Gambling is a legal and regulated activity in Ghana. And as such, all forms of online gambling are also legal in the country. The gambling laws set by the state don’t specify regulations for online casino gambling, however, the land-based casino laws are thought to apply in general.

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Last Updated • March 2024

History of Gambling in Ghana

From 1874 to 1957, Ghana was a British colony until it became the first African country to gain independence. The Ghanaian constitution was drafted in 1992, and that’s when some of the initial gambling laws were set, including the legal age requirement for gambling is 18.

The first land-based casino was established in Ghana in 2003; since then, the laws and regulations have changed. In the next sections, we will discuss the law and some other issues related to gambling in Ghana.

Discover the Ghana Gambling Law

Initially, the gambling industry of Ghana was regulated by the Lotteries and Betting Act, 1960 (Act31), the Football Pools Authority Act 1961 (Act 78), and the Gambling Machines Decree 1973 (NRCD 174) and Casino Licensing Decree 1975 (NRCD 320).

Later on, the Gaming Commission of Ghana was created under the Ministry of Interior. The Gaming Act 2006 (Act 721) was established, which legalized all Games of Chance except for lotteries.

This Gaming Act has legalized casinos, slots, sports betting, scratch cards, bingo, and many others. The purpose of the Gaming Commission is to provide a safe and secure environment for gambling in Ghana.

During the establishment of the Gaming Commission and the creation of the Gaming Act in 2006, there were no separate laws created for online casinos and gambling. However, the same laws apply to online gambling for physical gambling, sports betting, slots, and best casino games.

Since there are no specific laws for online gambling, anything that is not regulated is considered illegal. International casinos are also allowed in Ghana, and they are required to have a license.

Land-Based Casinos in Ghana

Ghana is a country where the official language is English. So, offshore and international online-based casinos are very popular among locals since there isn’t a language barrier. Even still, there are a couple of land-based casinos in Ghana where locals can enjoy the atmosphere and tension of playing at the craps table in real life.

Most sources list four land-based casinos in Ghana that accept locals and tourists. Two are situated in the heart of Ghana in the capital Accra. The other two are said to be in Tema and Kumasi.

The land-based casinos of Ghana offer plenty of attractions, just like the biggest online casinos. There are lots of jackpots, including progressive jackpots. You’ll find table games, poker games, and even some lotteries.

The Future of Online Gambling in Ghana

The iGaming niche has seen a rise in popularity worldwide, particularly in Africa. And in African countries such as Ghana, online gambling and sports betting are becoming more and more accessible. So, naturally, locals are flocking to the opportunity of a new form of entertainment.

Technological advancements are always coming, and Ghanaians are no strangers to these. Particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, many people in Ghana could play casino games online or travel to other states to find a brick-and-mortar casino. And naturally, online casinos were the better option.

At the start of the pandemic, mobile users in Ghana increased along with a significant increase in the internet penetration rate. This was due to more internet connections and the increased stability of those connections. Mobile devices were simultaneously being used at a higher rate, which led to the popularity of online platforms, including exclusive gambling sites.

Offshore casinos also found Ghana to be an efficient region to run operations. This is because the regulations are laxer compared to certain other regions. And the licensing costs and registration fees were lower, which meant a lot more margin for profit.

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