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Software Pragmatic Play
RTP 96

Pragmatic Play is always at the front and centre of things; it would seem. And that has never been truer than its release of the Spaceman crash game. Serving up a new and unique way of engaging in crash casino games, it incorporates entertaining imagery, ideal wager capabilities and some inviting specialities to experience.

Description of the spaceman game

Overview of the Spaceman Crash Game

Players opting to access the Spaceman casino game will go on quite the adventure with it, tackling the realms of space in a bid to secure a payout. Longer travel through space provides a larger multiplier to you, and with a whopping 5,000x maximum multiplier on hand, what more could you ask for from such a game? Spaceman stands out from other games within this genre, and you'll surely be going out of this world with it.

The Underlying Theme of the Spaceman Casino Game

As the title of this casino game suggests, you will take on the role of a spaceman soaring through the vast expanse of space. It's an ideal game to select if you like crash titles and want something new and enjoyable to experience. Doubtless, just the base theme of this game will see it incorporated into some of the best online gambling sites. A countdown will set the Spaceman up for his journey into the realms of space, and then he'll be beamed up by a UFO before being propelled across space and time. Pragmatic Play has added passing planets, stars, comets, and more into the game to create a wonderful atmosphere.

How to play this casino game

How the Spaceman Game Works

It's not difficult to enjoy what the Spaceman online crash game offers. It caters to multiple people at once, and every round plays through regardless of the number of players involved. Therefore, even if you haven't been quick enough or are undecided on the wager to place, you can see the spaceman fire through space and build up his multiplier. Should crash games be a new experience for you, then we have a bit of a guide below for you to check out.

Once Spaceman Round Takes Place Every 10 – 15 Seconds

Engaging in Spaceman crash betting will allow you to go through a round every 10 to 15 seconds. This depends upon when the Spaceman comes to a halt, as different rounds last different timeframes. Your decision about how many of these rounds you partake in is entirely yours. The frequency of such is entirely in your hands, making it much more convenient.

Place Your Bet for the Next Round

To get involved in a Spaceman crash betting game round, you must first select a specific wager. At the bottom of the game screen, you will see arrow buttons to adjust this, as well as the possibility of adding €1, €5, €10 or €25 onto the amount in Play currently. A based bet of between €1 and €100 can be brought into Play with Spaceman. As long as you press 'Confirm Bet' before the next round starting, you'll be in Play for it.

Be sure to Cash Out at the Right Time

Upon the round starting, the titular Spaceman is beamed into space and sent careening to the right. You'll watch as he flies through the blackness, passing planets, stars, asteroids and more. As he moves, a multiplier will start counting up on his back. It is your task to decide when the best time to cash out is, and this needs to occur before the Spaceman crashes. If you manage, you receive the multiplier value you cashed out. Leave it too late, and you'll lose your stake.

What to remember before playing

The Important Things to Remember About Spaceman Crash Gambling

You'll need to remember certain things when playing this Pragmatic Play release. Crash games operate similarly, so these rules are applicable across the board.

It Serves as a Multiplayer Game

Many people can play the Spaceman casino game at once, thanks to it being a multiplayer release. Generally, you can see how many people are playing simultaneously as you and the bets they have brought into Play. Some crash games do allow you to communicate with others playing at the same time as you, while others don't. But it's just to give you some insight into the game's popularity and allow you to utilise a certain tactic, which we'll discuss soon.

Prepare for a New Casino Game Experience

When you think of the best and biggest casino in the world, it is common to consider games like roulette or slot machines as providing the full gaming experience. Yet, with the inclusion of crash games such as Spaceman, you should prepare yourself for a wonderful, novel experience. That's not to say those traditional casino games aren't enjoyable because they are. But you get an enjoyable yet simple gaming experience with Spaceman crash and others. It brings exciting graphics to the screen, offers a new and alternative option, and caters to both seasoned and novice gamers.

Spaceman Crash Works with Mobile Devices

You may have a preference for playing casino games from a smartphone or a tablet. And if this is the case, then you needn't worry because Spaceman is very much capable of being accessed through these. It is easy for operators to integrate it into their mobile lobbies just as desktop casinos do, thanks to the fact that Spaceman has been designed in HTML5 format. Just visit your favourite mobile casino, load the game up, and it will automatically adhere to your screen dimensions.

