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Playing Bitcoin dice is one of the most popular ways to have fun with your cryptocurrency and also quickly and pretty easily start increasing your crypto stack while you're at it. A growing number of Bitcoin casinos offer various Bitcoin dice games, which offer the unique benefits of being provably fair, adjustable and safe. But where can you play these simple games and which are the best sites for doing so? Join us as we take you through everything there is to know about Bitcoin Dice and the best sites at which to play these games.

Best Bitcoin Dice Casinos in 2022

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  • Crypto Games
  • Instant Payout
  • Weekly games
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  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • Esports
  • Live Casino
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  • Fast Payments
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  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • Classic slots
  • Easy registration
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  • No deposit bonus
  • No wagering requirements
  • Many cryptocurrencies available

Find out how to choose a bitcoin dice website

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Dice Site?

Since Bitcoin has been around for quite a while now, it's not surprising to learn that there are now many hundreds of Bitcoin casinos, all offering a wide range of games to spend your BTC on. While that is great news for players in terms of having lots of variety to choose from, it can also present a bit of a problem when deciding where to play.

Although you could go through every Bitcoin dice site yourself to find the one best suited to you, most people don't have that time on their hands. So what can you do? Luckily, our role is to do all that hard work for you! We've spent countless hours reviewing the web's hottest Bitcoin dice sites to compile a list of the absolute best.

How did we come to our conclusions? We review Bitcoin dice sites based on various factors, from the safety and security of their setup to the house edge of their games, their range of provably fair titles to the presence (or not) and generosity of their Bitcoin faucets.

Let's take a closer look at what you should watch at Bitcoin dice sites.

Bitcoin Dice Faucet

In contrast to traditional online casinos, whose perks consist of bonuses and free spins, Bitcoin dice sites usually have a faucet; as the word suggests, Bitcoin faucets' drip' crypto coins in very small amounts to members of the site regularly.

Dripped coins can be in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, but since they are in such tiny amounts, they tend to be referred to as Satoshis, in the case of Bitcoin, which are 100 millionths of a Bitcoin.

Faucet-issued coins can be used to play the site's games, which is particularly useful for new players who want to test drive the games before playing with their coins, or in some cases, they can be stored saved as a form of investment.

Another variation of the Bitcoin faucet is called Rain. Since many crypto dice sites revolve around the community, a function allows members to award Rain to those in the same chat room. Everyone is showered with tiny amounts of Bitcoin or whichever crypto coin is chosen or dominant at the site. This site feature can be especially rewarding if you become friendly with high rollers!

Provably Fair Bitcoin Dice Games

One of the biggest draws of Bitcoin dice sites is the idea of being able to play provably fair games.

Blockchain technology has proven to be very useful when creating decentralised forms of alternative currency, finance options and apps (Dapps). Still, the online gambling industry has adopted the technology to offer players an even fairer gaming experience than was ever possible.

Provably fair games use blockchain technology to verify that the outcomes of the games have been reached through an entirely fair process and that no tampering with that process has occurred.

At any point, players can check the bet history and ascertain that from the start of the game to their bet being placed, and the outcome is decided, nothing has interfered with or altered the process.

Rumours abound regarding the fairness of games at online casinos, with suspicions of shady practices often doing the rounds. Still, thanks to blockchain technology, you can see that the algorithms ensure a transparent and fair game every time.

Small House Edge

Bitcoin dice games also attract lots of attention because they have a certain level of tolerability, including the house edge.

Every gambling game you play online has a house edge, that is, the cut the site takes as profit for offering you games to play for the chance to win more. The house edge can vary from game to game, usually depending on the odds of winning and the game's popularity.

Bitcoin dice games also have a house edge, which is typically already very low at around 1%. Still, this can be adjusted within certain parameters to improve your chances of winning. Of course, you can't eliminate the house edge, but you can set it as low as possible. Doing so will entail certain drawbacks, such as reduced winnings, so you'll have to weigh your options and decide if it's worth doing.

