Online Vegas Slots

Aiming to capture the essence of Las Vegas right from your screen, desktop and mobile online casinos are now offering some of the top-performing land-based slot machines of all time to play online. You can play most of them for free just for fun, or real money for big wins! Cleopatra, Elvis, Wizard of Oz and Choy Sun Doa are a few of the best slots in Las Vegas that are now available right on your browser!

There are so many great slots games that are being offered online. So many in fact, that sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best online casino with Vegas slots that brings all your favourite games in one place. Below you will find a selection of most recommended online casinos that carry real Vegas slots, just like you were really there in a casino on The Strip.

Best Online Casinos for Vegas Slots

Best Vegas Slots Online

Vegas slots are popular all around the world, with the Las Vegas strip being one of the most popular and sought-after places for all kinds of casino lovers. Millions of people flock to the Las Vegas Boulevard every year to test their luck and spin the reels. Of course, most gamblers playing at any one of these luxurious land-based casinos are thinking about about their chances of winning. But they also want to enjoy the games, environment, and adrenaline-pumping atmosphere provided by Sin City, Nevada.

However, nowadays, gambling is not limited to just people being at a casino but also people lounging in their homes. This is why almost all of the world-famous Vegas slots started making their way to different online casinos as well, offering players the same thrill as a land-based casino. What further attracts people is the fact that online casinos usually tend to have a higher payout percentage than land-based casinos since they don't have the same overhead costs, which is why they're able to afford to hand out bigger payouts to their players.

Features of The Best Vegas Style Slots

People have been playing and loving Vegas-style slots for decades now, enjoying features like free spins, bonuses, promotions, jackpots, and countless other features. But other than these, there are a few basic features covered by Vegas-style slots that make them even more trustworthy and enjoyable. These bonuses make for great plays when spinning the reels.

Big Range of Online Features

Vegas slots are arguably some of the most famous slots in the world, which is why casino managers and owners want to make sure that the features provided to the players are immense and cover all grounds. The best casinos that provide Vegas slots offer welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses, while also rewarding new members with free spins and prizes.

Playing Vegas slots online also offers players the chance to try a lot of games for free, since casinos want to encourage people to familiarize themselves with the games before they start playing. Online casinos also offer players the chance to play and chat with their friends, making the games a lot more enjoyable for players.

Solid Casino Software

Many of the best and most famous Vegas slots have been created by innovative and trustworthy gaming companies like:

  • International Gaming Technology (IGT)
  • Playtech, Realtime Gaming (RTG) 
  • Microgaming, and many others.

All of these are extremely reliable software companies, which have been producing the most innovative and secure content year after year for the public.

Moreover, these companies have their software and games tested through numerous third-party sources for transparency and fair play. They use Random Number Generators to make sure that every player is given equal and fair odds, while also having seals of approval from agencies like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation Authority and Assurance (eCOGRA), both of which are extremely trusted and relied upon by the people of the casino world around the globe.

Free Demo to Practice

When it comes to playing at online casinos, there's no feeling better than knowing that the casinos and games offer free demos for players to test out their skills. This is very popular with online casinos hosting Vegas slots because of their popularity. Every day, hundreds, if not thousands of new players, go onto an online casino to play Vegas-style slots, testing out and understanding the slots for the very first time. It is for this reason that almost all casinos hosting Vegas slots offer their players the chance to play for free with virtual money until they have completely understood how the game works and are ready to play for real money. This gives players the chance to check out the graphics, themes, animations, and sounds being offered by the slots and pick and choose whichever slot suits them best.

Solid Gameplay and Theme

Players are attracted to Vegas slots because of the glamour and popularity surrounding them, but they stay because of the sheer on-screen brilliance they witness. Vegas slots feature the best quality graphics with clean and exciting animations and a range of different themes, such as underwater, space, sci-fi, cowboy, superhero, fantasy, and many more. Some Vegas slots are even 3D and offer even better visual effects and animations along with indulging sound effects, making these slots a must-play for all casino lovers. Vegas slots feature an array of different types of games with different rules, bonuses, jackpots, spins, and other prizes, along with comprehensively-designed themes for all kinds of people to play and enjoy.

Vegas slots with real money

Vegas slots truly shine their brightest when played with real money because that's when they are so much fun. While that is true, there are hundreds of different highly-rated, top-notch Vegas slots that can be played, which is why players must decide on which game they want to play first, and then try a free demo of that game.

