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Last updated: 24-12-2019
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Fantasy sports have been around for decades, with its roots dating back to the sixties. The system has undergone many improvements, in making the game more appealing to the masses as well in line with technology advancements to make the game more interconnected. It all started in the United States but the concept of fantasy sports quickly spread to become a worldwide phenomenon and at DraftKings casino, you’ll be able to enjoy all the fantasy sports under the sun. 

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 Draftkings Sports
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At DraftKings, players will be able to compete in Daily Fantasy Sports, which is very similar to season-long fantasy sports, but with the added benefit that every matchday gives players the opportunity to cash in on big prizes. There are many options to choose from when playing daily fantasy sports at DraftKings and the following is a quick walkthrough on how to get started


Create a Contest in DraftKings

You will first need to pick a sport and this can be done from the lobby section. The sports available will depend entirely on the events that are happening on the day. For instance, if you choose football (soccer), you will be prompted with a choice of all the available matches of the day. 


Picking The Type of Contest

Contests can either be public or private. The public contests are open to anyone and can either be a head-to-head contest or multiplayer. The multiplayer option allows the creator to pick the prize structure, given that there are three or more participants in the contest. Private contests, on the other hand, are by invite only and will not be posted in DraftKings’ lobby. Private contests are ideal for a group of friends who want to take their knowledge of the game and their fantasy sports skills to the next level, while at the same time being granted bragging rights. 


Contest Details

The contest creator is given a number of options regarding the number of contestants in the game, which can be as little as three (multiplayer option) up to a maximum of 200 players. The entry fee starts from one dollar and can reach heights up to $10,600. When creating a contest, you also have the option to decide on how the prize structure is going to be divided. The options available will depend on the number of players in the contest. For instance, when creating a contest of 10 entrants, the prize structure could either be 50/50, winner takes all, top 2, top 3 or top 5. The last and final step to confirm your contest is to make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover the entrance fee. Once the contest is created, you can proceed to add the participants. 


Contest Types

Every sport has a number of different contest types to choose from and these vary depending on whether it’s a team or individual sport. The following are contests types available to choose when picking team sports. 

  • Showdown - This allows players to create their own team from one game, while staying under the $50,000 salary cap.
  • Classic - Players will need to create an eight-player line-up while staying under the $50,000 salary cap. 
  • Tiers - Most commonly used in basketball, the Tiers option has a no salary format and gets players into the game far quicker by selecting one player from each tier. 


Create Your Own League

Many fantasy sports fans across the world are used to the traditional season-long setting and it would be ludicrous if DraftKings didn’t have this option available. Players are given the liberty to create their own league and the league creator will need to invite members either by inserting their DraftKings username or by email. The season-long league requires more dedication, time and effort while using strategies that will stand the test of time. The budgets, salary and expenditure will all need to be accounted for meticulously, otherwise players run the risk of running out of options.


DraftKings Promotions

DraftKings are not kidding around with their promotions. The ‘Promos’ drop-down menu is guaranteed to leave you spoilt for choice, ranging from prize pools, unlocking achievements, free entries to events, guaranteed prize pools and so much more. The DraftKings promotions are like nothing you’ve seen before. They are completely different to the traditional casino bonuses you’ve read about or claimed at CasinoTopsOnline. They have no wagering requirements or capped winnings because of the fact that they are completely different, since each player contributes towards the prize pool through ticket entries. 

Promotions at DraftKings are seasonal and depend entirely on the events that take place at a particular time of the season but to paint a clearer picture of what to expect, we’ll delve into more detail about some of the guaranteed prize pool promotions.

DraftKings Casino Bonus Code

To play at DraftKings Casino, no bonus code is required. To collect the bonus for this online casino, register a free gaming account. Signing up is really fast and you'll be able to take advantage of this casino's bonuses in no time. You will get the DraftKings Casino bonus code automatically by clicking on "visit" at the top of this review.


The Knockout King: (MMA) $175,000 Guaranteed, $50,000 1st Prize

If you’re keen about combat sports, then this promotion is right up your alley. This promotion sees 100 participants in the prize pool with the first place finisher cashing in on $50,000. The second and third place get $25,000 and $15,000 respectively. Players can qualify up to three times for as little as $5 and qualification to the next round will depend on the number of points scored in the bouts. The following is how the scoring system works in DraftKings’ MMA competitions:

Significant Strikes

+0.5 Pts


+3 Pts


+5 Pts


+5 Pts


+10 Pts


The qualifiers determine who will earn a ticket to the MMA Knockout King promotion, limited to three entries per participant.  The minimum cash prize to be won through this promotion is $500. There are over 10 promotions that run simultaneously at DraftKings, with most of them having guaranteed prize pools, however, the action doesn’t stop there. You can earn daily rewards, enter into paid contests for free and boosting your ‘Daily Rewards Status Tier’ by completing missions. The following list illustrates the types of rewards that can be earned, simply by participating in DraftKings events. 

