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NameTelelotoTicket Price€2
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Winning Odds1 in 1.800.000
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Known for its vodka worldwide, Lithuania is one of the 3 Baltic states in the Eastern Europe region. If you’re not aware, this region is very active in terms of gambling, both online and land-based. A lottery is also considered a form of gambling and we’re going to cover one of the lotteries in Lithuania.

We’re talking about none other than Teleloto, the lottery designed by and for the Lithuanians. The purpose of this post is to gather all the important information regarding this lottery and show you the pointer to the entire process.

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How to Play Teleloto?

Have you tried any of the best online bingo before? If you have, then understanding Teleloto Lithuania will become so much easier for you.

In traditional 75-ball bingo, you choose a bingo card with 25 numbers. The main pool of numbers is 1 to 75. As the dealer or the RNG draws numbers during the draw, you cross them off from your bingo card.

The goal is to get patterns. You call out " bingo " if you match the designated lines horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; you call out "bingo". In online bingo, however, there’s no need for the call out because there is no one on the other end to hear you.

The best combination is when you have a full house, which means that all 25 of the numbers from your card are drawn. For Teleloto, a somewhat similar modality is followed. The tickets you buy have 25 numbers from the main pool. Random numbers will be picked during the draw, and you’ll keep crossing them off in front of your television.

Speaking of television, this lottery is called "Teleloto" because it’s a televised event. The participants are often invited to the show as well. There are four patterns you can win. The first one is when all four corners of your ticket have a drawn number.

Then, the middle row of your card gets consecutive numbers. It looks like a horizontal line right across your ticket. Another combination is diagonal. If you get numbers coming in from each corner of the ticket and intersect in the middle, that’s a win. Last but not least, you have the "full-house" when all 25 of your numbers have been drawn on live TV!

When you first land on the Loto LT website, the official Lithuanian lottery site, you need to choose the game you want to play. In this case, it’s Teleloto. On the Teleloto homepage, you can buy tickets right away.

On your screen, you’ll see tickets assembled in a grid. You can click on "Add a ticket" to increase your likelihood of winning. You can win bonus points like at the best free spins casino by purchasing the tickets.

Once you’re confident with your selection, click on "Add to Cart" and complete the transaction. On the contrary, you can buy tickets directly from physical retailers. In that case, you won’t need an online payment method because you will use cash.

You may also go for the subscription service if you often plan to participate in the draw. You can get a subscription for five draws, a three-month subscription for 14 draws, a six-month subscription for 27 draws, and an annual subscription for 53 draws. The draws happen every Sunday. So, you effectively get enrolled in all of the draws for a year in the annual subscription. You can also buy up to 5 tickets for each of the draws.

Rules of Teleloto

It would help if you didn't break any rules to play Teleloto and hopefully win from it effectively. Because if you do, you’re instantly disqualified from the draw. From here on, we’re going to focus on the lottery rules so that you can eliminate the chance of an error.

Odds to Win the Prizes

The odds, also known as the chances to win, are important characteristics of any online lottery program. You cannot expect to win a lottery right away. That defeats the purpose of a lottery in the first place.

The Teleloto website, technically the Lithuanian lottery website, only gives you odds for two prizes. The Grand Prize that you win by matching all of the numbers in your ticket and the Gold Pot. The Gold Pot is essentially the jackpot, and it grows until it pays. The odds of winning the Grand Prize are 1 in 300,000.

The odds of winning the Gold Pot are 1 in 1,800,000. As you can see, the odds of winning the grand prize are far shorter than the gold pot. So, when you buy the tickets, don’t expect the pot to payout. Rather, focus on the other winnings.

Price of Teleloto Tickets

You already know about ticket formation. For each of the runs, you’re going to spend €2. It might not be the cheapest lottery on earth, but the ticket prices are very reasonable considering the odds for the prizes.

You can buy more than one ticket for each of the draws. At the time of writing, the maximum number of tickets you can buy is 5. So, you can spend €10 on Teleloto tickets at once. You can add more tickets than you intend to buy when you buy the tickets to check out the combination. If you don’t like it, you can press the "x" button on the top right corner of the ticket to discard it.

Or, you can press the reload button to create a different combination on the same ticket. The room for customisation is not as good in Teleloto compared to other prominent lotteries in surrounding countries. Take the LaLoto 5/35 in Latvia, for example. You get intent control on what type of numerical combination you want.

Learn more about the teleloto jackpot

Teleloto Jackpot

The Teleloto jackpot is essentially the Gold Pot we discussed earlier! This jackpot has no fixed value as it depends on ticket sales. As for the prize pool, it’s 50% of the total tickets sold. Usually, the winnings from the Gold Pot were under €400,000. But with the new rules in place since 2021, it can double!

To win the Gold Pot, you must match all 25 numbers within the first 47 balls on your ticket. As it’s a televised event, the balls are drawn in stages. The first stage now draws 40 balls instead of the previous 38. The next stage draws nine balls. So, now you get 49 draws to win the jackpot.

There are various other prizes for the winners such as apartments, cars, overseas trips, and whatnot!

Biggest Win Made

The biggest win in Teleloto, or the jackpot, is not exclusive. If there is more than one winner, the prize is equally distributed.

We’re mentioning it because the biggest win in Teleloto was split between 2 individuals back in 2018. The players were from Klaipeda and Nida. They shared a prize pool of a massive €1.16 million! Before introducing the Euro, the prizes were calculated in Lt (Lithuanian Litas). The number of millionaires decreased after the authority decided to introduce Euro.

Results of Teleloto

The draws for Teleloto take place every Sunday at 5:20 PM local time. It’s broadcast on the LNK channel, and the program runs for almost an hour. There are many more attractions apart from the ticket draw itself.

Your best bet is to tune into the TV channel and watch the show live to match your numbers. Numbers for additional prizes like cars and home appliances are also drawn. Or, you can input your ticket number directly on the lottery website to see if it has won any prizes or not.

How to Claim Teleloto Prizes

If you win under €150, you can collect the prize directly from any ticket office. Or, if you’ve bought the ticket online and have a wallet connected to the Loto LT website, the money will come directly. For up to €1,000 in winnings, you need to visit the Perlas Plus outlets, the operator of Loto LT. If you’re required to present yourself at a physical office, you’ll receive the confirmation via email or phone.

It’s recommended to call the offices at 2 751 751 between 8:00 and 5:00 to schedule an arrival time in advance. It eliminates the possibility of you missing out on the payout due to false documents or lack of funds at the office. For over €1,000 payouts, you need to apply at the lottery offices to pay the amount in your bank account. And lastly, for winnings over €30,000, you must apply to the central lottery headquarters in Vilnius.

Taxes of These Prizes

From what we can tell, there are no taxes on your winnings from Teleloto. Rather, it’s the lottery operators who are going to pay the taxes. On lottery tickets, there’s a 5% tax imposed on the nominal value of the sales. And from the remaining value of the prize pool after paying the players, there’s an 18% tax.

Our honest opinion about the teleloto lottery

Our Opinion on Teleloto

Teleloto is one of the most popular public lotteries in Lithuania, and it has been this way since 1996. Plenty of players won millions of Lts and Euros over these 25 years. Even to this day, it’s a great prospect if you want to test your luck at lotteries and contribute something to a good cause.

Teleloto FAQs

After our discussion, you may still have a few questions regarding the Lithuanian lottery. Let’s try to answer them.

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