If you live in West Virginia and are interested in playing online poker, you might wonder which sites are the best and which are safe. This guide will cover all the details you need before heading to the computer and playing online poker. 

Online poker is a fun way to pass the time. Some people start playing poker as a hobby or a way to make extra money. 

No matter why you choose to play online poker, here are the best sites and apps.

Best Online Poker Sites to Play at in West Virginia

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Last Updated • April 2024

1. Caesars Casino West Virginia Poker

William Hill is now called Caesars, after Caesars Entertainment acquired the brand, but many people still call it by the old name. Its licensing partner is the famous Greenbrier Casino. 

There are many different games to choose from, including online poker and poker variations like Texas Hold’Em. The site has been around since May 2021 and has since become one of the most popular online casinos in West Virginia.

2. BetMGM Casino West Virginia Poker

This is one of the most popular online casinos in West Virginia, with many different games to choose from, including live poker and video poker. You can play online poker for real money. 

As a new player, you get a $50 bonus, and no deposit is required to begin playing poker. They also offer frequent promos to help you get a head start on winning cash. 

3. DraftKings Casino West Virginia Poker

You might already have heard of this casino because it is well-known for its fantasy sports selection. When you are a new player, you can get a match of $2,000 in bonus funds or a bonus of $100 in casino credits. 

The online poker also has a demo mode where you can learn to play and see if you want to continue before adding funds to your account. 

4. BetRivers Casino West Virginia Poker

This is one of the best online websites to use because they have so many perks. You regularly get free spins, live casino stays, or bonus dollars when you play poker. 

The points system is easy to use for online poker so you know exactly how many points you’re earning. This is one of the best places to play safe online poker as they are regulated by the West Virginia Lottery. 

5. PointsBet Casino West Virginia Poker

This casino is actually originally from Australia, but they have since begun operating in the United States, including in West Virginia. 

They have been in the USA since 2019 and are available to all West Virginia residents. They have online video poker but no live poker options. 

A Look at West Virginia - Online poker laws

Online poker in West Virginia first became legal in March 2019. The new laws passed in 2019 allow operators to expand their gambling websites so that players can play poker online. 

The verbiage in the law also allows West Virginia to potentially join the MSIGA (Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement) sometime in the near future. This would allow West Virginia operators to create poker player pools across multiple states and therefore offer bigger prizes.

Casino gambling operations approved in WV

In March 1994, the legislators in the state authorized many different gambling operations such as casinos, riverboat gaming, and horse race betting. Online gambling operations began to see more approval in March 2017. This allowed legislators to regulate online gambling better so that people are safe as they play online. 

Here are the other gambling operations permitted in WV:

  • Betting, Table Games and Video Lottery at Race tracks

  • Land-based bingo and raffles (run by charities and public service organizations only)

  • Land-based and online table games including poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and four-card poker

  • Land-based and online slots

  • Land-based and online sports betting

History of online poker in West Virginia

Interested in the history of online poker in West Virginia? 

  • Online poker operations were closed down by the Department of Justice across the US in 2011, following a 2006 ban on offshore operators processing payments from US residents.

  • This action was challenged, and by 2012, online operators began to appear in a limited number of states.

  • The West Virginia Lottery, Interactive Wagering Act, was approved in March 2019. This law legalized online gaming in the state, which includes poker. 

  • There are currently no dedicated online poker sites in West Virginia, but you can play video poker at several online casinos.

How big is the online poker market in West Virginia?

West Virginia is a rural state with only a population of 1.8 million people. This means the poker market is much smaller than in other states, with larger cities and more casinos. 

Although you will still find other people to play with, you could probably find more of a market for online poker if you lived in a larger state or a city where online gambling is more common, like Las Vegas. 

The state does have five large casinos though, where many people from all over the country come to play in person. Some of these online casinos also have websites where you can play online. 

New West Virginia Online Poker Sites in 2023

If you’re looking for some of the new and best online poker sites in West Virginia, here are the best options to check out. They are safe and reputable so you can be sure to play in a secure environment. 

Where can I play live poker in West Virginia?

If you’re in West Virginia and looking to play live poker, you have a few different options. Live poker is one of the most entertaining ways to play poker because there are other players there at the same time that you can interact with. 

  • Land-based casinos – These casinos are places where you will go in person. Some of the most famous land-based casinos in West Virginia include Hollywood Casino, Wheeling Island Hotel Casino, and The Greenbrier. 

  • Online Casinos – The largest online casino in West Virginia is the DraftKings Casino. They have high-limit table games as well as poker rooms that can all be played online from the comfort of your home. The online casinos in West Virginia are partnered with a real casino that is in person. Some other common online casinos people use in West Virginia include BetRivers Casino and BetMGM Casino. 

