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Learn everything about the morocco casinos

History of Gambling in Morocco

Despite generally operating within Muslim laws, the country still allows for gambling. This is not the case in many other Muslim countries, as it's against either religious or civil laws. The reason why gambling is legal in Morocco is that there is a mix of different histories which lead to it being made legal or for it to be normal for casinos to operate.

Even before the country became independent, gambling was still prevalent. The earliest records date back to 1952, with the very first casino, Casino de Marrakech, situated in the city of Marrakech.

Morocco Gambling Law

Gambling has been legal since it gained its independence in 1956. But as for the official law, there was a decree passed back in 2002 by the Prime Minister. Following this decree, many other operators have set up shop in the country.

The lottery is also very popular in the country. There is a national lottery that has been taking place since 1972. And since online gambling is unregulated, players are also free to enjoy the best online lottery that strikes their fancy at gambling sites.

And just like with online casinos, many players also choose to play online at many international casinos. There is no legal restriction, so players are free to play at any brand if they accept players from Morocco.

Land-Based Casinos in Morocco

There are several land-based casinos in Morocco. Players can get an amazing experience at any of these casinos. We've already mentioned Casino de Marrakech. Other prominent casinos include Movenpick Hotel & Casino in Tangier, Casino la Mamounia in Marrakesh, and Mazagan Casino in Casablanca.

The Future of Online Gambling in Morocco

Online gambling is neither legal nor illegal in Morocco. It's unregulated. You can still play at any international casinos without getting into trouble. Local operators haven't still explored the online gambling scene yet. But considering that all other forms of gambling are allowed, this situation may change in the future.

Sports Betting in Morocco

The Moroccan punters are known for their love of football. But that's not the only sport that punters enjoy wagering their money on. Tennis, Greyhounds racing, Cricket, and Horse racing are other sports popular for betting. You can also bet on sports at many local operators in Morocco.

Moroccan punters have been found to choose casinos that allow them to use ewallets such as PayPal or cryptocurrency more often when playing online. This new trend of payment methods at casinos is incredibly popular in many African countries. It's quite easy and efficient as far as payment methods go.

Best feature of these online casino sites

Security of Moroccan Online Casinos

Finding reliable and safe online casinos can be a pain if you don't know what to look for. You have to consider several things when you're concerned about safety. These things can include the license, privacy policy, and encryption used to protect your information.

Casino Licence

A valid casino license should encompass everything that ensures the casino's safety. You're in the clear if your chosen casino has a valid license from a renowned authority like the MGA or Curacao gambling authority which have a strict licensing process.

A casino should have a licence from a reputable government authority, which lays out a number of legal requirements for a casino to follow. These include anti-money laundering requirements, such as checking a player's documentation according to legal requirements, making sure that they offer payouts in a timely manner, and that they are following all the gambling-related laws.

Privacy Policy

Casinos should make sure to keep your information safe, and not sell anything to third parties. This is part of running a secure website, and it means that they keep player safety at the forefront of their operations. This gives plenty of security to players, knowing that not just anyone has access to their information. The fact that the site is so well-protected makes players feel more comfortable using it and trusting it with their personal information. 

Website Security and Encryption

The site has multiple layers of security, including a firewall, that protects player information. The site also uses SSL encryption to protect player information. In addition, the site has a comprehensive security system that includes both physical and electronic security measures. These make sure that player protection is prioritised.

Casino Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses can change the way you experience a casino. Operators also use a good strategy to bring in new players. No matter the case, every gambler will always welcome a casino bonus. One of the most popular bonuses right now is the casino cashback bonus. This bonus gives players a percentage of their losses back, making it a great way to recoup some of your losses if you're not so lucky with your casino games of choice. 

Other bonuses may include online free casino spins. These bonuses are usually applicable to specific slots that the operator chooses. You can check the promotions page to know which slot the bonus applies to in detail.

Each promotion will have the terms and conditions you should know in order to play with it listed on the site. These involve anything you should take into consideration, such as whether there are any wagering requirements attached to the bonus in question, if you have a deposit requirement, or if there is a particular factor involved in you getting the bonus.

Local Casino Payments

At land-based casinos in Morocco, you'll find support for local banking options. That's why you're bound to have support for local banks there. Other payment options like credit/debit cards and e-wallet transfers can be found.

At online casinos, you have all sorts of deposit methods available. These vary depending on currencies available at the site, and also may have different regulations associated with them.

Quick Payout of Wins

When you win at any game in the casino, you always want your payouts to be fast as well. How else are you expected to spend the money you win on other games? That’s why when you’re considering a new casino, check to see if it’s a fast payout casino or not. If it is, you should get your winnings fairly quickly. If it is, you should get your winnings fairly quickly. Many of these sites tend to support many payment methods such as cryptocurrencies and ewallets, so you should have plenty of choice on which to pick. 

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service in online casinos in Morocco, you want to look for a few things. What options are available for you to contact customer support, and how fast do they respond? You also want to consider the quality of service they provide for your problems.

