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Learn everything about the zimbawe casinos

History of Gambling in Zimbabwe

The country has a long and diverse history of gambling. The oldest form of gambling has to be horse racing. And it doesn't just end there. Zimbabwean people go crazy over sports betting. Besides horse racing, you have dog racing and lotteries, which were also widely popular.

Once upon a time, gambling was seen in a negative light. But as the years have progressed, so have the thought process of the people. Zimbabwe now welcomes gambling in all of its forms with open arms.

Zimbabwe is a land of natural wonders. You have the Eastern Highlands, the widely known Zambezi River. And last but most definitely not least, the Victoria Falls. So, it makes sense that the country will have many tourists each year. And what do tourists love to do when they're in Africa? That's right, gamble!

Zimbabwe Gambling Law

Since betting and gambling are both similar in popularity, there was always a need to regulate these activities. That's why the Lotteries and Gambling Act was established in 2000. Under this act, all forms of gambling, betting, lotteries and casinos are legal.

Under this act, the Lotteries and Gambling Board was established. This board controls and regulates all gambling activities in the country. The board also issues licenses to the operators required to operate legally within Zimbabwe.

Online gambling does not fall under this act, and it's not regulated either. So, playing at offshore online casinos is not legal or illegal. Players can always choose to play at any casino that accepts Zimbabwean players.

Land Based Casinos in Zimbabwe

Since land-based casinos are legalized, you can expect several options. There are over 20 casinos in Zimbabwe, and you can find most of these in the major cities. You can find 5 of these land-based casinos in Harare's capital city. Players can enjoy various games at these land-based casinos in Zimbabwe.

The Future of Online Gambling in Zimbabwe

You can look at the internet penetration rate to better understand online gambling in Zimbabwe. As of 2022, it's currently 30.6%, which is nothing to gloss over. This number tells us that if online gambling were legalized, it would not have a lack of players.

But as of now, online gambling is yet to be regulated. But that hasn't stopped players from visiting offshore casinos. The most money from the gambling sector is due to online gambling. Several operators accept Zimbabwean players, so you should not have a hard time looking for one.

Sports Betting in Zimbabwe

We've already discussed how betting is the most popular form of gambling in Zimbabwe. But that's for horse racing and dog racing. Sports betting, on the other hand, is a relatively newer concept in that comparison. But it is becoming more and more popular as the days go by.

Several bookmakers within the country offer betting services to Zimbabwean punters. Some of these bookmakers also offer the same services as pay-by-phone casinos. This will be very helpful for the players as they can perform all their betting transactions using their phones.

Best feature of these online casino sites

Top Features of Zimbabwean Casinos

Now that you have a brief overview of Zimbabwe's gambling industry let's talk features.

Safety & Security of the Casino

Safety and security are the primary concerns of any gambler. You never want to compromise on these two things. But what will ensure you that the casino is indeed safe and secure? No, it's not a leap of faith. There are several ways to ensure that any casino is safe and secure.

The most basic way to understand whether the casino is right for you should be through the license. Licenses are simply permits that allow an operator to remain in operation.

And getting one of these licenses is not that easy. Some guidelines need to be followed, and conditions need to be fulfilled. Then and only then will the operator be allowed to run their businesses. You can assume their service standard is low if they don't have a license.

And you don't want to play at a casino where the quality of service is really low. We urge you to stick with safe and secure online casinos.

Provably Fair Games

If you've ever played at the best crypto casino, you should know that crypto games have a "provably fair" algorithm. This algorithm ensures that the player has a guaranteed chance of winning at crypto games. These games are not random like slots, so if you keep playing, you're guaranteed to win.

Local Banking Options

Zimbabwean players should also check what kind of payment methods are being supported by the casino. It's best if the casino has payment supported for local payment methods like credit/debit cards or bank transfers. These are the most convenient, and you should always consider a casino that offers these.

If the casino doesn't have them, look for the other popular payment methods. For example, e-wallets, e-checks, and payments like pay-by-phone casinos are also very good.

Fast Winnings Payout

The fastest withdrawal time at any casino is instant. But are there any casinos that give you instant withdrawals? Why yes, there is! What you are looking for is instant withdrawal casinos. What is so special about them? Well, it's in the name. They give you your winnings instantly.

So, if you choose a casino like this, you don't have to worry about waiting 2-3 days to get your money. Deposits are already instant, but at these casinos, withdrawals are too, which should be on your list of priorities.

Customer Service

Customer service is an aspect of a casino that many of us overlook—especially newer players since they haven't been playing long enough to feel the need for customer service. But ask any seasoned gambler, and they'll tell you that good customer service is as important as having a good bonus or security.

