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NameOntario 49Ticket PriceC$1
DrawWed & SatBiggest WonC$2 Millions
Winning Odds1 in 13.983.816
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Canada has been a part of the lottery scene since the year 1978. So you can easily see that lottery is a pretty big thing in Canada, especially in Ontario. They offer huge prizes if you manage to win the jackpot. It’s all official and the lottery takes place nationally. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming commission or the OLG is the official lottery platform in Canada. They offer a variety of lottos that you can participate with Lotto Max being the most popular. But for today’s guide, we’re going to stick with Ontario 49.

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How to Play Ontario 49

As with any lottery game, Ontario 49 is also a number-based draw game. Your objective is to pick 6 numbers that you think might get drawn. You have the choice to select any 6 numbers from 1 to 49. The prizes will depend on how many numbers you chose correctly.

You will see multiple boards on many European lottery tickets. But in the case of Ontario 49, the other boards are only found in the selection sheets. Only your chosen numbers are printed on your ticket.

For a single ticket of Ontario 49, you will see only 1 line. If you’re familiar with Lotto Max, you’ll know that there are 3 lines on the ticket. Two of those lines are chosen at random. But for Ontario 49 you get only one line, meaning a single chance at the jackpot.

You can get started with Ontario 49 in 3 ways. The first method would be to purchase it directly from an authorized retailer. You can purchase the same ticket from the app or you can always visit their website. Whatever works best for you. If you choose the retailer, you will be given a selection sheet to select your 6 numbers. Once you’ve filled that out, you hand it in and get your printed ticket. The ticket has a barcode with it which you’ll have to use to find out the results.

Once the results are out, simply visit the retailer and you can scan your ticket to know whether you’ve won. If you feel like doing it from home, you can use the official OLG app to get the results. To purchase the ticket online simply make the purchase from the app or their website. All purchased tickets fall under the same category so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Besides Ontario 49, OLG offers other lotteries with different prize pools for the players. You have Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, Daily Keno, and many more. We recommend you check out Lotto Max since it has the highest prize pool.

If you want to randomize your selections, there is an "Auto Pick" option. You can find it when you purchase the ticket online. You can also ask the retailer to do it for you. This randomly generates 6 numbers. But the odds of winning remain the same.

Rules of Ontario 49

Every lotto in the world is slightly different from each other. Although the core concept of the game remains the same, there are certain variations also. This section will help you understand the rules that make Ontario 49 a little different. So without any more delays, let’s take a look at the odds and rules of Ontario 49. 

Odds to Win the Prizes

If you’re familiar with other luck-based games like the best online bingo, you know that odds matter in lottos too. In the case of Ontario 49, there’s a bonus ball that is drawn that affects the odds. There are 7 types of prizes that you can win with the bonus ball in play. Each prize has different odds. So let’s take a look at them all.

  • All 6 main numbers have odds of 1 in 13,983,816.
  • 5 main numbers along with 1 bonus number have odds of 1 in 2,330,636.
  • 5 main numbers only have odds of 1 in 55,492.
  • 4 main numbers only have odds of 1 in 1,033.
  • 3 main numbers only have odds of 1 in 56.7.
  • 2 main numbers along with 1 bonus number only have odds of 1 in 81.2.
  • 3 main numbers only have odds of 1 in 8.3.

Price of Ontario 49 Tickets

The first thing on the docket for your Ontario 49 lottery is buying the ticket. We’ve already told you where and how you can buy it, but how much does it cost? The Ontario 49 ticket will have the 6 numbers you choose. These 6 numbers will come from 1 line. You can have multiple lines on your ticket. Each of these lines will cost you C$1. 

The bonus number also applies to these 6 numbers as well. What that means is, that if the bonus number drawn matches one of your 6 numbers, that will still count as valid. There is also an option for "Encore" on the ticket. This is a bonus game from OLG, that lets you participate in the Maxmillions game. It gives you the chance to win 1 million dollars for an additional C$1.

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Ontario 49 Jackpot

For any lottery, the thing that draws people in is the jackpot. For Ontario 49, the jackpot is a fixed amount. We found that this wasn’t the case for all the games. For example, in the case of Lotto Max, every other prize other than the jackpot was a percentage value. 

For Ontario 49 that isn’t the case. The jackpot is a grand prize of C$2,000,000! You can only win this if you manage to get all 6 numbers correct. If you get 5 numbers plus the bonus number, the price drops to C$50,000. 

For 5 numbers guessed correctly, you get C$500. It goes down even lower for 4 numbers where the prize is only C$50. For 3 numbers it’s C$10 and for 2 numbers plus the bonus, you’ll get C$3. If you only get 2 numbers correct, you’ll get 1 free play for Ontario 49. There’s no rollover in Ontario 49. So the most you can win in this game is 2 million dollars. But considering you only need to spend a dollar, that’s a lot of money.

Biggest Win Made

We’ve already talked about the odds of hitting the jackpot. It’s really high, right? So is it impossible to get the jackpot then? Not really. It’s actually possible to hit it and you’ll see soon that it happens quite often.

In December of 2021, Thomas G. from Southampton, Ontario won the jackpot of 2 million dollars! He was sitting around with his family joking that it would be great to hit the jackpot on New Year’s. Little did he know, he actually did! When he found out his excitement was out of this world. And it’s not just him, people all over Canada win regularly playing lotteries. So from that, we can safely say, that yes, it is actually possible to hit the jackpot!

Results of Ontario 49

Players can enjoy Ontario 49 twice a week. There are two draws that take place each week. The first one takes place on Saturdays and the second one on Wednesdays. And it’s a great thing that you can purchase the tickets up until the last minute.

The draw begins on these two days at exactly 10:30 pm. After the draw takes place you can check the results by scanning your ticket at the retailer, or by scanning it through the app. The results are uploaded within minutes of the draw. So you can visit their website to check the results in this way too.

How to Claim Ontario 49 Prizes

For winnings below C$1000, you can simply visit the retailer, present your ticket and collect it. For winnings more than C$1000, there’s a separate procedure. Prizes between C$1000 and C$49,999 need to be claimed online or via mail, with proper proof. You’ll get your prize money via mail. You can also collect it personally by visiting a prize centre.

If you’ve managed to win more than C$50,000, you have to contact the OLG Support Center by calling 1-8000-387-0098. They will inform you of the procedure to get started on claiming your prize. It should only take a couple of days.

Taxes of These Prizes

Lotteries in Canada are the best because there are no taxes on them. Lottery winnings are not subject to any income tax imposed by the Canadian government. So you don’t have to worry about losing your winnings to taxes at all. This also applies to international residents too. They don’t have any special rules for international residents that forces them to pay taxes on lottery winnings. So, it’s quite favourable for them also.

Our honest opinion about the ontario 49

Our Opinion on Ontario 49

We think that Ontario 49 deserves to be tried by everyone at least once. If you’re residing in Canada and you’re of legal age, check out Ontario 49. You only need to spend a dollar to have a chance at winning the 2 million dollars!

Ontario 49 FAQs

If you have any other questions, now is a very good time to ask them.

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