Safety and Security

Another crucial aspect of Bitcoin dice sites you should be looking for is their safety and security. Since it's still in its infancy compared to traditional online casinos, the crypto coin dice games industry is still taking shape, which means there are several rogue operations out there that you should avoid.

The best way to ensure your safety and security when playing Bitcoin dice games online is to check that the site is legitimate. Try to aim for regulated Bitcoin games sites, such as those holding a respected industry authority licence or displaying approval by a trusted organisation such as the Crypto Gambling Foundation.

Trustworthy Bitcoin dice sites will never ask you for your wallet's private key, and most of them will have a secure payment system for funding your account.

To avoid any nightmare situations and get your Bitcoin dice experience off to the best possible start, join one of the carefully reviewed Bitcoin dice sites featured on our site.

Strategies behind the bitcoin dice games

Bitcoin Dice Strategy

Like with many other forms of gambling, there has been speculation since time immemorial on the effectiveness of various strategies for gaining an edge and increasing your chances of winning. Bitcoin dice games are not immune to such ponderings.

First, it's important to remember that dice games are all about luck. As interesting as it may be to try these various strategies, there is no sure-fire way of winning as one result has no bearing on the next and no influence from the last, by design (gambler's fallacy).

That said, it is fascinating to test drive these strategies to have a bit of extra fun. Since Bitcoin dice games only involve two outcomes, it's common to see red/black, odd/even, high/low Roulette strategies used. Let's look at a few of the most popular Bitcoin dice strategies.

Paroli Strategy

One of the most common Bitcoin dice betting strategies is the positive progression system called Paroli. This strategy calls for a base stake to be defined first of all. If a bet at this stake is lost, another bet of the same stake is placed. If the bet wins, the next bet is double the previous stake for a run of three consecutive wins, at which point the stake is returned to its base value again.

Here's an example:

  1. The player defines the base bet as 10 mBTC and places their first Bitcoin dice bet on Under 50.
  2. The bet loses, so the player bets 10 mBTC once again on Under 50.
  3. This time, the bet wins, so the player doubles their bet to 20 mBTC on Under 50.
  4. A player wins for the 2nd time, so the next bet is double the previous bet at 40 mBTC.
  5. A player wins for the 3rd time, so the next bet is dropped to the base stake of 10 mBTC.

The idea behind the Paroli strategy is to minimise losses and take advantage of winning streaks.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is a negative progression betting system. In contrast to the Paroli method, where bets are increased on winning streaks, the Martingale method requires that bets are increased on losing streaks.


  1. Player bets 10 mBTC on Over 50.
  2. The bet wins, so the player places another 10 mBTC on Over 50.
  3. This time, the bet loses, so the player doubles the bet to 20 mBTC.
  4. The bet loses again, so the player doubles the stake again to 40 mBTC.
  5. The bet wins, so now the player's stake is reduced to 10 mBTC.

The goal is to maximise the return and recoup your losses when you win again.

Since this method can result in bankrolls being frittered away very quickly during extended losing streaks, another variation called the Break-Even Martingale calls for bets to increase by the base stake after every second loss than doubling every time.

Inverse Martingale Strategy

Whereas the Martingale is a negative progression strategy that calls for bets to increase on losing streaks, the Inverse, Reverse or Anti Martingale sees bets increase on winning streaks in a positive progression system.

This is another name for the Paroli strategy, with bets after a win being doubled and bets after a loss returning to their original value.

Like the Paroli method, the idea here is to maximise wins and minimise losses because wins and losses come in streaks.

D'Alembert Strategy

The D'Alembert strategy is a variation of the Martingale in that both are negative progression systems. In contrast to Martingale, the D'Alembert sees bets after losses increase, but only by one, while bets after wins decrease, but again, only by one.

Here's an example:

  • A Player decides the base stake is 10 mBTC and places 10 mBTC on Over 50.
  • A player loses, so the base stake increases the next bet to 20 mBTC.
  • The bet loses, so the next bet is increased to 30 mBTC.
  • This time, the bet wins, so the next bet is reduced by the base stake to 20 mBTC.

