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You don’t need to look any farther than Evolution Gaming to understand everything about live casino games. And in the spirit of keeping up with the times, the brand has designed its very own live crash game in Cash or Crash. Utilising a unique live game show setup, which takes place inside a blimp, you’ll be able to experience a lot by engaging in Cash or Crash betting.

Description of the cash or crash game

Overview of Cash or Crash Game

It’s one thing to play a standard live casino game, but quite another to experience one from the Evolution brand. This company goes above and beyond with its releases and playing the Cash or Crash casino game is no different in this respect. You’ll get to witness all of the developer’s usual top-quality graphics and high-definition streaming

And the host of Cash or Crash brings even more entertainment to the game. And in this one, the fate of your blimp ride depends entirely on the balls that are drawn, bringing a whole new variation to crash gaming.

Theme of Cash or Crash Casino Game

You’ll be jumping aboard a blimp in this online casino game, where you will be presented with quite the unique casino live gameshow to participate in. The blimp cruises over a bustling metropolis below, and it provides you with just a single bet as well as the chance to continue moving up a 20-step ladder-style paytable in the process. As is the case with all crash games, the higher you soar, the better your payouts will be. The host of the game is dressed in flight attendant attire and will be there to provide insight into the journey being taken.

How Cash or Crash Works

You may have played crash games before but choosing to participate in Cash or Crash gambling is a bit of a different experience. While it remains a crash game, it has some other features that you need to be aware of and figuring out how it works is something that is vital to successful gameplay. This is why we have a few pointers for you to take on board when you load it up. So, take a look below at how Cash or Crash works.

Frequent New Game Rounds

It is normal for crash games to occur very often, meaning that you don’t have to wait around for long timeframes before being able to partake in one. When it comes Cash or Crash, you’ll find the rounds to be slightly longer, because there is a lot more involved in gameplay. And of course, it depends how high the blimp goes before it crashes.

Place a Wager on the Game First of All

Before anything occurs in the Cash or Crash casino game, you need to place a bet. To do this, you simply utilise the poker chips running along the bottom of the screen. Wagers of between €0.10 and €1,000 per game round can be brought into effect, and this makes it a great online live casino game to bet on – because it caters to all kinds of bankrolls. 

You need to place this bet prior to the blimp setting off on its journey, and there will be a countdown for you to see before this happens. The live host will also prompt you on this, with the timer lasting for about 20 seconds.

Take Your Winnings or Soar Higher

Once the betting session has finished, the paytable is converted into monetary sums that you will win as you progress up the ladder. That ladder leads to a ball machine, and this incorporates several coloured balls into it. 

The first ball is drawn. Should it be a green ball, you advance a single step up the ladder, and the decision is then in your hands. You can either select to ‘Continue’, which will leave your bet in play for another ball, ‘Take Half’, which splits the winnings in half for you and then gambles the rest on the next round, or ‘Take All’, which ends your participation in the round by paying out your winnings at this best online casino game.

You’ll also see the decision of the other people participating in the game, represented by a percentage at either side of the ladder. As noted, you can take your winnings whenever you like, as long as you do so before the blimp crashes. Green balls being drawn will see you ascend higher in the blimp and potentially obtain more money. Red balls will see you crash and burn, losing everything. You can also ‘Take All’ if you reach the top of the ladder.

Important features of the cash or crash game

Important Features of the Cash or Crash Game

Now that you know how gameplay works, it is also important to know one or two features of Cash or Crash as well. These are vital not only to your general enjoyment of the game, but so that you are aware of what is happening through and through.

It’s a Game for Multiple Players

You won’t be the only one participating in Cash or Crash betting. Other live casino players will also be enjoying the game at the same time as you. And you’ll be able to see how they are playing on the left-hand side, which presents a sort of chat box area, dictating which players have taken all or half and added to their win balance. When decision time comes after a green ball has been drawn, you’ll see the percentage of other players that have chosen to go higher and the percentage who have cashed out.

You’ll Experience Something Completely Novel

Crash games in general are quite new and unique to the casino world already. Yet when you play the Cash or Crash option, this exists as a unique game within its own game genre. There aren’t any other live crash games in action as of this writing, which makes it even more compelling to try. Evolution has crafted something truly stunning with the graphics and gameplay, and it works as a nice alternative to play, complete with live host and enjoyable gaming options.

