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Software Betsolutions
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You may have played online slot games before, but perhaps you’ve never experienced something as remarkable and inviting as Zeppelin crash betting. This online casino game aims to present an entirely new type of gameplay to you, whilst maintaining that same high level of quality and enjoyment. Featuring its own innovative functions and mechanics, Zeppelin is one game that you will never tire of playing.

Description of the zeppelin game

Overview of Zeppelin Crash Game

If you do decide to play this crash game, then you won’t find it to be too dramatically different to others of this ilk. Except you will have the added visual of a flying blimp to experience, which is what will crash to end each round. Your task is to ensure that after you have placed your stake, you cash out before that eventuality occurs. 

It’s a fascinating online casino game to play, offering you something that very few other games can – something that is easy to understand and simple enough to gain profit from.

Theme of the Zeppelin Casino Game

The basic premise behind just about any type of crash game is to exit the moving vehicle before it crashes, hence the genre. Some of these crash games utilise jet planes as their preferred vehicle, while others use cars and even in the case of Lucky Jet, a man wearing a jetpack. But in the Zeppelin casino game, a game similar to the Aviator game, you get to see a zeppelin on the screen, as if that wasn’t already obvious. It is this vehicle that takes off from the ground and soars through the air, and the farther it goes, the higher the multiple attached to it rises. Of course, that is of a great benefit to you as a player, too.

How the Zeppelin Game Works

So, if you want to know more about how this online crash game works, then you’re in the right place. Here, we will provide you some insight into engaging in Zeppelin crash gambling, as well as the things to look out for when playing. Read through this guide to inform yourself on what to do so as to play it successfully.

A Zeppelin Game Takes Place Every 15 Seconds or So

Crash games are usually quite quick-paced, meaning that you won’t have to wait around for a long period of time before being able to participate in a round. That’s one of the beauties of Zeppelin crash betting. The rounds can last just a couple of seconds or around 15 to 20 seconds, depending upon how high the zeppelin manages to soar during a game.

You’ll then be given a short time period within which to place your bet for the next round before it takes off once again. This type of game setup may work for some people even more so than some of the best online slot games do, so figure out what you want from a casino game before playing one.

Set Your Initial Wager

After the zeppelin crashes, the screen will fade to black and then the game restarts. It is at this time that you can start placing your bet for the upcoming round. A box can be seen at the bottom of the game screen, which allows you to decide upon your preferred wager. 

The software provider of the Zeppelin crash game, BetSolutions, has made it possible for you to choose from wagers between €1 and €100 per round. Therefore, it stands out as being quite an ideal game for anyone to play, whether you have a smaller bankroll or if you’re a high roller of sorts.

Cash Out and Take Your Winnings at the Right Time

Once the betting round is over and done with, the zeppelin will take off into the sky. At the same time, a multiplier will be displayed behind it, which will increase the further the zeppelin stays adrift. It is up to you when to evacuate the blimp, with the multiplier level that you cash out at applying itself to your original wager to provide you with the payout for that round. Of course, you need to ensure that you cash out before the blimp crashes, otherwise you lose everything for that round.

Important features of the zeppelin game

The Things to Know About the Zeppelin Game

As with all types of online games, Zeppelin comes with some of its own important features that you should know about. These all help you to have an entertaining time while placing bets and watching as the blimp takes off. But what exactly are the features of the game that you should know about?

It’s a Game That Caters to Multiple Players at Once

One of the great parts about this crash game is that it offers access to multiple players at once. An infinite number of people have the opportunity to place bets on it in each round, and you can also see everyone that is participating in a round down the left-hand side of the screen. 

Their bet, the multiplier level at which they cash out and the amount they win will be displayed for you to readily see. And of course, your own details in these areas will be visible to other gamers, too. You maintain a level of anonymity though, because your name or any kind of username will not be displayed. An alias of sorts is utilised instead.

You Get a Whole New, Unique Gaming Experience with Zeppelin

Crash games are growing ever more popular, but there is still a large number of the online gaming population that have never played them before. If this applies to you, then you’re certainly in for a unique treat with such. Zeppelin is unlike any other type of best online casino game, presenting an alternate option for you to play if you’re looking for something different to experience. And to add to that, it’s simple to get the hang of, meaning that you won’t have to spend a long time figuring out the bets, the gameplay and so on. That’s not something that a huge number of online casino EU games can say they provide.

The Zeppelin Crash Game is Completely Compatible with Mobile Devices

If you possess a smartphone or a tablet, then you have the opportunity to access the Zeppelin casino game through it. In doing so, you can play it from any location, as it is completely adaptable to your screen size and responds to touchscreen technology. 

