Quiniela Plus: Rules, Price & Odds

NameQuiniela PlusTicket PriceAR$ 40
DrawMon & SatBiggest WonAR$ 207 Million
Winning Odds1 in 1.477.239

For a very long time, lotteries have been part of a country’s culture and wellbeing. It’s true for pretty much all countries around the world. In recent years, most lotteries have shifted online to make participation, drawings, and prize claiming more convenient. Among the hundreds of lotteries all over the world, our topic for today is Quiniela Plus from Argentina. It’s one of the most popular games across the country. Let’s try to learn as much as possible about this lottery in Argentina. Since the game began in 2001, there have been over 3 million winners. Here you can find some cool casinos to play online:

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How to Play Quiniela Plus

Quiniela Plus, also known as Quiniela to the mass public of Argentina, is a lottery game where you pick numbers and match them with the drawn numbers. In retrospect, it’s very similar to all the other prominent lotteries from around the world. If we have to name a few, we can go with Mega Millions in the US, Lotto UK, etc.

Quiniela Plus is an offering from the Argentine state lottery board alongside other games like Loto 5, Loto Desquite, Loto Tradicional, Quini 6 Tradicional, Quini 6 Segunda Vuelta, Quini 6 Revancha, Quini 6 Siempre Sale, and Brinco. If you visit the official website, you’ll find the administrator as Lotería de la Provincia.

It came to life back in 2004 and became an instant hit in the country.

One of the primary appeals of the Quiniela Plus lottery is its constant drawings. From Mondays to Saturdays, the numbers are drawn consistently. Moreover, it doesn’t have any jackpot rollover cap, giving the prize the potential to reach high numbers. And it happens more frequently than most other lottos around the world.

You start with choosing eight sets of 2-digit numbers to play the game. Now, you might think that the pool of numbers may start from 10. But that’s not the case. It begins at one but is represented as 01. And the collection of numbers you get to select from contains all numbers between 01 and 99.

The eight sets you draw are your numbers, and you need to match them with the drawn numbers in the next draw. You might’ve chosen eight digits, but the draw will have 20 numbers in sets; all sets have four.

To win the jackpot, you need to match all of your eight numbers with the last two digits of the drawn numbers. If it’s not making too much sense right now, wait till we explain it with an example in an upcoming section.

There are two more games within the Quiniela niche known as the Super Plus and the Chance Plus. The rules are pretty much the same for those draws, except for number positions.

The middle two digits determine the winner from the 4-digit set for Chance Plus. And for Super Plus, the first two digits are the important ones. As you can see, the lottery authority has designed the game very carefully and inclusively so that everyone has the highest chance to win.

Rules of Quiniela Plus

A lottery program is as good as its rules. So much so that you can’t expect a lottery to perform smoothly and payout to the winners if the rules aren’t practised. The same can be said for Quiniela Plus in Argentina.

In this section, let’s figure out the things you need to be aware of to increase your likelihood of winning.

Odds to Win the Prizes

The first thing that comes into play when you think about lotteries is the odds for the jackpot. Because at the end of the day, everyone places the bets to win the jackpot and not the 2nd tier prices. Hence, the odds for the jackpot are often the longest. For example, the straight bet in online roulette has the longest odds. The same is true for the jackpot price of Quiniela Plus.

You must match all eight numbers with the drawn numbers to win it. It’s a 1 in 1,477,239 chance, giving you a 0.00007% chance to win, to be exact. It’s not very favourable for the players, but you can’t judge it considering the massive jackpot.

For the 2nd prize, you must match 7 numbers from your selections, and the odds of that happening are 1 in 30,006. Compared to the jackpot prize, the odds look very good for the 2nd prize.

For the 3rd prize, the odds are 1 in 1,519 to give you a 0.07% chance to win. Last but not least, the odds for the 4th prize is 1 in 146 or 0.68%. As you can see, the minimum number of matches for an award is 5. It’s true for the main lottery, Chance Plus, and Super Plus.

Price of Quiniela Plus Ticket

Considering a lottery program’s acceptance among the players, the ticket price plays a major role. We’ve seen that the lotteries with the cheapest tickets are the most popular among the participants.

The reasoning is quite simple for this. As the odds for the lotteries are very slim, people usually don’t want to spend much on lottery tickets. Thankfully, the ticket prices for Argentine Quiniela Plus are very reasonable. For AR$40 only, you automatically become eligible for the Quiniela Jackpot, the Chance Plus Jackpot, and the Super Plus Jackpot.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this Argentine lottery is the lack of online purchase options. Even the Lotería de la Provincia website doesn’t sell tickets. Nor does any online casinos in Argentina.

The only option to buy tickets is from authorised retailers. You need to physically visit the shops and purchase as many tickets as possible. On the bright side, the result of the daily draws is updated on the website.