  • Online card rooms – Currently, no online card rooms live in West Virginia. If you prefer to play other games besides poker, there are many different online card rooms you can check out. 

Other Online Table Games in WV

If you’re not interested in playing online poker, there are many other gaming options for you to explore. Many of the websites that have online poker also have these other gaming options so you can play them all in the same place. 

Online Blackjack in West Virginia

Blackjack is one of the best traditional card games you can play online. It’s simple to get started but takes time to master, so you might not be able to play well from the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, though, it can be very entertaining and make you money. 

Online Baccarat in West Virginia

Baccarat is a common card game played at casinos. You bet on whether the player or banker will win each hand, or bet on there being a tie.

Online Texas Hold'em and Ultimate in West Virginia

These two games are similar, but there are still some differences you will need to get the hang of. The biggest difference is that you will play directly against the dealer in Ultimate Texas. 


Here are some other online table games you can play in West Virginia if you are not interested in any of the above games. 

  • Three Card Poker 

  • Let It Ride

  • Mississippi Stud

Are West Virginia Online Poker Sites Safe?

Before using any online poker site, you must make sure you use a reputable choice. Ask for recommendations or read some of the reviews we provide. 

If you play on reputable and professional online poker sites, they are very safe. All the apps and websites reviewed in this guide are safe and secure when it comes to playing and adding funds. 

Since West Virginia legalized poker in 2019, there have not been any specialized online poker websites launched in the state. However, you can play poker at licensed online casinos. 

Are WV Online Poker Rooms Safe?

There are currently no WV online poker rooms live. 

When poker room apps or websites launch in the state, you can check they are safe by ensuring you review their licenses and read the terms and conditions before using them. You should also check that their payment portal is secure before entering your financial information. 

Some of the safest online poker rooms operating in other states include PokerStars, Partypoker, WSOP, 888poker, and Borgata Poker. You can check if any of these launches in West Virginia soon.

Are There West Virginia Online Poker Mobile Apps?

There are currently no specific poker room apps operating in West Virginia. There are some online casino apps, but most online ways to play poker in West Virginia are website-based. 

Since online poker is live and legal in West Virginia, you can use quite a few apps and websites to start online gambling. 

Not sure which apps or websites to use? Here are some of the ones we’ve found to be the best in terms of games offered, reputation, and ease of use. We also gave a rating to see which ones are the best. 

Casino app iOS compatible Android compatible Rating (1-5)
WPT Yes Yes 4
Zynga Poker Yes Yes 5
FanDuel Casino Yes Yes 3
BetRivers Casino Yes Yes 5
BetMGM Casino Yes Yes 4
DraftKings Casino Yes Yes 5
PointsBet Casino Yes Yes 3
WynnBET Casino Yes Yes 3
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Best Payment Methods for Online Poker in WV

When playing online poker, you must set up a payment method with the app or website before you can begin playing. Here are the options you have for paying:

  • Debit and credit cards: Enter your credit card number, security code, and expiration date. Your bank might need to verify it before you’re able to use this payment method. 

  • Online banking and bank transfers: You can enter your bank account number or make online bank transfers through your bank’s website.  

  • Prepaid cards: Mastercard or Visa prepaid cards are an option for payment as well as prepaid cards you might have from your bank.  

  • E-wallets: Use the E-wallet on your phone to make secure payments and transfer money to the poker website. 

  • PayNearMe: Use this billing and payment platform to securely send money. 

How We Rank Online Poker Sites in WV

Knowing how we rank online poker sites is important because it can give you a better idea of how we review the sites. There are many different online poker sites so it can be hard to find one that you like or one where you feel secure. 

Here are the main ways we rank poker sites. If you want to find an online poker site on your own, you can also use this ranking criterion to ensure you find a secure and fun website. 

  • Game options – Some poker sites have more game options than others. While poker is the main attraction that brings players to online websites, the best apps should also have games like blackjack and baccarat. 

  • Promos and offers – As a new player, it can be helpful to find a website that gives promos and offers so you get a boost from the beginning. You can also play during promotional periods to increase your bankroll. 

  • Payout speed – Once you have some winnings, you should be able to receive your funds in a few business days. Some websites have extremely long payout times where you can go weeks or months without receiving your money. These should never be used. 

  • Reputation – We only highly-rank apps and websites that have good reviews. They need to have a good reputation and follow all regulatory guidelines. 

  • Functionality – Whether it’s an app or website, it needs to function and operate well. Nothing is worse than wanting to play your online poker games but being stuck trying to figure out how to use the app. 

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