This is because the developer has created it using HTML5 technology. With this, it can be integrated into mobile casino sites as well as desktop casinos. All you need to do is visit your favoured online casino through your mobile device’s web browser, login with your standard details and then load the Zeppelin game up. The rest works out exactly the same as on a desktop computer.

A Few Tips to Win the Zeppelin Game

Any time that you access a new game, it can be a little daunting trying to figure things out. However, like we mentioned, Zeppelin is very easy to understand, and it won’t take you long to get to grips with playing it. Yet to improve your chance of winning when engaging in Zeppelin crash gambling, we have a few tips for you to follow. So, take a look and try to improve your own gameplay with these Zeppelin strategies of sorts.

Take Note of What Other Competitors Are Doing

We already highlighted the fact that Zeppelin provides a casino game that multiple players can enjoy at once. And because you can see what they wager, what they win and when they cash out, you can benefit from this. Simply take notice of how they perform in each round, and if you see that one or two players are regular winners, take note of their Zeppelin strategies. See if you can emulate their gameplay with your own bets and cash outs.

Enter into Practice Mode with the Demo

The Zeppelin crash release comes with a free play demo version that you can access at any time. Through playing this, you get to experience the game without risking any of your own money. This is due to the fact that it incorporates demo funds that you can make use of, rather than real money casinos. You’ll still get the same sort of experience as if you were playing for real though, giving you the chance to practice playing and maybe testing out some other gameplay strategies.

Always Maintain a Level of Decency for Cash Outs

Make sure that you aren’t playing the game for the sole reason of making bucketloads of cash. That’s just greedy, and nobody likes a greedy gamer, right? This sort of attitude is only likely to lead to a slippery slope towards losing at some point. So, try to be a bit more level-headed and pragmatic when it comes to your Zeppelin crash betting and then when you cash out. A smaller amount of profit on top of your bet is always better than waiting too long because of greed and losing out altogether.

Become Familiar with the Auto-Cashout Mechanic

As noted, the premise of this game is to cash out before the blimp crashes. And while this requires you to press the ‘Cash Out’ button every round, there is another way to set about your gameplay. Use the auto-cashout function instead, because this can be quite helpful. 

You’ll see this as an available option at the bottom of the game screen. Auto-cashout will withdraw you from the blimp at a predetermined multiplier level set by you. So, if you set this at 2x and the blimp reaches that level before crashing, you will be cashed out automatically, eliminating the need for you to press the button yourself.

Place Big Wagers but Cash Out on Small Multipliers

We’re not saying that you should go all out and start placing drastic bets on the Zeppelin game. But if you want to experience some decent profit from the game, then you could place a wager of let’s say €40 in a round and then cash out when the multiplier reaches 1.5x, for example. 

This doesn’t seem like such a long time to be involved in a game round but think about it. €40 multiplied by 1.5x sees you gaining a profit of €20. If you experience this kind of win on several consecutive rounds, then you can bump up your balance significantly enough. The earlier you cash out, the less likely you are to miss your opportunity and be involved in the blimp crash.

Strategies to win the zeppelin crash game

The Top Zeppelin Game Strategy

Even if you do use the tips mentioned above, there are still some players of crash games that choose to incorporate a specific betting strategy into their gameplay. That is also something that can be done with Zeppelin, and there is one particular gambling strategy that stands out significantly more than others.

Martingale Zeppelin Betting Strategy

While most frequently associated with betting on roulette games, the Martingale system also works for Zeppelin and other crash games. Using it requires you to choose a base bet amount, so let’s say for example, a wager of €2. 

You place this on a round of the game and you cash out in time, so you win that round. The next round arrives, and you once again wager €2 for it. This time, you lose the round as the blimp crashes before you cash out. So, for the proceeding round, you need to double up your bet, which in our example would see you betting €4. You lose that one as well, so you need to double up again - €8 for our example.

This is the kind of method that you continue using every time you lose a round playing this innovative game, available in the online casinos around the world. Upon winning a round of Zeppelin, you revert back to the original base bet, so this would be €2 in our example, and you go through the procedure again. Simple!

Zeppelin Game FAQs

Can I win a jackpot amount by playing Zeppelin crash?

There are two jackpots that can be hit in the game, yes. They land when a specific multiplier is hit, and the prize is shared out amongst those people still in the round (those who haven’t cashed out already). The ‘O2’ jackpot hits between 500x and 900x, while the ‘He’ jackpot plays out from 900x and above.

What is the maximum I can win from playing Zeppelin?

The maximum profit that you can obtain from a single bet is capped at €30,000 in total.

Can I communicate with other players of Zeppelin?

Zeppelin does have its own live chat box that you can utilise to communicate with anyone else who is playing the game at the same time as you.

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