Stacked Wild Slots

Are you looking for the best online slots with Stacked Wilds? Expanding or sticky wild bonus games or just the online slots with the biggest jackpots? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place! Here you can play for free a selection of the top-rated online casino slots games with special Wild symbol features. The concept of stacked and expanding wilds is to enhance the chances for some very big wins and at the same time add more excitement in your gameplay.

Best Stacked Wild Slots Online

Wild symbols have been behind a lot of exciting action, turning losing payoffs into winning ones by popping on the reels. ‘Stacked’ wilds, as they’re now known, have been around since mechanical slot machines were born. And following the evolution of slot machines with time, players saw the evolution of wild symbols as well, utilising high-end software to deliver a crisp and animated symbol.

These days, almost all online video slots contain a wild symbol feature, since slot games are being played a lot with the rise of online casinos. Essentially, a stacked wild is a symbol that can take up the space of an entire reel when it drops. Wild symbols act as "wildcard" icons to help players complete their winning combinations, and they're called stacked because they come "stacked" — one on top of the other.

Since the wild symbols cover more than one reel position, it has a probability to lead to multiple winning pay lines, giving players a chance to significantly bump up their winnings when they hit a whole reel of stacked wilds. Stacked wilds can send your game into all sorts of wild directions, including giving you free spins bonuses and plenty more cash prizes.

Features of The Stacked Wild Slots

Stacked wilds slots are usually among the top picks for any player since the games offered by these slots are more unpredictable, offering chances for more significant wins. When you get lucky, you want to make sure you're playing a slot with wilds, since they result in some massive pay outs. Slots with stacked wilds have specific characteristics unique to them that help the players win even more money.

Stacked Wild Symbols

A stacked wild symbol is a symbol that covers an entire reel when it drops, acting as a substitute for another symbol and thus completing one or more winning combinations. They usually drop in bands of 2, 3, 4, or 5 symbols, with some slots having these symbols appear on specific reels, while others allow the possibility of getting wild symbols on every reel. Different games use different icons to symbolize their wild symbol. Some games use the word ‘WILD' to refer to the wild symbol, while others use symbols like a golden coin, or their game icon.

Mini Games

Many wild slots offer mini-games during the main game, giving players with a little change of scenery in terms of what they see in the game, while also offering players a chance to win a little more than they initially thought. For instance, while playing the game Dolphin Quest, players get to play a mini-game featuring a 3-reel slot, giving them a chance to cash out 100 to 5000 coins.

Free Spins Feature

Speaking of the free spins feature, a pro tip to remember is to always know each game's rules before starting to play it. Even more importantly, players should always take a look at the paytable before moving ahead.

The reason is that the pay table has the information regarding specific slots and rules; some games will feature wilds in stacks on every reel, while others will have a rule for precise reels where stacks can appear. This knowledge comes in handy since stacked wilds can appear in the free spins bonus round as well, and combining free spins and multipliers in stacked wilds can lead to players winning big!

Stacked Wild Slots with Real Money

The fun begins here with stacked wilds, as players can relax in higher payouts by playing games for real money.

The best and leading video slots manufacturers have wilds, which act as multipliers and offer two or even three times the winning combinations containing these wild symbols. That is why stacked wild slots are considered versatile; they offer many permutations that lead to wins. Also, because wilds can be stacked on reels, players can receive even bigger prizes if multiple reels on the screen show stacked wilds appearing on them.

The bottom line is that if you are going to play for money, play slots with stacked wilds, such as The Three Musketeers, Jurassic Park, Double Dragons, Space Wars, Royal Masquerade, Dolphin Quest, and many others. If you want to practise first before you play with real money, we suggest you play slots for free in our Spinroom.

Recognize a Stacked Wild Slot

Slots featuring stacked wilds are relatively easy to spot but require a little attention from players. Stacked wilds are mostly placed on the same reel, and feature a single wild symbol making its way onto a reel, which then moves on to filling in all the specified spaces around it.

These usually stand out from the rest of the game's display, having a colored strip that goes around or an abrupt expansion of the standard wilds. Games even feature wild slots that simultaneously take up multiple rows on the same grid layout, usually showing a triumphant move whenever a player makes one during any round of the gameplay. Wilds will not generally be found in classic slots, and will be found almost always in the best video slots online.

Each game features different rules in regards to the wild symbols – some games might have the wild symbols expanding and filling in the entire reel, while other games might feature wilds that expand and fill the upper and lower section of the reel. Either way, stacked wilds are still wild symbols, which means that they help the player complete their winning combinations by taking the place of other symbols on the reels. Players need to be wary of the pay table of the games they want to play as they vary across games. 

Stacked Wild Slots Strategy

While every stacked wild slot can have different features and may consequently require different strategies, the basics for acing stacked wild slots are pretty much the same. If you're new to the stacked wild slots experience, make sure to first keep an eye out for slot games where wilds appear. As mentioned earlier, they're pretty distinctive and easy to spot, making this first step a breeze.

Doing this will allow you to specifically focus on these games and check out their rules and pay tables since not all games feature wilds in order – some have specific positions on the reels dedicated to wilds. In contrast, some games can have them placed randomly. Since the main objective for play stacked wild slots is to stack as many wild symbols as you can, knowing where the wild symbols are allowed and not allowed on the reels is essential.

For example, IGT’s Western Belles uses stacked wilds, and when a player plays the game for a maximum of 40 lines, the IGT game guarantees one reel to be utterly wild on every spin, along with featuring stacked symbols which can land on any of the reels. Perhaps the most critical strategy for stacked wild slots is the game itself — knowing the game and its mechanics, paytables, and features. 

Tips for Stacked Wild Slots

While we have tried to strategize the workings of stacked wild slots, there are also a few tips that can be utilized by players who are new to the concept of stacked wild slots or just haven't been able to crack their code. Some of these are:

Start with A Small Stake

Starting with a small stake will be beneficial to players regardless of their experience. This strategy will help them understand the game without losing a lot of money and see how the wild symbols work and where they appear. After they've figured it out in a few turns, they can start going for the big prize.

Learn from Veteran Players

Learning from veteran players is vital for players to thrive. Sure, even a moderate player will know the workings of wild slots and how they function and the features they carry. Still, veteran players have been playing wild slots for quite some time now, so they know the games' ins and outs. Veterans are probably also aware of which games players should be playing for fantastic bonus features and maximum payouts.  

Follow the Rules of The Game

Lastly, our most important advice is the one we made at the beginning: know the rules. Looking at pay tables and understanding the rules and functionality of every game is essential, since, without knowing the rules, chances are you’re not winning. Knowing what the best kind of slot feature is available in that slot can help you evaluate if it's worth you playing. 

Should You Play Stacked Wild Slots

Stacked wilds can be used in many ways, along with the slots offering loads of bonuses and free spins rounds. With stacked wild slots, there is always that anticipation and suspense of the wild symbol appearing and granting significant returns to players, which is why stacked wild slots should be on your to-play list if you enjoy excitement, adrenaline, and big pay outs. 

What is a stacked wild slot?

A stacked wild slot is essentially a slot which features wild symbols. These act as substitutes for other symbols on a reel and help to complete winning combinations to aid players to win.

Are there any stacked wild slots bonuses available?

Stacked wild slots offer plenty of bonuses in the form of free spins, multipliers, and mini-games in which players can win additional coins to increase their winnings even more!

Can I play stacked wild slots for free?.

Yes, stacked wild slots are offered at many of the top online casinos around the world. Most of these online casinos offer free demo versions of stacked wild slots to help players understand the rules and workings of the game

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