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NameSazkaTicket Price20 CKZ
DrawWed, Fri & SatSunBiggest Won400 CKZ Million
Winning Odds1 in 285.384
CountriesCzech Republic
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Sazka is the oldest and most renowned operator of lottery games in the Czech Republic. It operates a number of extremely popular lotteries such as Sportka. Sportka is a game that has been continuously running since 1957 and there seems to be no end to its predominance. However, other games like Eurojackpot have also recently become popular. In this article, we will focus more on Sportka. Before reading our review, find some casinos available in your area:

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How to Play Sazka

If you are familiar with the standard rules of playing lottery games, you will face no trouble playing Sportka either. There may be some minor differences, but the rules of the games tend to be more or less comparable.

For instance, the first thing that you need to do includes selecting a set of numbers from a given range. You will find this step in every number-based lottery game, and Sportka is no exception. In Sportka, you need to select six numbers between 1 and 42. You can either select specific numbers or allow them to be randomly generated.

You can play the game online and at Sazka points of sale. The fundamental process is more or less the same. You pick your numbers, pay for the ticket, and wait till draw day. Sportka draws happen every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. You can choose to play on all three draw days or two consecutive ones, or only one of them. You can make this selection when you place your bet.

Rules of Sazka

Now that you know how to buy a ticket for Sportka, the most popular game from the Czech Sazka, it is time to look at the nitty-gritty of the rules. According to the rules, the more your chosen numbers match the numbers drawn, the greater your prize. But it would help if you got at least three correct matches to win a prize.

Furthermore, Sportka draws involve an additional number that is drawn. Every Sportka draw involves seven numbers, which is a slight twist compared to other lottery games. For instance, the different number makes a difference in distinguishing between the 2nd and 3rd place.

If you get five numbers correct, then you win the 3rd prize. But if you get five numbers and the other number right, you move up to 2nd place. The additional number can also elevate your winnings from mere jackpot level to a level known as super-jackpot. While the jackpot amount typically hovers around millions of crowns, the super-jackpot can be worth hundreds of millions of crowns.

Getting the basic six numbers and the other number right leads to the super-jackpot prize. Getting the initial six numbers right leads only to the jackpot prize.

You can increase your chances of winning by placing multiple bets and making system bets. The concept of system bets involves selecting more numbers than a traditional bet. For instance, you would normally choose six numbers in Sportka, but you can choose more numbers if you make a system bet. That increases the number of 6 number combinations and increases your chances of winning.

Odds to Win the Prizes

Despite a super-jackpot, the jackpot prize is a sufficiently large sum in its own right. It is generally no less than a few million crowns. The difficulty in winning the prize is commensurate with the large sum of the award. It requires you to guess six numbers correctly. That is not an easy business.

You can get a better sense of the difficulty of winning the jackpot from the odds. The odds of landing the jackpot prize in Sportka is 1 in 285,384. If that sounds extremely unlikely, it is, but you can get lucky, and it can change your life.

Price of Sazka Ticket

Sportka is one of the most affordable lottery games in the Czech Republic. That is perhaps one of the reasons behind its continued success. The minimum amount you need to spend for a single bet on Sportka is 20 CKZ. Moreover, you can spend more if you want to increase your chances of winning.

For instance, you can make bets on more than a single column. You need to pay 20 CKZ for each. The maximum you can bet on is ten columns so that you can spend up to 200 CKZ in a single bet. Moreover, you can get a sign-up bonus worth 220 CKZ as well. Bonuses for lotteries are quite rare even though casino bonuses are quite popular. Sazka is unique in this regard.

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Sazka Jackpot

The inexpensiveness of Sazka’s most popular lottery does not mean that the prize money is small. On the contrary, the prize money is simply mind-boggling. The prize money can vary from draw to draw based on the total capital raised from the subscriptions. However, we can give you approximate figures, which should give you a sense of how big the prize money can get.

The average jackpot win prize money is around 15,382,198 CKZ! That is undoubtedly a massive amount but wait till you find out the average super jackpot prize amount. The average awesome jackpot prize is estimated to be around 136,769,489 CZK! In other words, you can become a multimillionaire overnight by betting only 20 CKZ in Sazka’s Sportka lottery.

Biggest Win Made

The Sportka lottery from Sazka is responsible for turning hundreds of people into millionaires overnight. It adds dozens of millionaires to the list every year.

However, some win more than others. The biggest winner in the history of Sportka won 400 million crowns in 2013. Though little is known about the lucky individual and their origin, the record has not been broken yet.

Though some individuals have come close in recent years, many have won amounts around the 200 million crowns range. Moreover, you would be surprised to know that most big winners bet relatively small amounts. This is something you will notice quite a lot with lottery games.

Since lotteries are luck-based games like best online casino slots, you can get lucky with relatively small bets. This is all the more reason to gamble responsibly and not go overboard in your efforts to land a jackpot.

Results of Sazka

Sportka draws take place three days every week. The days are Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Betting closes at 19:00 on the day of the draw. You can check the results on the Sazka official website. You can check the winning numbers, check whether your bet qualifies for any prize, and watch a draw video.

Furthermore, you can attend the live draw at Studio Pokrok. The draw takes longer than the time allotted for a TV broadcast. Thus, the operators allow interested people to visit the studio to witness the real interest. But there are a limited number of seats available.

How to Claim Sazka Prizes?

The process to claim Sazka prizes depends on a couple of things. They include (a) whether you placed your bet online or at a point of sale and (b) the amount of your prize. If you place your bet online, you can get the prize money using a cashless method irrespective of how much you won. You can even claim the prize at Sazka points of sale if you only withdraw 5,000 crowns per day.

Additionally, you can withdraw up to 500,000 crowns every week through a cashless method. You can also withdraw the funds at once to a bank account you own. The process is slightly different if you place your bet at a point of sale. In that case, you have to claim your prizes either through a point of sale or at the Sazka headquarters.

You can claim your prize at a Sazka point of sale to win up to 250,000 crowns. However, you have to make a prior appointment if you wish to claim more than 1,000 crowns at once.

Furthermore, you have to claim your prize from the Sazka headquarters if you win more than 250,000 crowns. You have to make an appointment with them, present your ticket and an official ID, and then claim your prize.

Taxes on Lottery Prizes

The Czech Republic has quite a big tax on lottery winnings. It may very well be the case that the record 400 million crowns won in 2013 may never be surpassed because of the huge tax burden. The current tax rate is 15% for lottery winnings. But this only applies to winnings exceeding a million crowns. If you win less than a million crowns, your winnings will be tax-exempt.

Moreover, the tax is a withholding tax, which is deducted at the source. Sazka will deduct the 15% tax from your winnings and transfer it to the authorities. You do not have to deal with the tax authorities.

Our honest opinion about the sazka lottery

Our Opinion on Sazka

Sazka’s Sportka lottery game has enjoyed growth and success over several decades. It has been able to remain popular and relevant generation after generation. And there are lots of good reasons for that.

The lottery is quite inexpensive but allows you to win massive prizes. It is one of the few lotteries where you can win hundreds of millions of crowns by betting only a few hundred crowns. Moreover, it is one of the few games where you can get a sign-up bonus.

Sazka FAQs

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