  • Crowns: Every $1 spent on DraftKings earn you a one Crown, which in turn will determine your Daily Rewards Status Tier, which can be used to enter contests or buy merchandise
  • Levels: Experienced players can earn experience points, or XP, which not only increases your status level on DraftKings but also gives players bragging rights relating to their achievements
  • Contest Tickets: Contest tickets allow players to enter some of DraftKings biggest events, without having the need to spend a dime. All contests give players the opportunity to win huge cash prizes
  • DK Dollars: The most prestigious of them all as they act as cash when entering any contest. DK Dollars can be used on all competitions, in all sports

The opportunities are endless at DraftKings, ranging from daily missions, which earn you a significant number of Crowns, to daily rewards which improve your Daily Rewards Status Tier. Individual achievements have been set up for PGA, NHL, NBA and MLB. For instance, one NBA achievement that earn players 25 Crowns is the ‘Playoff Baller’, where players need to play total NBA Playoff days played with at least one paid NBA lineup. The milestones, achievements and rewards are endless and for every friend that is referred to DraftKings, both parties will receive a $20 Fantasy Golf Millionaire Ticket. 


The DraftKings Mobile Apps

For an unparalleled mobile experience, we highly recommend downloading the DraftKings mobile app, with a dedicated and separate mobile application for Canadian and European players. For players in the United States, DraftKings has three separate mobile applications:

  • Sportsbook App
  • Fantasy Sports App 
  • DraftKings Live App

All of the mobile apps described above are available at Apples’ App Store and Google Play for Android devices. Do you want to play now DraftKings? Registering at DraftKings casino is very simple and takes a few minutes. Recommended for those who can't stand long and tedious casinos registration forms.

  1. Click on "VISIT" to redirect to DraftKings casino;
  2. In the registration screen enter your personal details;
  3. Keep your ID card next to you;
  4. Enter a valid email because you will need to confirm the account.



DraftKings Sportsbook

Fantasy sports is nothing short of entertaining, with lots of possibilities and opportunities to win big, but DraftKings sportsbook platform really pushes the envelope. If a kid throws a rock in Madagascar, you can bet on it. Well, maybe not that vast, but there really is a lot of sports to bet on. From Soccer to American football, to tennis and combat sports, you’re guaranteed to be delighted with the sports selection. Apart from having very competitive odds, punters will also be able to bet on lower leagues, competitions and season-long bets (outright bets). 

Live betting is a big part of DraftKings sportsbook platforms. If you’ve never heard of live betting before, it gives players the opportunity to bet on matches as the action unfolds, all in real-time. Live betting has many advantages, with the main one being able to counter-bet any pre-match losing bets. It also allows players to asses the game for a while before placing any bets. Sometimes, the first 15 minutes of any game can determine the pace and direction, resulting in punters making more ‘educated’ bets. 


DraftKings Customer Support & FAQ Section

If you’re new to fantasy sports and are unsure about certain aspects of how the site works, head over to the frequently asked questions section, where you’ll find a range of topics that many newbies have in common. Topics range from DraftKings basics, gameplay and prizes, player rewards, as well as more technical issues, such as deposits and withdrawals. 

Getting in touch with a support agent couldn’t be easier. While DraftKings doesn’t have a live chat feature, they can be easily reached through the form on the ‘Contact Us’ section. DraftKings has a toll free option available, which can be reached on +1 (877) 659-6066. 

If you require additional information regarding contests, it’s advisable to visit the ‘Contest Rules Page’. 


Overall Impression Of DraftKings

DraftKings and its main competitor have a total of $2.6 billion daily fantasy sports market, making up 90% of the total market share. With over 8 million users, it comes as no surprise that the platform is close to flawless. The possibilities are endless when playing fantasy sports and players are showered with freebies and potential to move up in the ranks. 

The promotions are like nothing we’ve ever witnessed before, having multiple guaranteed events which run in the tens of thousands of dollars. Regardless of your preferred sport, DraftKings ensure that there really is something for everyone, whether you want to compete on a grand level, or prefer private contests. 

The sportsbook platform is cutting edge, offers a multitude of sports from across the world, offering some of the best odds you’ll find online. It’s blatantly obvious that the creators of DraftKings build all the platforms with the end-user in mind and we cannot think of a plausible reason why fantasy sports enthusiasts won’t jump on the bandwagon.

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