Since almost all online casinos offering Vegas slots give free demos to their players, this should be taken advantage of so that players can completely understand the ins and outs of the game. Also, playing the demo versions of different games gives players the chance to compare different themes and features being offered by different games and casinos, so that when they do decide on playing a slot, they’re completely confident that it’s the right one for them!

Best Vegas Slots Online

It can be extremely difficult and confusing for players to choose a Vegas slot sometimes because of the overwhelming number of games and the quality they offer. However, there are a few Vegas slots which have been people's favorites for years, and will likely stay that way:

Buffalo Slot

The many versions of the Buffalo Slot, particularly its classic version, are indisputably some of the most frequently played and loved slot machines ever, filling almost all casino floors across the United States and loved by people around the world. Buffalo Slots boast some of the finest graphics and animations with rich gameplay and a lot of ways to win. Powered by the Xtra Reel Power System, Aristocrat's Buffalo Slots have taken over land-based casinos as well as online casinos. The popularity of the game is so immense that different editions have been introduced, such as the Buffalo Grand, Buffalo Gold, Buffalo Stampede, and the more Buffalo Diamond edition.

At its core, the Buffalo Slot is a typical five-reel video slot machine housing four rows. Buffalo Slots also feature scatter and wild symbols, as well as a satisfying Return to Player (RTP) of 94.85%, increasing the chances for players to complete the necessary combinations and win big. A free spins bonus game can also be triggered when the screen displays three or more scatters and can overall be multiplied in the bonus game by 27x. For players looking for exciting gameplay with lots of features, bonuses, and fun, Buffalo Slots are definitely worth the time.

Jackpot Inferno

Jackpot Inferno is an exciting and scintillating release by the Everi software company, hosted on the oversized marquee-style core HDX cabinet. What makes Jackpot Inferno so likable is that it features a unique ability for players to instantly bump themselves up to a higher progressive level through a unique picking bonus. Players can win the progressives if they manage to land anywhere between 5 to 12 Jackpot Inferno icons on the 20-symbol field. This feature is called the Jackpot Jump and is what makes this game stick with the players, apart from its sizzling graphics and gameplay.

The game also rewards its players with a free spins bonus, which gets triggered when they manage to land 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols on the reels. This fast-paced, heart-pumping and adrenaline-rushing game is thoroughly entertaining, promising big payouts with an RTP of 96%, the bonus round, and the Jackpot Jump features. 

Megabucks Slots

This slot machine created by the gaming giants International Game Technology (IGT) might be one of the most famous slot machines in the world. Megabucks slots can be found throughout IGT casinos in Nevada, Las Vegas, and in the majority of casinos in Macau, along with a few smaller versions of their jackpot offered in a few other jurisdictions.

What makes Megabucks so famous and loved is its history. Megabucks was the first time any gaming manufacturer thought about linking different machines from different localities covering a wide area to be able to generate a large sum of money for the jackpot. To make this possible, IGT used the Wide-Area Progressive (WAP) system to connect several different machines to make what is still the largest jackpot slot in the world.

What makes Megabucks slots even more enjoyable and easy to play is the fact that it is a very simple slot. You insert the money in the machine for credit, decide how many paylines you want, how many credits you want to wager per line, and then pull the lever on the machine's side or push the spin button. The game has no extravagant features, no fancy sound effects, no rewarding bonus rounds, no sophisticated patterns, and a very simple format, featuring the traditional symbols of bars, fruits, and 7s, along with the standard 3-reel slots and a single payline – although some versions offer 5 reels.

Perhaps what makes Megabucks slots so simple and attractive is that it requires no skill, just luck. The main goal with Megabucks slots is to win the progressive jackpot by lining up 3 Megabucks symbols across a single payline on the display screen. If that does happen, the player will be walking away with a huge amount, since the jackpot reset is set at $10 million, so anybody who's going to win will win big.

Vegas Slots Strategy

All slots run on Random Number Generators, which means that players can't affect the outcome based on skill since a computer chooses the result. However, there are still a few strategies deployed by players from time to time, which can help them get lucky. One of these is to recognize when to move on, since many players will sit for hours in front of the same slot, pressing the same buttons and not being able to remember the last time they got a winning spin. If a machine is not working for you, it's simply not working, and looking for a loose machine in another area of the casino might help.

