EuroMillions: Rules, Price & Odds

NameEuroMillionsTicket Price€2
DrawTue & FriBiggest Won€220 Million
Winning Odds1 in 140.000.000

EuroMillions is undeniably one of the most high-profile lotteries in Europe. It is available in several countries, including the UK, France, Spain, etc. The jackpots in EuroMillions touch figures completely unheard of in other lotteries in Europe or even globally. Moreover, the gameplay and the rules are quite simple, and participation is inexpensive. In other words, EuroMillions gives you the chance to win massive jackpot prizes with minimal effort and expenditure. Learn more about this transnational lottery and start playing immediately. The most common winning combination is 2, 11, 23, 38, 50 + 2, 3. 

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How to Play EuroMillions?

Playing EuroMillions should be easy for you if you have a basic knowledge of online lottery games for real money. The first step is to select a set of numbers and buy your entry ticket. In this case, you can do that from your smartphone or personal computer online. Or, you could visit a retail location in any seven participating countries and buy your ticket.

You have to select five numbers from a range of between 1 and 50 and 2 more numbers from between 1 and 12. The last two numbers are known as "Lucky Star" numbers. Then you get to choose how many "lines" you wish to play. That is to say, how many bets or entries you want to make. The upper limit is seven if you are buying the ticket online and five if you are buying the ticket at a retail store.

You also get to choose how many draws you would like to participate in. And yes, you can take part in multiple draws with a single ticket. You can choose to join up to 8 consecutive draws, but it will cost you extra money for each additional draw.

Finally, once you have made all those choices, all you need to do is pay for your ticket(s) and wait for the draw(s). Make sure you keep your ticket safe, especially if you purchase a paper ticket from a retail store.

Rules of EuroMillions

To participate in EuroMillions, you must be at least 18 years old. This applies to every jurisdiction where EuroMillions tickets are sold. There are no exceptions. Moreover, entry into the main EuroMillions lottery can often grant you automatic entry into supplementary games. This can include games such as the UK Millionaire Maker or the European Millionaire Maker.

There are other rules governing the process of claiming prizes and other steps. These will be explained later in this article, so stay with us. Here, let us briefly explain the rules around the draw and what leads to a win. There are an incredible 13 ways to win in the EuroMillions lottery. While only one leads to the jackpot, the others can ensure that you walk away with something—a consolation prize, at the very least.

You can only win the jackpot prize by matching 5 of the raw numbers and the 2 Lucky Star numbers. But other combinations can lead to other cash prizes. For instance, matching all the five numbers but none of the Lucky Star numbers will put you in the third prize tier.

The EuroMillions official rules also set out the steps when there are no jackpot winners. In that case, the jackpot fund will be carried forward to the next draw. But only to the extent that the jackpot does not exceed €230 million. The carryforward will be done for a maximum of 4 draws, after which the amount will be passed down. It will then be shared between the winners of the lower prize tiers.

Odds to Win the Prizes

As mentioned previously, there are 13 prize tiers in the EuroMillions lottery. The odds of winning each prize are different. Refer to the table below to get a complete picture of the odds of winning a prize in EuroMillionsThe odds of winning the top prize, or the jackpot prize, is 1 in close to 140,000,000. However, the odds of landing any of the 13 prizes is 1 in 13. So, it is not so unlikely that you may end up with a prize, perhaps even the jackpot.

Prize TierOdds of Winning
Match 5 + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 139,838,160
Match 5 + 1 Lucky Star1 in 6,991,908
Match 51 in 3,107,515
Match 4 + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 621,503
Match 4 + 1 Lucky Star1 in 31,075
Match 41 in 13,811
Match 3 + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 14,125
Match 3 + 1 Lucky Star1 in 706
Match 31 in 314
Match 2 + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 985
Match 2 + 1 Lucky Star1 in 49
Match 21 in 22
Match 1 + 2 Lucky Stars1 in 188

Price of EuroMillions Ticket

A single EuroMillions ticket consisting of 5 basic numbers plus 2 Lucky Star numbers costs around £2.50 or €2.50. You may have to pay a little more in nominal terms if you live in Switzerland, where the price is around 3.50 Swiss Francs.

Furthermore, you can choose to add extra options and add-ons, which will inflate your ticket price. For instance, the price will increase if you bet on multiple lines and keep your ticket valid for multiple draws.

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EuroMillions Jackpot

The EuroMillions Jackpot is not a constant amount. It changes depending on the total amount raised during a particular draw. About half the entire sum is dedicated to the top, or jackpot, prize.

Generally speaking, the jackpot is in the tens of millions range at the very least. More often than not, it is in the hundreds of millions range. The biggest jackpot prize record ever reached is around £200 million. The £200 million figure may sooner or later be exceeded, but the maximum is capped at £230 million—moreover, a guaranteed minimum jackpot worth €17 million (approximately £15 million).