What are some good customer service options, then? Well, for beginners, we've seen that a good FAQ section is sufficient. The more advanced players might require one-on-one consultation via email or live chat.

Our test of the zimbawe casinos

Testing the Zimbabwe Online Casinos

We took the responsibility of testing the best casinos to give you a better impression of what you can expect from the top casino's Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwean Casino Reviewers

With the help of Zimbabwean reviewers and their detailed online casino guide, we better understood the casinos. These reviews helped us look at the casino. Differently, one Zimbabwean player will appreciate and relate to.

Casino reviews are a dime a dozen. So, there are many reviews that we could have considered. We decided to stick with Zimbabwean reviewers so that you understand what you're getting yourself into.

Deep Analysis of the Zimbabwean Casino

Without expert knowledge and deep insight, it's impossible to determine the best online gambling sites. It requires doing your homework and researching. It's not an easy task, because if it was, everyone could do it. We've been doing it for quite some time. That's why we're doing it again for you.

We've gone through every nook and cranny to ensure we didn't miss anything. We've separated the good and the bad, so you can have an easier time making your decision.

We Read Between the Lines

Reading through the never-ending lines of the terms and conditions of any casino can be a bother. But luckily for you, we completed the tedious task of reading it. Now you can look at the summary from our reviews and understand everything that had a chance of confusing you.

Details about the mobile casino sites

Zimbabwe Mobile Casinos

It should be no surprise that most people playing at online casinos are using their phones. It's easy and convenient to access the casinos with their phones. There are some other benefits to it too. Such as, you can play at the casinos even on the go.

Most mobile casino players will play on the mobile version of the casino website. Some operators have a dedicated casino app for their phones. Players can expect a much more optimized interface and experience when playing on these casino apps.

Popular WhatsApp & Telegram Bonuses

Using the services of WhatsApp and Telegram, operators can advertise their Best Online Casino Bonuses of 2022 to many players. It shows how efficiently social media tracks what's happening around you. You can do this simply by joining any of the casino groups.

Our final thoughts on these online casinos

Now that we've reached the end of this article, do we recommend the online casinos in Zimbabwe? Yes, we do. The gambling situation in the country is quite good compared to other countries in the world. And all forms of gambling have a significant player base too. So, you can expect some fun times if you're looking to gamble in Zimbabwe.

As for online casinos, since they are still unregulated, players don't have to feel restricted in accessing the online sites. While no one is officially encouraging this, it remains a major contributing factor to the gambling industry in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Casinos FAQs

Having questions is understandable, and it's good to have questions too. So here are some answers to the most common questions asked by players.

Are online casinos legal in Zimbabwe?

Online gambling is unregulated. So, it's neither legal nor illegal to play at them. You can play at any online casino that accepts players from Zimbabwe without getting into trouble with the law.

Which is the best online casino in Zimbabwe?

We've selected several casinos that you can try out. All of them have excellent features and bonuses. But if you want to go with one, our pick is Mansion casino.

Which Zimbabwean online casinos have the best payouts?

You'll find different options for getting the most out of the payouts offered in a casino. But for Zimbabweans, no casino does it better than 888 casinos.

Do all Zimbabwean casino sites take debit cards?

Debit card payments are among the most popular and widely used payment methods. And the reasons are understandable. We're pleased to inform you that you can expect payment by debit cards at all Zimbabwean casinos.

Do all Zimbabwean online casinos offer secure deposits and withdrawals?

Casinos always care for their players. And they also realize that there's nothing more important than the safety of a player's money. That's why you don't need to worry about it at all. All casinos will offer you secure deposits and withdrawals no matter where you are.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Zimbabwean casino players?

Operators won't charge you any fee for withdrawing. But it sucks that you have to pay an additional fee for the payment methods.

Can I play with Zimbabwean Dollars at Zimbabwean casinos?

Zimbabwean dollars are not a common currency accepted at online casinos. Players must go through a currency exchange to any preferred and accepted currency to play.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Zimbabwean casino players?

Operators won't charge you any fee for withdrawing. But it sucks that you have to pay an additional fee for the payment methods.

Can I play with Zimbabwean Dollars at Zimbabwean casinos?

Zimbabwean dollars are not a common currency accepted at online casinos. Players must go through a currency exchange to any preferred and accepted currency to play.

What payment methods are available for players looking for online casinos in Zimbabwe?

Payments can be made through credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, mobile payments, and other methods. Players can go with any method that works for them.

What age should I be to play at an online casino in Zimbabwe?

If a player is over 18, they can play at any online casino in Zimbabwe.

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