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NameŞans Topu
Ticket Price2 TL
DrawWedBiggest Won$22 Million
Winning Odds1 in 3.895.584 CountriesTurkey
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If the whole world can enjoy lotteries under their national lottery program, why can’t the Turkish people do the same? Did you know there is a national lottery wing in the Turkish government as well? And our target discussion for today is one of the many games offered by the Turkish National Lottery, Şans Topu. If you try to translate it to English, the rough interpretation would be Lucky Ball. So, let’s try to break down Şans Topu or Lucky Ball based on what we’ve seen in Turkey. Just make sure you gamble your money responsibly after you’re done reading. Before reading our review, find some casinos available in your area: 

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How to Play Şans Topu

As we’re already said, Şans Topu is part of the Turkish National Lottery. However, it’s not a direct subsidiary of Milli Piyango as the national lottery has already been privatised. Before that, MPI has been operating all kinds of lotteries since 1939.

As of now, Sisal Sans won the tender to distribute the shares of the national lottery in terms of operations. The parent company, Demirören Tv Holding A.Ş, owns 51% of the claims, while Italian Sisal S.p.A wins the rest of the 49%.

We might be focusing on Şans Topu for our discussion today, but it’s not the only offered game on the website. When you navigate the page, you get names like Milli Piyango traditional lottery, On Numara, Şans Topu, Super Loto, Sayisal Loto, and Hamen Kazan. These are Turkish names for the offered lotteries.

We could translate all of these into English if needed. But as our focus today is the Şans Topu, let’s stick to it.

If you haven’t guessed the English name yet, your goal is to pick "lucky" numbers for you, hoping that these numbers will come up in the draw. If you think closely, it’s the same modality all major lotteries follow worldwide.

We know it because we’ve seen lotteries from all major jurisdictions. Take Powerball from the USA, for example. Or, the Loto UK. Or Quiniela Plus from Argentina. These might be named differently, and the prizes are different, but the ultimate modality is the same.

You start by picking five numbers from a pool of numbers 1 through 34. In comparison, the range of the numbers is somewhat limited. But it’s a good thing because it will give you shorter odds in contrast to other major lotteries.

Along with the five main numbers, you also need to pick the "Şans Topu" or the lucky ball from a pool of numbers 1 through 14. These six numbers that you choose will create your ticket, and you need to match all 6 of them in sequence if you want to win the jackpot. Another impact of the small pool of numbers is that there is only one draw during the week. It’s on Wednesdays.

Rules of Şans Topu

Like all the other lotteries from around the world, we must also explore the rules of Şans Topu. We may have said this in a previous guide, but we’re going to repeat it. It’s the lottery rules that set one apart from the other. The rules create the difference between the odds for multiple prizes.

So, if you truly want to improve your odds of winning by understanding the lottery, you must understand the rules first.

Odds to Win the Prizes

Understanding the odds is crucial before we can move forward with any of the other rules. You can dial in your expectations more carefully and buy the tickets accordingly when you know the odds.

The problem with Şans Topu is that it doesn’t state the odds for all prize positions. Rather, it only lists the overall odds of winning the jackpot. Considering all the numbers and combinations, there’s a 1 in 3,895,584 chance that you’ll win the jackpot.

No matter how you look at the odds, it’s not favourable for the players. Then again, lottery odds are not supposed to be favourable for the players. There may not be direct representations of the odds for the other prize positions; we can help you with a trick.

It’s a trick we’ve picked up from looking into various lotteries from all over the world. Most prize structures blend main numbers + special numbers and main numbers only combinations. The prizes that require both main numbers and the unique number to match usually have longer odds.

And the prizes that only require you to match the main numbers have shorter odds. The Turkey National Lottery website states the prizes as (5+1), 5, (4+1), 4, etc. So, it’s safe to assume that the odds for the middle prizes will be better.

Price of Şans Topu Tickets

One of the drawbacks of the Turkish National Lottery website, in our opinion, is the lack of ticket pricing. You’ll only get to know the price when you go to a physical terminal to buy the tickets. You can’t get the tickets online, not even from new online casinos in Turkey.

But worry not because we’ve dug out the price for you. If you want to participate in the Şans Topu lottery in Turkey, you need to pay only 2 TL for each ticket. You can buy as many as you want.

However, buying more tickets won’t improve your odds of winning. The draws for the numbers are done with help from an RNG (Random Number Generator). It’s designed so that all the numbers have the same likelihood of appearing in the draw.

Learn more about the şans topu jackpots

Şans Topu Jackpot

The section you’ve been waiting for so long. We know that players who invest in lotteries are ultimately interested in the jackpot because the rest of the prizes are usually not worth the time and effort.

So, what’s the jackpot for the Şans Topu lottery in Turkey?

There’s no way to determine exactly how much you can win from the lottery. Because it’s an estimated jackpot, and the final value depends on the total number of ticket sales. However, the Turkish National Lottery website lets you know the prize distribution ratio.

Out of the total proceeds, 31% goes to the jackpot. So, if the total sales of tickets give the authority and opportunity to disburse 1,000,000 TL in winnings, the jackpot prize would be 310,000.

You already know that you can only win the jackpot if you match all five main numbers and the Şans Topu number. The 2nd prize is when you match all five main numbers. In that case, you’re entitled to 3% of the total jackpot’s value. On the page, you’ll find the rest of the prizes.

Biggest Win Made

We don’t know why, but the biggest win on the Şans Topu is not listed on the National Lottery website. It’s not listed anywhere on the internet as well. But we’ve managed to get the biggest win for the crown jewel of the Turkish lotteries, Super Loto.

In 2018, one lucky player won a massive 42,532,640 TL from the Super Loto.

Results of Şans Topu

The National Lottery website of the Turkish Government may be plagued with technical issues, but it, fortunately, lists the previous results from the draws. You can check your results after the draws on Wednesday. The results can be sorted by draw date.

You’ll find information such as how many people won the lottery, how many of them owned the other prizes, the main lottery payout, how much individuals won, etc.

How to Claim Şans Topu Prizes

Whatever the prize you win from the Şans Topu lottery, you must collect it as a lump sum amount. It means there are no annuity options for the players. If you’re not familiar, the annuity option lets the players collect their winnings every year for up to 30 years or even more!

But in Turkey, you get it all at once. You can claim the lottery with the new condition ticket within 365 days of the draw. The authority will not entertain any claims after that. Interestingly, it’s one of the longest deadlines for a national lottery. In most cases, it’s 90 days or less.

Taxes of These Prizes

Lotteries and gambling winnings were always subject to taxes in Turkey. But the lottery administration is now privatised, so a new tax structure is followed. Before the privatisation, MPI used to pay up to 46% in taxes to the treasury. The winners would receive their money after all the taxes had been deducted.

But now, there’s a flat 20% tax on any winnings over 7,060 TL. In comparison, this is a more user-friendly tax law for the users. Keep in mind that the taxes on best casino games will be different.

Our honest opinion about the şans topu lottery

Our Opinion on Şans Topu

When you think of online or offline lotteries, Turkey is usually not a county to cross your mind. The primary reason is that it’s not a very active country in the online gambling scene. But Turkey has been prominent in the lottery scene for as long as we can remember. It was under the jurisdiction of the National Lottery Commission, but very recently, it’s been privatised.

Although the games and the other offerings haven’t changed, the games have become more user-friendly. As one of the primary offerings on the website, you can check out Şans Topu as your potential lottery ticket.

Şans Topu FAQs

If you’ve gathered some questions regarding the Şans Topu lottery in Turkey, let us try to answer them.

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