Patti via the app.

It is key to note that this game version does not provide real money gambling or the opportunity to win real money or prizes. Instead, it serves as a social gaming option to engage in. Therefore, you could say that it serves as a sort of no-account casino, so to speak.

Teen Patti Gold Download

Should you want to acquire the Teen Patti game download for your device in form of an online casino app, you can simply visit the Apple or Google Play store for it, depending upon your device. It is an official app, so you don't need to go through a Teen Patti APK route to get it. Here are the official links to each of the mobile stores for Teen Patti Gold:

Teen Patti is a fantastic game if you want something alternative to the simple casino card game. And while it may be more familiar to players based in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, it has grown considerably in popularity through the years to reach gamers based elsewhere. Without a doubt, we recommend playing it, as it brings a whole new and entertaining alternative to experience and enjoy.

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