RabCat Casinos

Today, we’re bringing to light a sorely underrated casino game provider that needs to get the recognition it deserves. We are talking about Rabcat Gambling, a subdivision of a parent company known as Rabcat Computer Graphics.

Established back in 2001, the gaming studio has been performing magic since. Its headquarters are situated in Vienna, Austria, and it is licensed under the U.K. Gambling Commission. The company can be contacted through email at mail@rabcat.com. The platform itself is run by Australian Lotteries and Casinos Austria AG.

The company has around 30 games, all of which can be played at more than 90 online casinos—a testament to how good Rabcat Gambling is at what they do.

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Best RabCat Casinos to Play

What makes Rabcat unique?

So, have you seen the list of the casinos with Rabcat? Here you can find a list of some other platforms where you can play these amazing games online.

Casinos that Offer Rabcat Gambling Games

e7986a6bc85eeca5350fe55e008fcc98It would be completely understandable if you were getting eager to try out the games offered by the gaming studio at one of the 90 online casinos that we mentioned. To make your life easier, here's something to help you out. Since the number of casinos in total is staggering, we have pulled up a list of all the best online casinos where you can come across games from the company. Let us have a look at what they are:

  • BitStarz Casino;
  • Live Casino;
  • Gunsbet Casino;
  • Paradise Casino;
  • Slotum Casino;
  • Bitcoin Casino;
  • Cleopatra Casino;
  • Casinoin Casino;
  • iLUCKI Casino;
  • Bacana Play Casino;
  • AHTI Games Casino;
  • Mars Casino;
  • Bob Casino;
  • Ace Lucky Casino;
  • Sparkle Slots Casino;
  • Bet Master Casino;
  • Casino X Casino;
  • EU Casino;
  • Slotzo Casino;
  • Sticky Slots Casino;
  • Casino Columbus Casino;
  • Favorit Casino;
  • Blue Fox Casino;
  • Play Fortuna Casino;
  • Aplay Casino;
  • Frank Casino.

Games by Rabcat Casinos

Rabcat Gambling is famous for its video slots that are spectacular beyond the point of human comprehension. The few names that pop up in our head at the moment are  Nikola Tesla's Incredible Machine, Castle Builder, Gnome Wood, Legend of Olympus, Dragon’s Myth, Crystal Rift, Scary Friends, Forsaken Kingdom, River of Riches, Robin of Sherwood and so many others! One famous video game that you might have heard of by the company is Overwatch, a game enjoyed by players all across the globe.

Slot Games

16cf3bf7d6f56e484374e259b5ea5d09The company is best at producing slot videos. It is why they have some of the best casino slots in the market. We tried to pick out our favorite 3 for you but it was a difficult choice because all of the slot videos are drool-worthy.

Our top choice is Castle Builder, the crown jewel of Rabcat games. Did you know that this particular slot video was the first of its kind in a level-based game for slot machines by the company? You heard it right—this game is unique in every way. It has 5 reels and you can progress through different levels in the game to get to the ultimate goal. Most slot videos do not have an end goal but this one does.

When you play the slot video, you will find that you are persuaded to build up your castle by spinning the reels. Each time you make a win on the reel, you get construction materials that help to expand your castle. As you progress through the stages, your fame and kingdom grow in the game. Since most free slot games do not have levels, once a gambler starts playing this game, they’ll be playing it for hours on end.

We bet you didn’t know that there’s a second part of the game! Once the company realized the game's popularity and heard the players’ demands for a sequel, they came up with a successor called Castle Builder II which we’ve chosen as our second favorite. The main features of the second game part are the same as Castle Builder I but the difference is in the graphics.

Rabcat Gambling truly outdid itself in producing animations for this part which you’ll be able to see for yourself when you play the game. Another exciting feature is that this part allows you to play as three characters in the game! The game has so many more kingdoms for you to discover that you will not get bored. Moreover, you can switch the difficulty level according to your need and RTP. There is a free building mode that every gambler loves and has made the game all the more attractive.

Our third choice is a slot game called Moby Dick. If you’re wondering whether it has anything to do with the classic novel, you are right! The gaming studio modernized the classic tale and made it into a slot video to be played by gamblers. The game is creative in all senses and has pleasantly and thoroughly shocked players. In this game, your job is to catch the famous white whale from the novel. You will be given the character of Captain Ahab and will take a trip down the belly of the whale.

The goal is to win big and find as many free spins as you can. The theme of the game is beautiful and every feature is as thrilling as it gets. You will fall in love with the animation and the game, able to live a life in your favorite novel all whilst playing for and winning money! Does it get any better than this? We don’t think so! The game has always managed to capture the essence of the novel in a modern style whilst keeping gamblers on their toes.

