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Ticket Price200 Yen
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Winning Odds1 in 10.295.472
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Gambling in Japan has been going on since ancient times. Since the age of the samurai and the feudal lords, gambling has been an active part of Japan’s society. Among the various games, lottery has been popular for a very long time. For any kind of lottery related services, Takarakuji is the official lottery platform in Japan. We will be focusing more on the LOTO games and their variants in this guide. Hopefully, it will help you better understand the rules and get you started on your journey.

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How to Play Takarakuji

You can play different forms of lottery games at Takarakuji. To keep things simple and straightforward for the beginner, we have chosen to work with LOTO. There are mainly 3 variations of the LOTO series. You can win prizes if you get at least 3 numbers right.

The 3 variations are called LOTO7, LOTO6 and MiniLOTO. Depending on the game you have to choose numbers. For LOTO7 you have to choose 7 numbers from 37 numbers. LOTO6 requires you to choose 6 out of 43 numbers. MiniLOTO on the other hand requires 5 numbers out of 31.

There are 2 ways in which you can start playing. You can either buy the ticket from an official teller. You can also purchase the ticket online from the official website. No matter where you decide to buy the tickets from, you have to pay a fixed price for the ticket. The prices will vary depending on what you choose. You need to mark the numbers on the ticket. A pencil or pen is allowed in this case.

After you’ve decided on your numbers and marked on the tickets, you can now head over to the retailer and submit your ticket. You’ll get a receipt in return while your selections will be uploaded online. Now it’s only a matter of waiting for the results to come out.

You can also do the same thing without purchasing a physical ticket. You can purchase it from any best online lottery sites or the official website. You can also make the selections beforehand and make the purchase. This streamlines the process saving you time.

Among the different games that Takarakuji offers, LOTO7 has to be the most popular because of its largest prize money. The ticket for this is also the most expensive. But when you think about the prize, it’s not really that much. For those who love the thrill of uncertainty, you have the option of Quick-Pick. This will randomize your selection leaving your fate in the hands of lady luck. You can do this for the offline lottery as well.

Rules of Takarakuji

Like all international lotteries, Takarakuji also follows some rules. If you want to understand how the game works, you need to pay attention to this section. Understanding how lotteries work is the trick to maximizing your winnings. Let’s take a quick look at the rules so you can get started on winning some major real money!

Odds to Win the Prizes

In a luck-based game like lottery, you need odds. This is true for any online lottery games for real money at the top online casinos. The better your odds, the better your chances at winning. Worse odds mean bigger prizes though. So take risks according to your choices. The prizes vary depending on the variant of lottery you’re gunning for. Since LOTO7 is the most popular, we’ll be discussing the odds of that here.

  • 7 main numbers have odds of 1 in 10,295,472.
  • 6 main numbers along with 1 bonus have odds of 1 in 735,391.
  • 6 main numbers only have odds of 1 in 52,528.
  • 5 main numbers only have odds of 1 in 1,127.
  • 4 main numbers only have odds of 1 in 72.
  • 3 main numbers along with 1 or 2  bonus numbers have odds of 1 in 42.

Price of Takarakuji Tickets

To participate in the lottery, you obviously have to buy the ticket first and foremost. As we’ve mentioned before this can be done by purchasing from a teller, or by buying it online at the exclusive casinos. Japan also has authorised banks that will sell the tickets to you. So you know the rules and you have an idea about the odds. Let’s get to pricing. How much are these tickets going to cost for a shot at becoming a millionaire?

For LOTO7, a single ticket will set you back 300 yen. This is the most you’ll have to spend since other variants will cost you 200 yen only. In case of LOTO7, you will get to choose from 3 to 7 numbers. The prize will be determined by how many numbers you get right.

You might have to fill up lesser numbers if you say play LOTO6. It only requires a maximum of 6 numbers to be marked. In the same way, MiniLOTO needs 5 numbers to be marked at most. For example, if you get at least 3 numbers right, you will get an amount of 1,000 yen.  Similarly, if you get all 7 main numbers right, you can win 600,000,000 yen! The prizes increase exponentially along with the odds.

You can get a similar experience even if you purchase it online. The only difference? You don’t have to deliver it to the teller after you’re done marking. You’re done even before you make the purchase. How neat is that?

Learn more about the takarakuji jackpots

Takarakuji Jackpot

Usually, in most international lotteries, you never get told how much the jackpot is. After all, the jackpot is the main attraction of the whole thing. But in case of Japan, the jackpot is a fixed amount, unless it’s subject to a rollover. But that’s a different matter.

The jackpot for winning at Takarakuji is different for the different variations. In keeping with the theme, the jackpot for LOTO7 is 600,000,000 yen. This is the most you will get at any variant. Following that is 7,300,000 yen for getting 6 numbers with a bonus. It only goes lower from here.

The 3rd place is for 6 main numbers and the prize is set at 730,000 yen. 4th, 5th and 6th places have 9,100 yen, 1,400 yen and 1,000 yen respectively as the prize. These amounts change for the other variants of the casino game. So if you’re going to go for something else, make sure to check the prize list to get a better idea of what you’re in for.

Biggest Win Made

The odds of hitting a jackpot are insanely high. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In a game of luck, there is no such thing as impossible. Well, we do have an example for you that will show you just how possible it is.

In 2021, there was a purchase for a jackpot ticket in Japan. It was a ticket that was worth  1,200,000,000 yen! Can you imagine how lucky the guy must have been? Well, we certainly can’t, because the ticket hasn’t been claimed yet! The company that’s giving out the money is now on the lookout for this winner so that he can get his rightful winnings. The whole of Japan is waiting to find out who this lucky person is. 

Results of Takarakuji

With so many variants of lottery being offered at Takarakuji, they have to separate the announcements of the results. This is a really good thing in our opinion as this does not create any confusion. And having separate days for announcements gives you something to look forward to.

The results for LOTO7 are broadcast every Friday 9:50 PM local time on TV Asahi. LOTO6 is broadcast on Mondays and Thursdays. MiniLOTO is on every Tuesday. You can also find these results online or in Japanese newspapers.

How to Claim Takarakuji Prizes

The method for collecting the prizes will change depending on how much you’ve won. So if you’ve won less than 50,000 yen you can collect if from any local retailer. If you’ve won more than 50,000 yen, you will need to visit a commissioned bank. 

Please keep in mind that you need to collect the money within 1 year of the results being published. If you fail to meet the deadline, you can’t do it any longer. If you’ve bought your ticket online you’ll get it directly to your account, so that’s a relief.

Taxes of These Prizes

The best thing about playing lottery in Japan is that there are no taxes involved. You get all the money tax free. No wonder lottery in Japan is regarded as the best online lottery. Even if you hit the jackpot or you get the last prize, the money is yours, tax-free, no questions asked. Another wonderful thing about Japan is that all the winnings are given to you in cash. Except for online tickets, but that’s an exception. Getting the prizes in cash means there’s no delay in getting your winnings.

Our honest opinion about the takarakuji

Our Opinion on Takarakuji

Takarakuji has a lot to offer. With their different variations of lottery, they have something for everyone. For those willing to hit it big they have LOTO7. For someone looking to take fewer risks, they have other options. No matter your choice, Takarakuji has it all.

Takarakuji FAQs

Here we have a list of questions asked often about Takarakuji. Take a look at them to clear up any confusions that you may have had.

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