Ukraine to legalize Hotel Gambling

Published by Daniel on October 7, 2019 IN Industry News

Ukrain to Legalise Hotel GamblingOne of the biggest sources of entertainment nowadays seems to be gambling whether it is online or offline.  

People across the globe are curious to try their luck and play to see if they have what it takes to strike a win.  

Unfortunately not all regions are open to gambling entertainment which can make it extremely difficult for tourists.  

The Ukraine is one such region but it seems they are reconsidering their stance and moving to opening casinos again.

New legislation for Ukraine 

The Ukraine isn’t a very gambling friendly region but knows that it is vital to tourists and the economy of the country. According to recent reports the Cabinet of Ministers has approved the bill on legalization of gambling business in Ukraine.  

This bill pushes to close and move all gambling style arcades and push them into tourist areas which in essence are the hotels. This new bill was at the request of President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who requested the Cabinet to legalise casinos once more after they were outlawed back in 2009. After 10 years without casinos it seems the Ukraine is ready to open their doors to gambling again.  

Legal Mysteries and Public Safety 

The new bill known as the Action Program remains somewhat of a mystery. The full text of the draft law around gambling has not been made public but the Cabinet of Ministers have announced certain details of what they propose especially regarding the gambling aspect of the program.  

According to the information released the draw law will suggest that gambling will be permitted only on the property of hotels. This will of course only be allowed if they are using the software and equipment that meets international standards.  

One of the main motivators behind the change in legislation is the concerning presence in illegal slot machines found around the country. One of the first things the government wants to do is remove all the illegal slot machines in sight especially those found next to pawn shops. These machines are causing massive financial distress to many because they are unregulated.  

Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk has confirmed that the new bill was drafted in accordance with direct instructions from the President who was fully supportive with new changes to the gambling laws.  

The new draft law has not yet been released but it contains a number of changed elements. According to the Prime Minister the main focus is to clean up the streets and get rid of all illegal slot machines. All betting areas within hotels will be legalized but will also be tightly regulated. He also stipulated that lotteries will be subject to different monitoring to gambling.  

Support from the Public 

The new legislation has not been released but already almost half of the Ukrainian public has shown they are in favour of legalising gambling.  

The government has also stated that any betting firms that wanted to operate under the regulated conditions would be subject to a license fee ranging from £416,000 to £1.3 million. The amount of the license will be determined by the location of the hotel.  

The new laws might mean more tourists and more entertainment for locals of the Ukraine in the near future.