Other Games

As we were mentioning above, the gaming studio is known for the slot videos it produces.

Some of the other ones that we think are worth mentioning are Scary Friends and the Forsaken Kingdom. When you play Scary Friends, you will get the sense that it is somewhat based on the movie Monsters Inc. which is everyone’s favorite movie.

The character of the game and the dialogue involved will remind you of the movie. If you focus your attention on the details of the monster, you will notice that the game producer went all out to animate the perfect monsters. The animations are so vivid and imaginative that they keep every part of your mind occupied on the game.

If you like small, furry monsters, you will love the furballs that dance around the screen as you play. There is a monster bonus game that spins and has jaw-dropping graphics. This game is the perfect way to pass time and can be played by people of all ages. If you’re ever feeling down, this game is a handy pick-me-up and is bound to get some laughs, snorts, and giggles out of you.

To talk about the Forsaken Kingdom, it is perhaps one of the most interesting slot games offered by the studio as it has a darker theme than most. King Arthur is the main player and he progresses through different stages of the game. You will be engrossed in pursuing big wins throughout the game.

Availability of Rabcat Games at Online Casinos

If you search a little bit about Rabcat Gambling, you will find that the company does its marketing via the online casino gaming giants Microgaming and Microgaming Quickfire. Why is that so? Rabcat is employing a strategic tactic as this way, Microgaming does the heavy lifting and Rabcat does not need to divest time and resources to promoting itself.

Mobile Casino

The gaming studio has produced games for all devices like computers, PS4, and smartphones. The games that it offers can be played on any device as long as internet connectivity is available. You do not need to download any game and can play them at the online casinos that have a partnership with the company. Rabcat Gambling has designed its games in a manner to run smoothly on any web browser without glitches or blimps. It has integrated the games that it produces with the help of services like Quick-Fire and Obodo.

Partners of Rabcat Casinos

The company has B2B platform partners like Austrian Lotteries, Microgaming and Yggdrasil YGS Masters that help it to distribute its games with the help of some of the big names of online gambling operators like Bet365, Betsson, Bwin, GVC, Mr. Green, Paf, Pokerstars, Unibet, Victor Chandler, William Hill, and more.

Trustworthiness of Rabcat Casinos

Rabcat Gambling is a casino game provider company that can be trusted beyond a doubt. It has worked with masterminds like Blizzard (the creators of World of Warcraft), Rockstar Games, Microsoft Game Studios, Ubisoft, and Disney Interactive Studios on large-scale gaming projects. The company’s website displays its Tax ID and Company Number so that you can always look it up.

It is careful about the security of the clients which is why it makes sure to integrate all sorts of security systems in the games it provides to UK online casinos. If you have a question about the kind of safety it offers its clients, we would urge you to contact the company via email and ask them directly.

Rabcat Casinos License

Rabcat Casinos is licensed under the U.K. Gambling Commission and its court of jurisdiction is Handelsgericht Wien. The company’s number is FN 276027y. The license number is 000-040192-R-320116-001.

Final Thoughts About Rabcat Casinos

We believe that the gaming provider should rise through the ranks and take its rightful place in the world of online and brick-and-mortar casinos alike. It is smartly promoting itself under game providing giants but we think that it’s time that Rabcat stepped out of the shadows and proudly put its name forth in the world.

If you play any games produced by Rabcat Gambling, you will come to the irrefutable conclusion that they are masterminds when it comes to 2D and 3D graphics, which makes sense as the parent company is a computer graphic company.

Rabcat Gambling could do better if it starts its partnership with the best Canadian online casino directly and not through its B2B partners. It has all the features of a top game provider in its possession, and for the services and quality of experience it provide, it deserves every award and nomination that it has rightly received. It's hard not to be excited about the new games it will come up with in the future.

Rabcat Casinos FAQs

What kind of customer support does Rabcat Gambling offer?

On the website or at the beginning of this review, you will find the email address of the company that you can use to get in touch with them. Currently, they do not have any other source for customer support.

What is the kind of games offered by Rabcat Gambling?

Rabcat Gambling is known most widely for its slot videos, but it also produces poker games, table games, and casinos and video games too. Just head over to their website to look at the list of games that are offered by them.

Where is the office of Rabcat Casinos?

The company has its office in Vienna, Austria and the address for the office is Rabcat Computer Graphics GmbH, Rennweg 46-50/1/6/ 1st floor, 1030 Vienna, Austria.