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Learn everything about the ghana casinos

History of Gambling in Ghana

From 1874 to 1957, Ghana was a British colony until it became the first African country to gain independence. The Ghanaian constitution was drafted in 1992, and that’s when some of the initial gambling laws were set, including the legal age requirement for gambling is 18.

The first land-based casino was established in Ghana in 2003; since then, the laws and regulations have changed. In the next sections, we will discuss the law and some other issues related to gambling in Ghana.

Ghana Gambling Law

Initially, the gambling industry of Ghana was regulated by the Lotteries and Betting Act, 1960 (Act31), the Football Pools Authority Act 1961 (Act 78), and the Gambling Machines Decree 1973 (NRCD 174) and Casino Licensing Decree 1975 (NRCD 320).

Later on, the Gaming Commission of Ghana was created under the Ministry of Interior. The Gaming Act 2006 (Act 721) was established, which legalized all Games of Chance except for lotteries.

This Gaming Act has legalized casinos, slots, sports betting, scratch cards, bingo, and many others. The purpose of the Gaming Commission is to provide a safe and secure environment for gambling in Ghana.

During the establishment of the Gaming Commission and the creation of the Gaming Act in 2006, there were no separate laws created for online casinos and gambling. However, the same laws apply to online gambling for physical gambling, sports betting, slots, and best casino games.

Since there are no specific laws for online gambling, anything that is not regulated is considered illegal. International casinos are also allowed in Ghana, and they are required to have a license.

Land-Based Casinos in Ghana

Ghana is a country where the official language is English. So, the offshore and international online-based casinos are very popular among locals since there isn’t a language barrier. Even still, there are a couple of land-based casinos in Ghana where locals can enjoy the atmosphere and tension of playing at the craps table in real life.

Most sources list four land-based casinos in Ghana that accept locals and tourists. Two are situated in the heart of Ghana in the capital Accra. The other two are said to be in Tema and Kumasi.

The land-based casinos of Ghana offer plenty of attractions, just like the biggest online casinos. There are lots of jackpots, including progressive jackpots. You’ll find table games, poker games and even some forms of lotteries.

The Future of Online Gambling in Ghana

The iGaming niche has seen a rise in popularity worldwide, particularly in Africa. And in African countries such as Ghana, online gambling and sports betting are becoming more and more accessible. So, naturally, locals are flocking to the opportunity of a new form of entertainment.

Technological advancements are always coming, and Ghanaians are no stranger to these. Particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, many people in Ghana were faced with the option to play casino games online or travel to other states to find a brick-and-mortar casino. And naturally, online casinos were the better option.

At the start of the pandemic, mobile users in Ghana increased along with a significant increase in the internet penetration rate. This was due to more internet connections and the increased stability of those connections. Mobile devices were simultaneously being used at a higher rate, which led to the popularity of online platforms, including exclusive online gambling sites.

Offshore casinos also found Ghana to be an efficient region to run operations. This is because the regulations are laxer compared to certain other regions. And the licensing costs and registration fees were lower, which meant a lot more margin for profit.

Sports Betting in Ghana

Sports betting in Ghana is legal and is regulated by the Ghana Gaming Commission. There are a few licensed sports betting shops and venues throughout the jurisdiction where local punters can enjoy betting on their favourite sports.

Football is probably the favourite sport of Ghanaians, and betting on football is another popular pastime that locals enjoy. A lot of these venues even take bets over the phone.

As for online sports betting sites, there are plenty of offshore operators running in Ghana as they are all allowed as long as they are licensed. Bets are taken online as well as through interactive mobile apps. Punters can place vets via mobile or SMS like the physical betting shops.

Best feature of these online casino sites

Top Features That Make Ghanaian Casinos Great

 So far, we’ve spoken about the legal issues concerning casinos in Ghana and the history of casinos in the nation. Now we’d like to tell you a bit about all the great features you can get at casinos as a local of Ghana.

Gamble Safe at These Casinos

Safety is always the top priority, so make sure the casino is licensed. Whether it’s an online or a land-based casino, you should always ensure you’re in one of the safe online casinos before depositing any money there. At land-based casinos, it should be pretty evident to you when you see the place whether a scam is likely.

However, for online casinos and operators, while they may not have a Ghanaian license, make sure it at the very least has an international license or one local to its place of origin. And make sure the website is secure as well.

Probably Fair Games

Provably fair games are the best at crypto casinos or NFT casinos since blockchain technologies back them. Many other online casinos also offer fair games, usually in the casino Terms and Conditions or on the casino page.

Provably fair games are an integral part of any casino experience since this technology randomizes the outcomes so that your games are all fair.

Local Payment Options

If you’re a gambler from Ghana, naturally, your local currency will be the most convenient form of payment for you. In Ghana, the local currency is Cedi, and most people use MTN Mobile Money or bank transfers as payment methods.

So, accepting local currencies and payment methods is necessary for any Ghanaian or offshore casino operating in the jurisdiction.