The idea here is to reduce the risk of large losses from the doubling bets of the Martingale.

How does bitcoin dice games work

How do Bitcoin Dice Games Work?

Though the name suggests otherwise, Bitcoin dice games don't involve traditional dice!

The simplest form of dice games involves predicting whether the 'rolled' number will be under or over a set but the adjustable amount of between 1 and 100.

The game is usually represented very simply by a slider indicating the range of possible outcomes from 1 to 100. The pointer on the slider allows you to choose where to split between Under and Over.

As you adjust the slider, each side's odds and payout percentages will also change, allowing you to select exactly the game level you want to play.

For example, set the slider pointer at 25, and your chances of winning Under 25 are 24%, but your payout will be just over 4x your stake. Play on the other side of the pointer, Over 25, and your chances of winning are dramatically increased to 75%, but at the cost of a payout that drops to around 1.3x your stake.

Some Bitcoin dice games also offer separate jackpots that can be triggered by the algorithms turning out a specified number, with lots of BTCs on standby for lucky players! You can also participate in weekly wagering contests that award BTC prizes to the top players.

Best Bitcoin Dice Online

Are we looking for that perfect place to play the best Bitcoin dice online games? Start and finish with our up-to-date list of the finest locations for your crypto dice gameplay. These top 5 crypto casinos all sport an excellent ranking in terms of reputation, player perks, games collection and crypto compatibility.

Check out our brief reviews below, click the links for a more in-depth analysis, and see which one suits you best.

Stake Casino

One of the most popular crypto casinos online right now is Stake Casino, and although you won't be offered any welcome bonus, the brand is confident they will tempt you all the same. And they do, thanks to a range of more than 4,000 games, including the Stake Originals provably fair collection, which features the likes of Dice, Plinko, Crash, Mines, Limbo and Diamonds.

With new games added every week, you'll need some decent boosts to your bankroll, and you can get them thanks to the weekly $50,000 and daily $100,000 giveaways, which dish out wager-free prizes.

  • Many provably fair games.
  • Sportsbook available.
  • Accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether and Dogecoin.

Fortune Jack Casino

One of the oldest Bitcoin casinos online, having launched in 2014, Fortune Jack Casino offers an array of some 3,000 games from 35 different developers, with the site's popular Dice Blue game ranking as one of the top attractions. Also included with site membership is access to the range of other provably fair games such as Plinko, Spheres, Mines and Hi-Lo.

A welcome package totalling 6 BTC is waiting to boost your first 4 deposits, each carrying a very competitive 30x wagering. If you prefer, you can opt instead for the 20% cashback as a first deposit perk.

Other treats promise to make you feel valued at Fortune Jack, including a 3.5 BTC weekly reload bonus and up to 15% wager-free cashback every month.

  • 6 BTC welcome package with competitive wagering.
  • Wager-free cashback every month.
  • Accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Dogecoin, Dash and Tron.

Bitdreams Casino

Appearing in 2021, Bitdreams Casino features around 7,000 games to explore from a whopping 70 different providers, making the sheer number and variety of games this brand's forte.

The collection includes a separate section called Crypto-Games, which features blockchain tech-backed provably fair titles such as Heads and Tails, Minesweeper, Plinko, More or Less and Rocket Dice.

New players can take advantage of a welcome package totalling 38 mBTC plus 200 free spins on 3 top slots. You will also benefit from a weekly crypto bonus boost, weekly free spins and even more treats through the Bitdreams Universe Loyalty Program.

  • 38 mBTC + 200 free spins welcome offer.
  • Weekly crypto bonus.
  • Accepts Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Ripple and Litecoin.

BC.Game Casino

No prizes for guessing what the BC stands for in this crypto casino's name! BC.Game Casino is famed for offering low-house edge games, a lovely big collection of provably fair games under BC Originals, including Classic Dice (1-100) and Ultimate Dice (1-9,999) and Hash Dice, and a total collection of more than 10,000 titles to explore.

