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Red Tiger Gaming
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Software Red Tiger Gaming
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Bet Range 0.01 - 25
RTP 95
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot 800x your stake

At the end of every rainbow awaits a pot of gold guarded by a leprechaun, or so they say. Leprechauns come from the ancient Celtic beliefs of Irish folklore, depicting them as small bearded men clad in green attire. They go by many names: men of the mounds, smallfolk and wee folk, fairies and sprites. Back in the days, tales of the Smallfolk were passed down from generation to generation.

Review of Rainbow Jackpots

 Those who believed firmly in the existence of Leprechauns would leave small gifts for them by their windowsill such as porridge, ale and bread for the leprechauns to take while they were asleep. In return the leprechaun would give the benefactor their blessing, increasing their luck and wealth exponentially. With that background information, it is not wonder that Red Tiger Gaming has taken it upon them to create an Irish-themed slot game out of this Irish folk tale. We’re here to talk about Rainbow Jackpots, a 5 x 3-reel slot boasting 20 paylines and filled with the blessings of the small folk of Ireland.

Lucky Leprechaun Features

Although the slot in its entirety might portray the stereotypical features that we associate with leprechauns: green top hat, red frizzy beard, short of stature and smoking a wooden pipe we have to Admit that Red Tiger Gaming get away with the cliché. From top to bottom, this game fully immerses you in the fairy tale side of Ireland, from the soundscape to the features that make up the gameplay. Trust in the luck of the leprechaun to guide you through this amazing, green slot game.

Pots o’ Free Spins

In true folkish fashion, the Free Spin symbol is depicted as a pot of gold filled with Free Spins. Normally, leprechauns guard their gold with their life and curse the ones that lay a hand on their treasure. But fret not, because on Rainbow Jackpots, you will only find good things when you land one of the Free Spin symbols on the reels.

Whenever you are about to land a Free Spin bonus, the last reel of the spinning sequence will transform into a rainbow until revealing the last symbol to fall on the reels. If you are lucky enough to land a minimum of 3 Free Spins symbols on the reels consecutively, then you will be awarded with 10 Free Spins.

During the Free Spins phase, there is still a chance on landing even more Free Spins on the sequence, so much that a player can be awarded with up to a 100 free turns thanks to the Mega Free Spins feature, which allows the Free Spins to stack for the remainder of the bonus round. When all Free Spins are exhausted, the bonus round will end and the player will be taken back to the base game.

Beer Bonus: Sláinte!

During the bonus round of Rainbow Jackpots, you will have a chance to land a refreshing beverage onto your reels. Of course, when we say refreshing beverage we mean beer. Guinness to be exact, to complete stay within the beloved Irish theme. Once the Beer bonus round is triggered, a mini-game will start. The player gets to pick one out of three pint glass filled with Guinness and have a chance to land one of the following multipliers on their current winning bet: 30x, 50x, 100x.

Symbol Swap Feature

As the name might suggest, the symbols swap is neat feature that swaps a winning symbol onto the reels to increase the chance of landing a bigger win or get one of the beer symbols to unlock the bonus round. Likewise, the Symbol Swap feature can come into play and drop off a Free Spins symbol so the player can land a couple of free turns.

Symbols and Paytable

The Irish theme is something we have never seen fail to entertain before, and Rainbow Jackpots doesn’t let us down either. There is something enticing about the Irish stereotypical symbols that we associate with the country, culture and folklore.

On Rainbow Jackpots it’s not different either: here you will payout symbols that fit the game and tie the theme together nicely. In the base game, you will find both high paying and low paying symbols. The high paying symbols are depicted by the golden shamrock, the golden horseshoe for good luck and the leprechaun green hat.

As for the lower paying symbols, there are quite simple. You’ll find the standard A, K, Q, J and 10 under this categories. When it comes to bet size and raising or lowering you stakes, you’ll find a lot more variety in this aspect of the game. The lowest bet you can place is a very humble 0.20 but can be raised exponentially depending on your play style. The maximum bet is capped at a staggering 500 coins, making it one of the higher betting slots out there as most of the games are capped at 100 coins.

Pocket Sized for All Purposes

If you like to play at home and put you feet up for a round or two on the slots, then you can enjoy Rainbow Jackpots in full HD on your laptop or desktop. However, Red Tiger Gaming is not going to skimp on quality when people decide to play on a mobile device. That’s why the creators of Rainbow Jackpots have put in their maximum effort into integrating this slot game for iphone, ipad and android devices with the same quality as you would find on the desktop version thanks to the top-notch HTML5 framework.

A Final Word

This may have been Red Tiger Gaming’s first ever publicly released slot game of their repertoire, but boy, it’s the classic to say at least. The adorable and uplifting Irish theme never seems to get old, even though the provider has made it a success to introduce new and exciting features onto this one.

Like we explained before, those who leave gifts out for the leprechauns who live in the mounds will reap their bounty. So prove your luck on this neat little slot game and perhaps you will walk away a rich man or woman, if the leprechauns are in good spirits.

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