Quick Withdrawals

Quick withdrawals and payouts are a must for any casino in the world, regardless of the location. Most casinos will have a withdrawal time of 1 to 3 days. However, some casinos might take up to a week to process payments.

Ghanaian Customer Service

When you’re playing at a casino and you have some technical issue, the immediate thing you do is find the live chat option to get some solutions. Every online gambling site should have at least a contact email and a hotline for customers to make queries.

A live chat is the best option, and the information should be easily accessible. Having an FAQ section is great, too, since it could be an even faster solution than the live chat.

Our test of the ghana casinos

Testing the Ghana Online Casinos

Since both Angolan land-based and online casinos are legal and regulated, there is the expectation of an influx of both in the coming years in Ghana. So, you may have difficulty finding one that meets your needs and requirements. Nonetheless, we have given you a list of some of the best existing ones we could find.

Below, we’ll share with you some criteria we used to select the casinos on our list.

Ghanaian Casino Reviewers

Since Ghana has had an increase in online casinos in recent years, many people have had experience with the local and offshore casinos. And a lot of those people have become experts on the subject.

So, we’ve taken the help of some Ghanaian reviewers on our online casino guide for casinos in Ghana.

Personal Gambling Reviews

All the opinions in this guide are personal opinions we’ve formed through in-depth research and analysis of the casinos we’ve listed. These opinions are completely transparent. While they might not align with every other opinion on the internet, we are confident in our choices and maintain full transparency with them.

We Read Between the Lines

As you probably know, casino Terms and Conditions have a plethora of information related to the games, betting, and bonuses. Failing to read through these might cause you to lose out on some extra perks. But not to worry, we’ve read the fine print and are here to tell you what it says.

Details about the mobile casino sites

Ghana Mobile Casinos

We’ve said this many times, but we’ll say it again; the new online casinos 2022 have recently become very popular in Ghana. And the best online casino game is one you can play on your phone while on the go.

So, many casinos have started offering mobile apps with the same features as the website. And they even offer more optimized mobile sites for phones that might not support the app. With the availability of many cheap phone sets, these options have certainly contributed to the popularity of online mobile casinos.

Mobile Casino Connectivity

Ghana registered nearly 45 million mobile connections in January of the year 2022. It even saw one person using multiple devices since the number of connections was 140% of Ghana’s total population. So, mobile phone providers like MTN Ghana and Airtel have had no business issues and have provided 3G/4G/5G connections throughout the region.

Our final thoughts on these online casinos

Yes, we do recommend Ghanaian online casinos. Most of the casinos on our list are trusted ones with the proper licenses. And gambling and sports betting are regulated in the jurisdiction. So, punters don’t need to worry about being swindled out of their money. Of course, they’re not all safe. We would also recommend researching the casino before making any deposits or transactions.

Ghana Casinos FAQs

We’ve given you plenty of information regarding the legality of land-based and online casinos in Ghana. But we wouldn’t blame you if you had some more questions. So, we’ve answered some of the more commonly asked questions about the issue.

Are online casinos legal in Ghana?

Yes, online casinos are legal in Ghana. They are licensed and regulated by the Gaming Commission of Ghana which was created under the Ministry of Interior. The Gaming Act 2006, (Act 721) legalized all games of chance in the jurisdiction of Ghana.

Which is the best online casino in Ghana?

We have already given you the list of the best online casinos Ghana has to offer. But if we had to pick one, we would go with 888 casino since it has the best selection of casino games and offers plenty of other features that attract the locals and tourists.

Which Ghanaian online casinos have the best payouts?

The best online casino in Ghana for payout is Mansion casino. We haven’t reviewed any casinos with payouts as the sole criteria, but this casino gives out pretty great payouts so we made it a point to mention it.

Do all Ghanaian casino sites take debit cards?

Not all Ghanaian casinos might take debit cards. The casinos we’ve listed mostly take local payment methods. But you would have to check with any other casino first to see which methods and currencies it accepts.

Do all Ghanaian online casinos offer secure deposits and withdrawals?

All of the casinos we’ve added to our list are secure and you can make withdrawals and deposits without worrying about security. There are plenty of scam casinos in Ghana as well. So, we would recommend making sure the casino is secure before making any transactions.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Ghanaian casino players?

Most Ghanaian casinos don’t take any withdrawal fees. However, depending on your country of origin and which payment method you’re using, you might have to pay transaction fees or other charges.

Can I play with Ghanaian Cedi at Ghanaian casinos?

Yes, you can play with Ghanaian Cedi at most Ghanaian casinos. If it is a local casino, it will most certainly accept the local currency, and a lot of international casinos also accept it.

What payment methods are available for players looking for online casinos in Ghana?

MTN Mobile and bank transfers are the most common payment method for online casinos in Ghana. You might also be able to pay with debit or credit cards.

What age should I be to play at an online casino from Ghana?

The legal gambling age in Ghana is 18 years of age.

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