You won't find a welcome package here, but the site does offer all members a spin of their Lucky Spin Wheel each day for the chance to win up to 1 BTC. On top of that, you'll enjoy wager-free promotions and even more rewards thanks to the Master Medals loyalty programme.

  • Free shot at 1 BTC daily.
  • Large provably fair games collection.
  • Accepts all cryptocurrencies. Casino Casino is a high-ranking crypto casino that came online in 2021, bursting onto the scene with an attractive offer of 20% daily cashback. On top of that, you can expect to enjoy up to 50 free spins every Wednesday and a weekend bonus of up to 140 mBTC plus 60 free spins.

In addition to all the slots, table games and live dealer games on offer, totalling some 2,200 titles, you'll also find the site's blockchain-based games under Other Games, including the favourites of Plinko, Hi-Lo, Space, Mines and Rocket Dice.

  • 20% daily cashback.
  • Weekly crypto bonus.
  • Accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ether, Ripple, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Our final thoughts on this crypto game

Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice games are a very popular way of having fun with your BTC and potentially increasing your coin stack at a level that suits you. These games are generally backed by provably fair blockchain technology, aligning them perfectly with cryptocurrencies' decentralised, independent nature.

Now that you know all about Bitcoin dice games, how they work and a few strategies to try, join one of our recommended Bitcoin dice sites and see if you can boost your BTC stack.


Want to learn more about Bitcoin dice games? Check our FAQs.

What is Bitcoin dice?

Bitcoin dice is a game of luck in which you stake BTC and guess which side of the slider, Under or Over, the next roll will fall. Contrary to what the name suggests, no actual dice are involved, rather the outcomes are determined by algorithms, making them even fairer and less susceptible to corruption or tampering. You can adjust the odds of winning and your payout by moving the pointer on the slider to a number between 1 and 100, allowing you to enjoy a more or less volatile game.

How do you win Bitcoin dice?

Winning at Bitcoin dice simply involves correctly guessing which side of the pointer the next roll will land on. For example, if the pointer is set at 60, your options are Under 60 and Over 60. If you bet on Under 60 and the roll result is 21, for instance, you win.

What is Satoshi dice?

Satoshi Dice is the slightly controversial BTC betting game that some have suggested is a form of DDoS attack in that transaction fees are bypassed and the Bitcoin blockchain is spammed by useless data. Gameplay involves sending BTC wagers to static addresses, which each serve as a bet with a specific payout. The winning bet is determined by the host, with payouts sent as return transactions. This is notably different to the Bitcoin dice games featured at reputable crypto casinos.

What is the minimum bet I can make on Bitcoin dice?

Most sites allow a minimum bet of 10 Satoshis on Bitcoin dice games.

Is Bitcoin dice safe?

The Bitcoin dice games themselves are very transparent thanks to the blockchain technology on which they operate. You can ensure your safety by playing these games by only joining a site that has a trustworthy reputation, such as those featured on our site.

How much can I win playing Bitcoin dice?

The answer to that question varies wildly depending on the variables you choose during your game. You can win anything from 1x to around 25x your stake depending on the split number and which side, Under or Over, you're betting on. Some games also carry random jackpot payouts too, which could see you winning 2, 3 or even more BTC!

Are there any strategies to win at Bitcoin dice?

Since Bitcoin dice is a game with only two possible outcomes, strategies commonly used for 50/50 type Roulette bets (eg. red/black) are often used, such as the Martingale, D'Alembert and Paroli strategies.

Are there any tricks to win at Bitcoin dice?

Bitcoin dice is a game of pure luck, so there aren't really any kind of tricks you can try to boost your chances of winning. However, it is fun to try the various strategies out there.

Is it legal to play Bitcoin dice?

The legalities of Bitcoin dice will depend on your location. If gambling or the use of Bitcoin is illegal in your country, chances are it'll also be illegal to play Bitcoin dice games.

What is the best Bitcoin casino dice game?

There are many Bitcoin casinos online today and each of them has its own selection and variations of dice games. The best way to find your favourites is to try them!

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