Included in Cash or Crash is also a golden ball. A single one of these is involved in the machine on each flight, and when it is drawn, you obtain a life. This covers you for if a red ball is drawn. You get another chance at this point, thanks to a protective shield that covers the blimp.

The Cash or Crash Game is Mobile-Friendly

It is the case that all of the best online casino sites are 100% compatible with mobile devices, and so is the Cash or Crash release from Evolution. This means that you will have no trouble in loading it up on your smartphone or tablet and playing from any location that suits you. The game will adapt so as to fit the dimensions of your mobile device easily, giving you the best kind of mobile gaming experience.

A Few Tips to Win the Cash or Crash Online Game

If you’re new to online crash games, or even if you’re experienced and are trying this one for the first time, you may want to take a few pointers on board. These Cash or Crash strategies won’t definitively ensure that you win every time, but you can expect them to assist you in creating your own method of gaming. Take a look at the hints noted below so as to improve your general crash gameplay.

Watch What Everyone Else is Doing

Because Cash or Crash is a game that offers a multiplayer interface, you can see what other gamers are doing. This doesn’t mean that you can see their specific actions or see them physically, but you can witness the bets that they make and when they choose to take their winnings. So, why wouldn’t you want to learn from this when you’re Cash or Crash gambling? See how other gamers play the game and then learn from their decisions.

Practice with Other Crash Games

Because this is a live casino game, you won’t be able to access a free-to-play demo version of it like you can with others. Therefore, to give yourself more of an idea of how crash games work, you should check into the demo versions of standard RNG crash releases, such as F777 Fighter or Thunder Crash, for example. This way, you can place bets with demo money and see how the games play out, to give you an insight into what to expect from the Cash or Crash one.

Remember: Don’t Let Greed Affect Your Gameplay

Greed is a horrible thing to be affected by when it comes to gambling, as it can lead to a slippery slope downwards. In general, any casino guide will give you the information that if you’re going into a game with greed in your minds and always expecting a win to occur, then you’re not playing for the right reasons. It should be a fun pastime – something to provide some light entertainment and perhaps win a little in the process. If you’re getting too greedy, then you’re almost bound to fail and lose everything at some point.

Take Half Sometimes

If you’re in two minds about what could happen with the blimp after a green ball is drawn from the machine, then there’s nothing stopping you from taking half of your winnings. It’s almost like a spend half, save half kind of mindset, and at least in this instance, you come away with at least something. Don’t be afraid to split this whenever you’re not feeling confident about continuing with the whole amount.

Stake Big on Small Multipliers

This applies more so to standard crash games, because the multiplier flies up at a rapid rate with them. When it comes to Cash or Crash, things proceed at a slower rate. While multipliers are involved at increasing amounts when you go through the levels of the ladder, these don’t swiftly climb. 

So, if you want to use certain Cash or Crash strategies like this, then place a high wager and always withdraw after the first green ball. You’ll receive a 1.2x multiple if you do, so if you wager €100, then you will receive a total payout of €120. Do that on a few consecutive rounds, and you never know, you could easily build up your win balance.

Strategies to win the cash or crash game

The Top Strategy for Playing Cash or Crash

It’s not really ideal to use a specific strategy for this particular crash game, although it does have an RTP rate of 99.59%, which is very high. Evolution itself has come up with its own strategy for you to utilise on Cash or Crash, and it is seemingly the most mathematically sound way to engage in it.

Evolution Strategy

The strategy provided by Evolution suggests that you continue gaining balls until level 9 of the ladder. Then, stop and withdraw. Should a gold ball come out, continue with it until a red ball is drawn and then only continue if you’re on levels 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 14 or 15.

Cash or Crash FAQs

What is the maximum win that can be obtained from Cash or Crash?

The maximum multiplier in the game is 18,000x your stake. If you have received a gold ball and this is broken by a red ball, then the maximum multiplier is increased to 50,000x your bet.

What are the two blimps at either side of the ladder for in Cash or Crash?

The two small blimps on display show the percentage chance of a green ball or a red ball being drawn next. You can follow the insights that these give you to decide upon whether to take all, take half or continue to the next round.

What are the numbers for in the bottom-right corner?

These are statistics for you to take notice of when you play. The last eight balls to be drawn from the machine are displayed at all times, and you can expand the history even more while playing.

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