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Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is an African country with a rich history of gambling. Historically people have played at casinos in the cities for years. 

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Last Updated • March 2024

History of Gambling in Morocco

Despite generally operating within Muslim laws, the country still allows for gambling. This is not the case in many other Muslim countries, as it's against either religious or civil laws. Gambling is legal in Morocco because there is a mix of different histories, which led to it being made legal or for it to be normal for casinos to operate.

Even before the country became independent, gambling was still prevalent. The earliest records date back to 1952, with the very first casino, Casino de Marrakech, situated in the city of Marrakech.

Discover the Morocco Gambling Law

Gambling has been legal since it gained its independence in 1956. But as for the official law, there was a decree passed back in 2002 by the Prime Minister. Following this decree, many other operators have set up shops in the country.

The lottery is also very popular in the country. There is a national lottery that has been taking place since 1972. And since online gambling is unregulated, players can enjoy the best online lottery that strikes their fancy at gambling sites.

And just like with online casinos, many players also choose to play online at many international casinos. There is no legal restriction, so players are free to play at any brand if they accept players from Morocco.

Land-Based Casinos in Morocco

There are several land-based casinos in Morocco. Players can get an amazing experience at any of these casinos. We've already mentioned Casino de Marrakech. Other prominent casinos include Movenpick Hotel & Casino in Tangier, Casino la Mamounia in Marrakesh, and Mazagan Casino in Casablanca.

The Future of Online Gambling in Morocco

Online gambling is neither legal nor illegal in Morocco. It's unregulated. You can still play at any international casino without getting into trouble. Local operators haven't still explored the online gambling scene yet. But considering that all other forms of gambling are allowed, this situation may change.

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