Some of the best operators out there will allow you to contact them using multiple options. Such options can include email, telephone, and social media links. Live chat is another popular option, but the availability depends on which websites you are checking. Many customer service options are available in multiple languages too, so be sure to check if you can speak to them in your home language!

Our testing of the morocco casinos

Testing Morocco Online Casinos

Before recommending any product or service, it’s always a good idea to test it first. And that’s exactly what we’ve done here with the casinos we’re recommending.

Moroccan Casino Reviewers

To get an initial impression of the things you can expect from a casino, it’s always best to look at online casino reviews. And it helps out even more if a local player did the reviewThat’s why the reviews we consulted were done by Moroccan players who thoroughly tested each aspect of the casino.

Personal & Transparent Reviews

Whenever giving an opinion on anything, especially a casino, it’s best if the opinion is transparent and unbiased. That allows you to judge a casino for what it truly is and what it offers. To give our readers that freedom, we’ve tried our best to be as transparent in our opinions as possible, and with the criteria that we use to rate each casino. 

In-Depth Analysis of Moroccan Casinos

To help you understand every aspect of the casino, we’ve done a deep dive into the casino and checked out everything it offers. You always want experts reviewing any casino because they know what players want to see, review all feedback from other gamblers, and also know what should be happening on a casino site to make it a good one.

Details about the mobile casino sites

Morocco Mobile Casinos

Morocco has one of the highest internet penetration rates in all of Africa. Sitting at 84.1% in 2022, the number of users who use the internet with their phones is quite significant. Although online gambling isn’t regulated yet, these statistics prove that the door for mobile casinos is wide open in Morocco.

In addition to that, many online casinos offer a specific casino app to play your favourite games on your iPhone or Android phone. This means you're not limited to playing on your computer and instead have the flexibility to play on the go.

WhatsApp & Telegram Casino Groups

With the help of WhatsApp and Telegram groups, players can get the latest information on the online casinos in Morocco. Not only that, but these groups sometimes also hand out news regarding exclusive and time-limited casino promotions. It’s a great thing, especially for new gamblers.

Our final thoughts on these online casinos

Morocco is a beautiful country and gets thousands of tourists each year. On top of that, the country has a rich history of gambling that dates back several decades. There are numerous options for gambling within the country too. With all that in mind, we can recommend Moroccan online casinos without a hitch.

Morocco Casinos FAQs

Although we tried to cover as much as possible, we could have missed out on something. If that is the case, check out the FAQ section here where we have answered from of the most frequent questions about the gambling industry and gambling site options.

Are online casinos legal in Morocco?

Online gambling is still unregulated in the country. But all other forms of gambling are allowed. These include land-based casinos, lotteries, and even sports betting as well. Since online gambling isn’t regulated, it’s technically legal to play at online casinos in Morocco.

Which is the best online casino in Morocco?

Depending on what you like to play, the choice for the top casino in Morocco will change. But for those looking for a solid option in all aspects, we recommend finding a casino that has the best licenses, a good range of providers, and which specifically caters to Moroccans.

Which Moroccan online casinos have the best payouts?

To get the best payout you want to look for a casino that offers games with high RTP. The larger the RTP, the more your payout. Melbet casino has some titles in its collection that offer a huge payout to the players.

Do all Moroccan casino sites take debit cards?

Since gambling is deeply rooted in the culture of the country, it’s to be expected that casinos support all forms of payment. Debit cards are no exception to that list of payment methods. All casinos that you’ll encounter in Morocco take payments with debit cards. Online casinos may prefer other methods, such as a bank transfer.

Do all Moroccan online casinos offer secure deposits and withdrawals?

Moroccan online casinos like to have loyal customers. And to keep that loyalty going the casinos offer secure transactions. This allows the players to feel safe with their money as all of it is guaranteed by the casino itself.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Moroccan casino players?

Moroccan casinos will not charge you additional fees for withdrawing your funds. There are some casinos that might. But in most cases, you won’t have to pay anything extra. But you might have to pay a fee for using the payment method you are using to withdraw. So be sure to check before you make the withdrawal.

Can I play with Moroccan Dirhams at Moroccan casinos?

You might find some online casinos that accept Moroccan Dirhams, but that is rarely the case. You can use Moroccan Dirhams to play at the land-based casinos all across Morocco. They will accept the currency without any problems whatsoever. Online casinos prefer to accept other options such as dollars, euros, or cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

What payment methods are available for players looking for online casinos in Morocco?

The online casinos will give you the option of making payments using multiple renowned payment methods. These methods can include Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and bank transfers as well. You can choose whichever method that works best for you.

What age should I be to play at an online casino from Morocco?

Any player from Morocco needs to be at least 18 years old according to the Moroccan gambling law. Any lower than that and you’ll get in trouble with the law. This is applicable to both land-based casinos in Morocco and the online casinos that accept Moroccan players.

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