Some tips to win the spaceman game

Hints and Tips for Winning the Spaceman Crash Game

Like most casino games, there are strategies and tips to make use of when it comes to trying to win at Spaceman. These hints can be found below, which you can utilise in your gameplay. You could perhaps put them into effect by accessing a demo version of Spaceman, and this way, you won't be risking your own casino money.

Take Note of Other Players' Actions

Because Spaceman, like other crash games, is a multiplayer release, you get to see what the other players are doing. You'll see their bets for a round and see when they opt to cash out, too. This makes it quite easy to copy their routine and strategies. See when they cash out and what types of wagers they place and perhaps give it a go that way yourself. You never know; it could lead to your success.

Be Sure to Practice in Demo Mode

We noted that there was a demo version of Spaceman not too long ago, and this is always an ideal route. Playing this way allows you to practice without the risk of losing any of your own money. Using demo funds, you can see how the game plays out, figure out the best type of strategy to use and test out these specific hints and tips, too. Whatever casino game you are playing, we recommend trying it out in practice free play mode before going for it in real money.

Keep an Eye on Your Greed Level

Greed and gambling do not mix in any way. Multiple stories can be found online about people who just wanted to play one more round and then lost a bucketload of money. In Spaceman, you can see the multiplier increasing fairly rapidly on your screen, often making players think, "perhaps if I leave it a little bit longer". Before you know it, the Spaceman has crashed, and you lose. Don't let greed factor into your gameplay; cash out when the time is right.

Utilise the Auto-Cashout Function

Crash games, for the most part, feature something known as the auto-cashout function. Spaceman has this mechanic, too. It can be found in the screen's bottom-left corner, and so can the 50% auto-cashout button. Both allow you to select specific multiplier levels where the cash out will automatically take place for you. You don't have to feel responsible for pressing the cash out button and potentially missing the mark. Cashout 50% leaves you with a 50% amount of your win for the next round.

Large Stakes, Small Multipliers

One strategy that has seemed to be a good route for many players is placing larger wagers on smaller multiplier amounts. Naturally, the auto-cashout works well with this routine. With it, you stand the chance of gaining profit in a short amount of time. For example, let's say you want a higher amount of €70 and then choose to set the auto-cashout at 1.5x. This will see the cash out occur after the Spaceman has been flying for just a second or two, presenting you with a payout of €105 altogether. That's a quick €35 profit. Similarly, you could add a secondary bet of a smaller amount with larger multiplier cash out.

Strategies to win this casino game

Top Spaceman Game Strategy

You needn't look any further if you want to use a specific strategy when playing Spaceman crash. Here, we'll look at the top crash game strategy to utilise when playing this Pragmatic Play release.

Martingale System

This system is often used by people who play the best slot games at their chosen casino, but it works for crash games, too. The Martingale system is known by many people already, and it can be applied easily to any betting strategy.

You need to begin with a base wager amount, so for the sake of argument, let's say that €2 is the base. You place this bet on the next Spaceman round and wait for the outcome. If you experience a winning round, you move on to the next round and place another €2 bet. Any time you experience a loss, you double the amount. So, if you lose in our example, the next round would see you bet €4, another loss after that would require a bet of €8, and so on. Experiencing a win any time returns your bet to the base amount at the beginning.

The thought process is that utilising this strategy will allow you to recover the losses you have experienced in one win. And this is an ideal outcome, but it should only be considered for the short term. Maximum wager restrictions of €100 per round in Spaceman mean that you cannot excel beyond this point, and doubling up (depending upon your starting wager) can see you reach this limit swiftly. Therefore, you should also ensure that you have a decent starting bankroll.

Spaceman Game FAQs

Look at the few FAQs that have been asked regarding the Spaceman game below.

What additional features are found within the Spaceman game?

You can view the last 500 results of the past rounds, as well as the frequency at which points the spaceman has crashed. Meanwhile, a chat box can be opened at the top-right to communicate with other players or the support team. These features run in line with the 50% cash-out perks.

What is the maximum that I can win from playing Spaceman?

The maximum payout from the game stands at 5,000x your stake or €500,000 altogether.

What is the RTP rate of the Spaceman crash game?

Pragmatic Play has attached an RTP rate of 96.5% to Spaceman.

Where am I able to play the Spaceman game?

Any casino that hosts software from Pragmatic Play will be able to integrate the Spaceman crash release into their lobby.

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