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NameSuper5Ticket Price€2
DrawWedBiggest Won€1.5 Million
Winning Odds1 in 1.221.759
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Super5 is arguably the most popular lottery in Malta. It is extremely easy to play, it is inexpensive, and yet the potential to win is attractive. Among the lotteries offered by Maltco Lotteries, many players seem to have a clear preference for Super5. Read this article to find out why that is so and whether this is the best lottery for you to play. 

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How to Play Super5?

The rules to play Super5 do not depart too significantly from the rules that apply to other online lottery games for real money in Malta and Europe. 

You first need to visit a Super5 point of sale or create an account at Maltco Lotteries website. You can do either depending on what you prefer. If you wish to create an online account, you must provide much information. You may even be required to provide evidence of your identity and residence. 

On the other hand, purchasing a ticket at a point of sale requires much less bureaucratic formalities. You do not have to provide any evidence except proof of age if you do not look old enough. When you buy the ticket, you have to select five numbers of your choice from the given range. The range for Super5 is 1 to 45. 

You can choose the numbers yourself or select the quick pick option and have the numbers chosen for you. You also can play a system game, that is, choose more than five numbers per selection. But you have to pay extra for this. Moreover, you can participate in more than one draw using a single ticket. But this too will cost you a bit more. 

Rules of Super5

The only requirements to purchase a Super5 ticket are you are 18 years old and a Maltese resident. This age requirement may apply to playing at the biggest online casinos in Malta, and wellies are useful to bear in mind. 

As mentioned briefly in the earlier section, online registration imposes certain identity and residency verification requirements. You will need to provide a valid identity document for creating an account. 

Therefore, you must make sure that the name, date of birth, and address you provide them match your identity documents. Otherwise, you may encounter problems later. When buying a ticket, make sure that you buy it one or more hours before the draw. Otherwise, you may still be able to buy the ticket, but it will not be valid for the upcoming draw. 

Furthermore, there are three prize categories regarding the rules for winning Super5 prizes. You need five correct numbers to win the jackpot, four correct numbers for the second prize, and three correct numbers for the third. 

The presence of only three prize tiers makes Super5 unique. Unlike many other lotteries, there can be up to 8 or 9 prize tiers. That is not the case in Super5, both good and bad. While it makes winning a prize less likely, it also means that there are fewer slices in the pie. Each slice is consequently much bigger. 

As per the rules, the total prize money is equivalent to 45% of the total money raised for a particular draw. From the fund, 35% is allocated to the jackpot, 35% to the second prize, and 35% of whatever is remaining to the third prize. 

Odds to Win the Prizes

The odds of winning the jackpot in the Super5 lottery are 1 in 1,221,759. However, the odds of winning in the other two prize categories are much lower. You can find them listed in the table below. 

Prize TierNumbers DrawnOdds
1st5 Correct Numbers1:1,221,759
2nd4 Correct Numbers1:6,108.80
3rd3 Correct Numbers1:156.64
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Price of Super5 Ticket

One of the reasons why many players prefer Super5 is the low price. It is extremely affordable for players from all walks of life. The base price of a single Super5 ticket with a simple 5 number selection is €2. But the price of your ticket can increase based on other factors. 

For instance, if you choose to make multiple selections, play a system game, or play across multiple draws, the price of your ticket will increase. This will be clearly shown before you have to pay for your ticket. 

It is worth mentioning that the price can often reach hundreds of euros if you use too many extra options. That may not be as effective as you think since lotteries are luck-based games like online casino slots. So, gamble responsibly by sticking to pre-defined limits. 

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Super5 Jackpot

As mentioned earlier in the "rules" section, the total money raised for a draw and the prize distribution rules dictates how much the jackpot will be. There is no fixed amount. 

However, there is a minimum guaranteed jackpot which is around €150,000. But the Super5 jackpot is so popular that the ultimate prize is usually much higher than the minimum. The typical Super5 jackpot tends to be around the €250,000 to €400,000 range. 

Biggest Win Made 

Though the Super5 jackpot does not routinely reach or exceed the million euro mark, it has done so on a few brief occasions. The most recent of which was in 2021. In 2021, the Super 5 jackpot reached the €1.5 million mark. Three lucky winners shared it. On a previous occasion, the jackpot reached the €1.3 million mark.

Results of Super5

Super5 draws happen only once a week, so it is truly an occasion for players. The Super5 draws take place every Wednesday at 1945. They happen in the presence of a Notary Public, officials from the gambling authorities, officials from Maltco Lotteries, and a live audience. 

You can watch the live broadcast on television through the TVM channel. That would be one of the best ways to check the results. You can even watch the draw live through the official website. The official website should also be your source of truth if you miss the live broadcast. The results are published there almost immediately. You can check the latest results plus older ones. 

How to Claim Super5 Prizes?

The process to claim Super5 prizes depends on whether you bought your ticket online or from the point of sale. For instance, if you bought your ticket from the point of sale, you can claim your prize from the point of sale. But only if your winnings do not exceed €5,000. 

If your winnings exceed €5,000, you can only claim them from the Maltco Lotteries headquarters. You will have 60 days to do so. Moreover, you must preserve your ticket. Otherwise, you will lose your chance to claim your prize. 

On the other hand, the claims process is simple if you play Super5 online and win a prize. Your prize money will be disbursed into the same account you paid for your ticket. In other words, to the account tied with your online account. 

There is one little caveat. You may need to provide additional documents and evidence if your winnings exceed €2,000. But the upside is that you do not have to preserve any paper tickets. The online record serves as your evidence. 

Taxes on These Prizes 

The Maltese tax laws that govern lottery winnings are a bit complicated. To cut a long story short, lottery winnings are, in most cases, tax-free in Malta. Since lottery winnings are not considered income, they are not taxed. However, you may be taxed if the tax authorities find your gambling activities equivalent to a full-time occupation. 

For instance, if they witness that you frequently gamble and gambling proceeds are your income, you may face income tax. But that is unlikely to apply to most people, including yourself. Therefore, you need not worry about taxes. Your winnings are almost certainly going to be tax-free. 

Our honest opinion about the super5 lottery

Our Opinion on Super5

If you are looking for a lottery game to play in Malta, shed any confusion that you have and choose Super5. The ticket price is low, but the potential to win is huge. You might even become a millionaire by breaking all previous records. And you will not have the slightest trouble in claiming the prize. And what’s more? You might not even have to pay any taxes on them. 

In short, Super5 is the best lottery that you can play in Malta today

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