Other than that, looking at the paytables is crucial to understanding the rules of the game, as is doing some homework on the slot you want to play, such as finding out the RTP and bonus features it offers. It is also important to recognize the fact that you're the one playing the slot and not someone else, so don't listen to people telling you what to bet. Bet what you want to, since increasing the bet size does not increase your probability of winning.

However, the bankroll must be kept in mind before playing the game, which is why it is very critical to play within your budget. Most importantly, take the cheaper options. Use the free trial offered by the online casino to make sure you know and understand the game before going in with real money. 

Best Payouts of Vegas Slots

Arguably, all Vegas slots are fun to play, with the exciting rewards and returns being offered to players. That being said, knowing the game is half the work, which is why players must take a look at the RTP being offered by the game they want to play. Even though RTPs for different slots usually differ very minutely in terms of their percentage, there are a few slots that have slightly higher RTPs than others:


Top RTP slots



Mega – Joker



1429 Unchartered Seas



Joker Strike






Bob the Epic Viking Quest






Good Girl Bad Girl



Kings of Chicago



Tips for Vegas Slots

Given the sheer amount of games, themes, and different features being offered by various software companies, every game has to be played in a different way, which requires learning the rules of the game and then applying them according to one's liking. However, there are still a few basic tips that are true for all slots regardless of how they are played and their features, which are:

Go for Small Jackpots

Vegas slots offer some of the largest and most generously mouth-watering jackpots there are to offer. Most players are immediately attracted to jackpots with insanely large quantities of money. While dozens of people have won these, this is a very small number compared to the number of people who played and were unable to win. In other words, the chances of an individual walking away with a big jackpot are very less, which is why players should go for smaller jackpots more frequently since they give a more significant chance of getting rewards. 

Stick to Safe Sites

Before proceeding to play with real money, make sure to completely check out the casino for all the services being offered and the safety standards being maintained. Players must ensure that the online casino is safe and verified by reliable companies like the Malta Gaming Authority and eCOGRA.

Apart from that, players must also read recent reviews about the casino they're interested in to make sure there are no fraud or foul play cases, as well as making sure that the casino provides a safe and preferred way of accepting cash.

Try the Classics

With the rise in the online gaming industry and advancements in technology, software companies have repeatedly raised the bar, year after year, to bring out the most electrifying and sensational games for players to enjoy. Although these new games are amazingly entertaining, they come with a lot of new rules, features, mini-games, and bonus rounds, all of which can be slightly overwhelming for new players. For this reason, we suggest trying out the slightly older and classic slots, which are offered by most of the top online casinos.

The three-reel classic slots are simply designed, don't have many rules, and offer fewer distractions compared to newer slots. As such, these three-reel slots will be very desirable for those who are fond of the old days and new players who want to progress slowly into slots.

Should You Play Vegas Slots?

Our answer is a definite yes. Now, that is not to say that every Vegas slot you come across and play will be amazing and blow you away. On the contrary, some people might find themselves not liking different slots and their payouts, which is why it is important to know the game before you play it.

That being said, Vegas slots certainly offer an enormous collection of various kinds of games that can cater to all kinds of people, from the ones who want to play the classics, to the ones who need vivid graphics and animations. Whatever your cup of tea is, chances are they've got it covered!

FAQ About Vegas Slots

Looking for more info on vegas slots? We've answered a few common questions below:

What is a Vegas slot?

Vegas slots are the different slot games that were first offered at the famous Sin City of Vegas in their grand, lavish hotels and casino floors. With time, owing to the rise of online gaming and technology, these same Vegas slots have found their way into the palms of players all around the world, being offered on different platforms like iOS devices, Android devices, Windows phones, different tablets, and even personal computers.

Are there Vegas slots bonuses available?

Yes. Vegas slots are arguably the most famous slots in any land-based or online casino, which is why they cater to players wanting to play them. First-time players are offered numerous welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free deposits. In addition to that, most Vegas slots contain bonus rounds and bonus features with free spins and multipliers that are worth checking out.

Can I play vegas slots for free?

Yes. As mentioned above, Vegas slots are demanded by a lot of people. This is why all the top online casinos offer all their players the demo version of the slots before they start playing. Online casinos provide virtual money for players to play for free, which they can use for as long as they want until they feel comfortable playing for real money. This way, new players can learn the rules and techniques used by the game and check out the themes and features being offered by the game to make sure they're suited to the players' liking.

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