In all of Africa, Egypt is known for the most land-based casinos. So, it’s pretty clear that the gambling industry has quite a presence in Egypt. But what about online casinos?  Players have some of the best to pick from when it comes to casino websites. 

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Last Updated • March 2024

History of Gambling in Egypt

The history of gambling in Egypt goes back to ancient times. Archaeologists have discovered 4-sided and 6-sided dice dating back to 3000 BC. Following ancient traditions, gambling is legal today in Egypt. Many centuries later, with different laws and regulations, gambling has had a long history in the country and continues to be enjoyed in the country with the highest number of land-based casinos in Africa.

Discover the Egypt Gambling Law

Most of the gamblers you'd find in an Egyptian casino are tourists. The law from bill NR 1/1973 gives control of all gambling activities to the Ministry of Tourism. The Ministry only gives licenses to 5 and 4-star hotels in the region, and only foreign players can access the casinos.

The law doesn't allow local players to participate in gambling according to the law. Aside from that, almost all Egyptian casinos accept American dollars. Some casinos accept Euros too. Players can't use Egyptian pounds to play there.

But when it comes to online casinos, everything is fair game. There are no online casinos in Egypt itself because it's unregulated. However, no law states players can't access online casinos. So, for local players, online gambling sites are the way to go.

Land-Based Casinos in Egypt

Since the Ministry of Tourism only licenses the best hotels, most casinos are tourist hotspots. The legal age for playing in any casino is 21, while only in Sharm el Shaikh players over 18 can legally enjoy gambling.

There are over 20 land-based casinos located in Egypt. Most of these casino clusters can be found in the capital city of Cairo. There are some in Sharm el-Sheikh, Alexandria, and Taba. There's also a casino on a cruise liner that cruises along the Nile River.

The Future of Online Gambling in Egypt

With a population of over 100 million, there is no doubt that the country will soon be embracing online gambling. Online casinos and gambling sites are already hugely popular worldwide. 

Although local players can still access online gambling sites without problems, there are still no online casinos in the region. But who knows, maybe in a couple of years, Egyptians will have their online casino. It's still too soon to say, however, as it depends on the requirements of the law and under what conditions an operator will be allowed to open a casino website.

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