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Learn everything about the south sudan casinos

History of Gambling in South Sudan

To understand the history of gambling in South Sudan, you must understand how the country came to be. It was part of South Sudan, the country in Central Africa everyone knows about. For the longest time, South Sudan had a very diverse culture in the African continent.

In 1983, a civil war spread between the Muslims and other religions. At that time, the Military Regime was in charge and tried to enforce Sharia Law (Islamic Law) all over the country. Even no account casinos. However, the southern part of South Sudan has always been heavy in the number of Christians and Animists.

The war continued until 2011, when South Sudan finally gave up and got its independence for the first time in history. Muslim-oriented South Sudan and Christian-oriented South Sudan parted ways and did what was best for them.

The thing with gambling is that according to Muslim law, gambling is strictly prohibited. And so, South Sudan has always been a strong advocate of non-gambling practices.

However, the South Sudanese government hasn’t bothered updating the laws since independence. So, there’s no way to tell whether gambling is legal in the country. If the previous South Sudanese laws are something to go by, it’s still illegal. But considering why both countries parted ways, you can think of it as legal. The only form of gambling you can find in South Sudan is the state lottery. You can also get your hands on online lotteries and the best casino games.

South Sudan Gambling Law

After our elaborate discussion on the history of gambling in South Sudan, do we have to spell out the status of online gambling in the country? Well, it’s non-existent. Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying online gambling is non-existent in the country. Rather, we’re saying that any regulation regarding online gambling is non-existent.

What did you expect from a country where even land-based gambling is unregulated? So, we can effectively categorize South Sudan as an unregulated jurisdiction. Being unregulated is a problem for regular players but not so much for the visionaries. Perhaps we mean players already spending time at an online casino in Korea.

Land-Based Casinos in South Sudan

At the time of writing, there were no land-based casinos in South Sudan. The reason is not very hard to understand. You already know that the government has no clear guidelines on what operators or players can and cannot do.

But as the country’s scope is still very new and it’s yet to form a complete legislative infrastructure, we can hope there will be land-based casinos in the country. As most of the residents are Christians, the operators have no religious or political restrictions.

The Future of Online Gambling in South Sudan

This is way too early to comment on the future of online gambling in South Sudan. To have a clear idea of what the future of a country’s scope might be, we need to look at some regulations. But there are absolutely none for South Sudan.

But if we have to make a wild guess, we’d say there is potential because the number of internet users is increasing every year. Also, offshore operators are starting to recognize South Sudan as an independent.

Sports Betting in South Sudan

As unfortunate as it sounds, there’s no mention of sports betting anywhere in the legislation of South Sudan. It’s not surprising at all, given the negligent approach to casino gambling in the first place.

However, it wouldn’t be wrong for us to say that you can participate in online sports betting at pay-by-phone casinos in the country. It’s because online sports betting is just as unregulated as online casino gambling. So, why wouldn’t the same rules apply?

Best feature of these online casino sites

Top Features of South Sudanese Casinos

When writing this guide on South Sudanese online casinos, the number of operators accepting players from the country is very limited. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for the best options.

That’s why we’re going forward with listing the best features you can expect from the top online casinos in South Sudan.

Casino Safety

Safe and secure online casinos should be your only gambling destination no matter where you are in the world. Although the country in question doesn’t have a regulatory body to license local operators, you have quite a few offshore brands to enjoy. Just make sure all of them are licensed before you start playing. Or, pick a brand from our list and call it a day.

Many Bonuses & Promotions

If you’re playing at a free spins casino, chances are you’re a fan of casino bonuses just like us. In our opinion, do you know what type of casino is even better than free spins? A cashback casino, maybe? The great thing is that you can find both in our list of South Sudanese online casinos.

Local Casino Payment Options

South Sudan is highly dependent on mobile payments. So, you can expect all the major networks operating in the country to allow you a direct line to the offshore casinos for payments. Apart from that, you can always use debit or credit cards.

Quick Game Winnings Payout

If you're looking for some instant withdrawal casinos in Sudan, we feel you. It's one of the basic rights for players in our opinion to be able to get the winnings out as soon as you're done gathering some.

