Playboy Fortunes King Millions Slot

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Should You Play Playboy Fortunes King Millions?

Yes, you should! Playboy's branding and luxury lifestyle are embodied perfectly in this game. And if you're a fan of the company and its contents, you'll love this game. 

For those who aren’t big fans of Playboy, you’ll still enjoy access to a rich variety of features, winning symbols, and impressive payout offers that even the most seasoned gamers enjoy. 

Special Features in Playboy Fortunes King Millions

The game's visuals follow the unmistakable imagery associated with the high-flying Playboy brand. The Bunny symbols include a bunny with cufflinks and bowtie and a fancy Manhattan cocktail. Don't expect any X-rated visuals in the game because that's not the slot's primary purpose in this context. 

The Epic Strike Symbol is one of the stand-out special units in Playboy Fortunes King Millions. This special unit will deliver different benefits depending on how many appear on your screen. For instance, three Epic Strike units on your table doubles your bet and gives you back the winnings, while nine Epic Strike symbols will give you a bonus of 2000x ($20,000 payout for a $10 bet). 

The game also offers a unique King Million bonus. This bonus appears more frequently compared to the Epic Strike card. And you’ll enjoy enhanced winning ranging from 7x to 100x depending on where and how many King Million bonuses you receive. 

Note on the RTP of Playboy Fortunes King Millions

The game offers a unique host of features and bonuses. However, it lacks the most in the Return-to-player (RTP) category. The RTP indicates the average percentage of winnings versus the bets placed by a player. So, a higher slot RTP usually implies more people winning a higher percentage of their bets. 

However, Playboy Fortunes King Millions only offers an RTP of 86%, which is lower than the RTP that most generic slot games offer. 

Getting the Most Out of Playboy Fortunes King Millions

Focus on a few tips and strategies to increase your chances of winning at Playboy Fortunes. 

  • Don’t get distracted by the fancy visuals and imagery. Focus on your betting strategy instead. 

  • Look for the Epic Strike symbols whenever they appear on your tumble. You can reach up to 2000x your bet if the required number of symbols appears. 

  • Don’t rely only on the King Millions bonus to make up for losses or secure big winnings. These symbols appear more frequently but you can’t predict their appearance. 

Personal Opinion on Playboy Fortunes King Millions

Playboy's upgrade of their original Playboy Fortunes remains a decent slot game (all things considered). However, my only bone to pick with this upgrade is that the RTP has plummeted to 86%. So, I don't plan to spend too many hours on this title when there are better RTP games that offer equally engaging visuals and gaming experiences. 

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