Biggest Win Made

The biggest winner in the history of EuroMillions won £184 (€220) million in October 2021. If that sounds astonishing, you will be even more astonished to know that it was won by a young woman from Tahiti who had bought a EuroMillions ticket for the first time.

Tahiti is a small Pacific Island that is part of French Polynesia. As a French territory, EuroMillions is available to residents on the island. She remained completely unaware of her win until the authorities reached out to her.

She was just as amazed as you probably are right now upon hearing such a fantastic story. It perfectly illustrates how incredibly lucky anyone can get in a lottery, making the game so similar to free online slots that you can play at the best online gambling sites—all the more reason to gamble responsibly, enjoy the fun, and wait for your lucky day.

Results of EuroMillions

EuroMillions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday at 8 pm. The results are updated on the EuroMillions official website by 8:15 pm and onwards.

Moreover, you can use the results checker on the site to input your digits and check if you have won any prizes. You should use this method if you have a relatively old ticket. Tickets as old as 180 days can be checked.

How to Claim EuroMillions Prizes?

The EuroMillions prize claim process can vary widely depending on where you bought the winning ticket. The jurisdiction where you buy the ticket is where you will have to claim the prize. Generally speaking, if you win less than €500-€1,000, then the claims process is pretty simple. You can have it transferred to your bank account via your registered debit card. Or, in some cases, you can claim the prize at EuroMillions retail points.

On the other hand, if your winnings exceed €500-€1,000, the process is more difficult. You will almost certainly need to contact the national lottery operator in your country. Then you have to make an appointment with them and claim your prize directly.

Be wary of the deadline for claiming prizes. This also varies from country to country. The deadline can range from a few weeks to a few years. So be sure to check the EuroMillions official website to get the real deadline.

Taxes on These Prizes

EuroMillions winnings are not considered taxable income in most countries where the lottery is available. For instance, your winnings will not be taxed in the UK or Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, or Luxembourg.

On the other hand, your winnings may be taxed in countries such as Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland. Portugal taxes all winnings over €5,000 at a 20% rate. Spain taxes at the same rate as Portugal but only for winnings over €40,000. At the same time, Switzerland imposes a 35% tax on winnings over CHF1 million.

Our honest opinion about the euromillions lottery

Our Opinion on EuroMillions

EuroMillions is hands-down one of the best European lotteries we have come across. It allows you to win colossal prizes with the bare minimum cost and effort. And the fact that most winnings in most jurisdictions are tax-free is simply the icing on the cake. So, if you are wondering which one is the best lottery in Europe, let us assure you that EuroMillions is at the very top.

EuroMillions FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about EuroMillions below:

What time is the EuroMillions draw?

The EuroMillions draw takes place every Friday and Tuesday at 8 pm. The results are updated on the website from 8:15 pm onwards.

Who owns the EuroMillions?

The EuroMillions lottery is jointly owned and operated by the national lotteries in the participating countries. This includes national lottery operators such as Française des Jeux, the Spanish State Society for State Lotteries and Bets, and others.

What are the odds of winning the EuroMillions?

The odds to win the jackpot prize in EuroMillions is close to 1 in 140,000,000. However, the odds to win any random prize in the lottery is just 1 in 13.

How to win the EuroMillions?

You can increase your chances of winning a EuroMillions prize by playing multiple lines, choosing multiple draws, and so on. But you cannot strategize beyond a point as lotteries are based mostly on chance.

How much is the EuroMillions?

The basic price of a EuroMillions ticket is around €2 or £2 or 3.50 Swiss Francs. But the price may rise if you choose to avail extra options and add-ons.

How to check the EuroMillions results?

You can check the EuroMillions results on the official website soon after a draw has taken place. Moreover, you can use the results checker to quickly learn the fate of your bet.

What is EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is a lottery game that is played in several European countries. The game is operated by the EuroMillions Group, which is a consortium of lottery operators from Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Spain.

What are the different prize tiers?

The EuroMillions lottery has five different prize tiers, ranging from the jackpot prize to the smallest prize for matching just two numbers.

Who is the current CEO of EuroMillions?

The current CEO of EuroMillions is Mr. Richard Bates. The EuroMillions Supervisory Authorities are the National Lottery Commission in the UK and the Loterie Nationale in France.

Who are the EuroMillions Supervisory Authorities?

The EuroMillions Supervisory Authorities are the National Lottery Commission in the UK and the Loterie Nationale in France. They are responsible for ensuring that the EuroMillions lottery is run in a fair and transparent manner.

Where does EuroMillions draw take place?

The EuroMillions draw takes place in Paris, France. Every Tuesday and Friday night. The draw is overseen by an independent notary.

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