Online Casino PrivaNo worries if

Suppose you're unwilling to online casinos' privacy page, online casinos Sudanese. The listed casinos on this page have a fair privacy policy and our experts have made sure of it.

Our test of the sudan casinos

Testing the Sudan Online Casinos

Are you interested to know how our experts came up with the list of online casinos you see on this page? Let's find out.

Sudanese Casino Reviewers

There best written by people who have first-hand experience with the brands. And to give you the taste of first-hand Sudanese casino experience, we depend on the Sudanese writers. It's no issue considering that English is the country's official language.

Deep Analysis of the Sudanese Online Casino

The top-rated online casinos you see on this page have undergone a stringent screening process by our experts. They've scrutinized the security, bonuses, gameplay experience, support, and everything else that matters in Sudan.

We Read Between the Lines

No casino review process is complete without giving the T&C section a thorough read. We know it's hard and tedious for you. So, we just do it instead.

Details about the mobile casino sites

South Sudan Mobile Casinos

As all of the casinos you can access from Sudan are offshore, you can expect excellent mobile compatibility. You will likely get download options on your Android and iOS handsets if it's the European brands you're targeting.

Mobile Casino Culture

Mobile connectivity infrastructure is yet to develop on the vast lands of Sudan. The operators are mostly fixated on Juba, the capital city. You can find stable 4G and 3G connections all over the city. 5G is yet to be launched.

Our final thoughts on these online casinos

Yes. After all, online gambling is the future all over the world. Our increasingly busier lifestyles and consistent pressure of decentralized work leave us no window to take a flight to Las Vegas anymore. So, the online casinos are all we have and Sudan is coming up on the map pretty much from what we can tell.

South Sudan Casinos FAQs

Now that you have a good idea of how the online casinos in Sudan operate, many questions might pop into your mind. Worry not because we're going to try our best to answer them all.

Are online casinos legal in South Sudan?

Online casinos are neither legal nor illegal in South Sudan. The government doesn’t have any regulations regarding online gambling. In fact, the country doesn’t even regulate land-based gambling.

Which is the best online casino in South Sudan?

Finding the best online casino for a country is somewhat hard when there are very few operators accepting players from there. South Sudan is one of those countries. But we’ve tried our level best to figure out which brand will be the best for you and we believe Melbet casino takes the crown here.

Which South Sudanese online casinos have the best payouts?

Online casino payouts are one of the first things any experienced gambler would look for. Payouts refer to how much you can win from a single bet and how much of it you can withdraw in a single transaction. Considering both aspects, 22Bet casino takes the trophy home.

Do all South Sudanese casino sites take debit cards?

Due to the overall economic condition of South Sudan, credit and debit card usage opportunities are scarce. Thankfully, the online casinos South Sudan are all offshore so you can use your debit card if you have a bank account.

Do all South Sudanese online casinos offer secure deposits and withdrawals?

All of them from our list do. But if you’re going to find casinos that accept players from the country but are not on our list, there’s no guarantee that your transactions will be safe. If you absolutely have to use those sites, make sure they have a license and read the payment policy before making a deposit.

Are there any withdrawal fees for South Sudanese casino players?

Usually, no. Some online casinos have a withdrawal fee based on how much you withdraw. Bank wire transfers also impose a fee. But for the most part, you can expect to withdraw money at least once a month for absolutely free.

Can I play with South Sudanese Pound (SSP) at online casinos?

If you find an online casino that accepts players from South Sudan, you’ll find brands that accept SSP. A fair warning, most casinos don’t so be prepared to pay for currency conversion.

What payment methods are available for players in online casinos South Sudan?

Mobile payments are South Sudanese people’s primary choice when it comes to online payments. M-Gurush has the largest network of agents for transferring money. You may also use Payflex, Payzon Maroc, PingPongPay, WeChat Pay, etc. methods.

What age should I be to play at an online casino from South Sudan?

As gambling is totally unregulated in the country, the government doesn’t specify any minimum gambling age. But as you’ll be playing at international casinos, you must be at least 18 years old.

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