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Quiniela Plus Jackpot

Surely, the crème de la crème of jackpot prizes. We know that you’ve been waiting for this result in our guide. The time has come to check out the jackpot prizes for the Quiniela lottery.

According to the Lotería de la Provincia website, the minimum insured pool for the jackpot is AR$2,400,000! According to the jackpot rules, you can only win this prize by matching all eight numbers on your ticket. The best thing is that it’s the minimum value! The jackpot prizes can go through the roof if enough tickets are sold all over the country!

As you already know, players who get to match up to 5 numbers are also entitled to fixed prices.

  • Players who match 5 numbers get AR$200 fixed prize.
  • Players who match 6 numbers get an AR$2,000 fixed prize.
  • Players who match 7 numbers get an AR$80,000 fixed prize.

As for Chance Plus, the minimum rated jackpot is AR$1,600,000. As you can see, it’s a prize you can’t neglect.

Biggest Win Made

Quiniela Plus is an estimated jackpot, so the final payout is not predetermined. Rather, it can go as high as the ticket sales can let it go. Unfortunately, we couldn’t gather any information regarding the biggest in made in this jackpot.

Rather, we can tell you the biggest win ever made in the history of Argentine lotteries. It was AR$207,000,000+ from Quini 6, another very popular lottery. It happened back in 2017.

Results of Quiniela Plus

You already know that the Quiniela Plus lottery draws are held six days a week. It starts strong on Mondays and keeps going till Saturdays. The interests take place around 9:00 PM local time. Although you can’t watch the draw live anywhere on television or on the internet, you can find results after the appeal on the lottery website or here.

How to Claim Quiniela Plus Prizes

As you may have already imagined, the online support for the Quiniela lottery is not very good. The same is true for claiming the prizes. You get 15 days to claim your lottery winnings, but you must do it manually. Other operators handle different lottery games available in the country. The Quiniela Plus is oprated by Lotería de la Provincia. It is located at Calle 46 Nº 581, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You also need to prove your identity, age, and the lottery ticket to the authorities when you claim the prizes. So, you must carry all the necessary documents when you go to the office. It’s the traditional form of KYC, not like what we’re familiar with online gambling sites.

Taxes of These Prizes

The Argentine government imposes taxes on the lottery winnings. It might not be the best practice because we’ve seen governments like the UK make lottery winnings completely tax free.

When you win a prize in Argentina from any of the lotteries, you must pay 31% in taxes to the state government. In comparison, it’s one of the highest tax rates in the world for lottery winnings. The highest we’ve seen is the US, with 37% federal tax.

Our honest opinion about the quiniela plus lottery

Our Opinion on Quiniela Plus

Quiniela Plus is not the only lottery option for you in Argentina. There are plenty of others boasting different prize pools and modalities. But we think the Quiniela Plus is one of the most beginner-friendly, both in terms of odds and payouts.

If you’ve been looking for a lottery to participate in the country but couldn’t decide which one to go for, we highly recommend giving Quiniela Plus a try. You may have to walk to the lottery retailers physically to get the tickets, but the effort might be worth it.

Quiniela Plus FAQs

Quiniela is one of those state lotteries you can’t gather much information about. Hence, we will try and answer some of your most asked questions.

What times are Quiniela Plus draws?

Quiniela plus draws happen 6 days a week, from Mondays to Saturdays. You can check the results on the website after 9:00 PM AST (GMT-3).

Who owns Quiniela Plus?

Quiniela Plus is a state lottery operated by Lotería de la Provincia.

What are the odds of winning Quiniela Plus?

The biggest prize of the Quiniela Lottery is the jackpot and it has odds of 1 in 1,477,239. Unfortunately, the odds for Chance Plus and Super Plus are not mentioned on the Lotería de la Provincia website.

How to win Quiniela Plus?

All you can do is purchase the tickets and hope that at least 5 of your picked numbers match with the drawn numbers. Unlike casino games, there are no strategies that you can utilize to enhance your odds.

How much are Quiniela Plus tickets?

Each ticket now starts at AR$40. You automatically qualify for Super Plus and Chance Plus draws with the same ticket.

How to check Quiniela Plus results?

The draws are not live-streamed anywhere. Your only option is to check the Lotería de la Provincia website after 9:00 PM from Mondays to Saturdays.

How does Quiniela Plus work?

Quiniela Plus is a game that is played in many different ways. The basic premise is that you pick two numbers, and if they match the numbers that are drawn, you win a prize.

How do I place a bet with Quiniela Plus?

You can place a bet by going to any authorized lottery retailer and asking the retailer to add Quiniela Plus to your Quick Pick or play your own numbers. You can also bet online.

Who is the target audience for Quiniela Plus?

The target audience for Quiniela Plus is anyone who is interested in betting on horse races. This includes both novice and experienced bettors. The Quiniela Plus system is designed to be simple and easy to use.

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