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While you may be very familiar with card and table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat, classic, video and jackpot slots, and the various bingo games that are offered at online casinos, there is another very popular type of game that can also be found at these sites which you may not be so familiar with.

Read on to learn everything there is to know about the small but hugely exciting collection of games collectively known as Slingo.

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Description of online slingo

What is Slingo?

Slingo is a unique game that combines elements from two other popular games, namely, bingo and slots (the name is a combination of these two words).

Played on a 5x5 grid of numbers similar to a bingo card, Slingo involves marking off called numbers to try and make lines, just like in the game of bingo. The difference is that instead of numbers being drawn or called, they spin into view on the small single row of reels underneath the grid.

You'll start by choosing your stake for the game, after which you'll get to start playing the set number of spins.

Each time you spin the reels, the revealed numbers on each one will be checked with the corresponding numbers in the grid's column directly above, with any matches marked off.

You'll win a prize if you mark off enough numbers to create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line (also called a Slingo). The more lines you create, the bigger your prize will be! Mark off all the numbers on the grid (full house), and you'll win the maximum payout!

The game gets even more exciting, however, when you realise that there are more than just numbers on those reels. Various symbols can also appear, each of which affects the board, such as allowing you to mark off any number in the same column or from the whole grid, instant wins and free spins.

Look out for the devil symbol, though, as he takes the place of numbers that might have otherwise appeared!

Once you've played your spins, you might also have the option to play a few more spins for a price, depending on how close you are to making additional lines.

Slingo is a fascinating game that takes the best of both bingo and slots and combines them for explosive results!

Difference Between Slingo and Bingo

Although Slingo looks a lot like the popular 75-ball bingo game variant, it differs from bingo in several ways.

The biggest difference between Slingo and bingo is that numbers aren't simply drawn from a virtual machine as they are in bingo. Instead, a small, single row of reels usually located under the grid of numbers is used to determine called numbers. There is a reel for every column of the 5x5 grid, and the number that appears on that reel is checked against the numbers in that column on the grid, with matches marked off automatically.

Another big difference between Slingo and bingo is that it's not just numbers involved in the game. That single row of reels can also feature various symbols that enhance the game in various ways. For example, landing the right symbol can trigger additional spins at no extra cost, another symbol can unlock an instant prize, and joker symbols let you mark off any number in a column or the whole grid.

Finally, in most games of Slingo, you'll be given a chance to continue playing after you've used up the set number of spins for a price. This option is not available in bingo games.

The story behind the slingo games

The Story of Slingo

Slingo was first developed by a New Jersey-based real estate developer called Sal Falciglia, Sr. back in 1994, who quickly formed the company Slingo Inc. to bring the new creation to market and work on the development of new ones.

RealNetworks bought Slingo in 2013 for $15.6 million, then sold it to Gaming Realms in 2015 for $18 million.

The selection of games now known as Slingo Originals currently numbers around 56, with the titles most popular with players in the UK and the US.

How to Play Slingo

Are you interested in giving Slingo a go already? It's very easy to get started. Just follow the simple 4-step process below, and you'll be spinning that single row of reels and marking off numbers in no time!

Step 1 - Find a Slingo Site

To start, you'll need to find a good online casino that stocks Slingo games. Be sure to choose a trustworthy and reputable online casino to rest assured that your money is safe.

Look for sites with a legitimate authority-issued licence from a respected regulator such as the UKGC. On our site, you will find plenty of top-notch Slingo sites that have been carefully screened for quality, safety and entertainment value.

Step 2 - Register

Once you've found a good Slingo site to join, the next step is opening a new account. Look for a Register or Join button on the website and click it to reveal a short form. Fill in your details, which usually include your name, address, phone number and email address. You may also be asked to create a username and password, which you'll need to log in to your new account.

Be sure to verify your new account by clicking the link in the email that is sent to you or confirming via text message.

Step 3 - Deposit

Next, you'll need to add funds to your new account, which can be done by making a deposit.

While logged in to your account, click any of the Deposit buttons or visit the site's cashier and choose the deposit option. You'll then be presented with a range of payment methods to choose from. Please select the one you want to use, enter the details for it, such as your bank card number or online wallet username, type in how much you want to deposit and click the button to proceed with the transaction.

Deposited funds usually appear in your account when you're ready for the final step!

Step 4 - Play Slingo For Real Money!

Once you've joined a top Slingo site and made a deposit, you're then ready to start playing Slingo for real money prizes!

Visit the site's Slingo games collection and choose the one you fancy playing. It's worth a minute or two to read the game's rules, as there can be a few differences between the variants.

Select your stake, then hit the play button to start spinning the reels for those line-creating numbers!

Find the rules of the slingo games

Rules of Slingo

Slingo is quite different to what you might be used to if you're a fan of slots or bingo games. Here, we'll take you through the game's basic rules, so you know exactly how it works and what to expect.

Rule 1 - Check Your Bingo Card

Before you begin, look at your bingo card and familiarise yourself with where everything is. In the centre, you'll see the 5x5 grid of numbers, which will soon hopefully be marked off to create lines and trigger prizes!

Underneath the grid, you'll see a row of blank spaces. This is the single row of reels that will spin to reveal the numbers you'll check the grid for and symbols that can award any number, instant wins and free spins.

To the left, you'll see the payouts for creating a line (Slingo), all the way up to a full house, along with various special symbols you can expect to see on the reels and their payouts.

To the right is where you'll find details of the spins you have to play, any free spins you've won and the value of any prizes you've triggered. This is also where you'll find your Play button to begin the game and spin the reels.

Rule 2 - Spin the Reels, Match the Numbers

The basic gameplay of Slingo revolves around spinning the single row of reels along the bottom to reveal numbers that will be marked off the corresponding column on the grid.

Every time you hit the Play/Spin button, the reels will spin, and when they stop, they will each show a number or symbol. If the number shown appears in the column directly above it, that number will be marked off.

If you land a symbol, you'll benefit from its effect, such as free spins, the ability to mark off any number in that column or the whole grid, or maybe even score an instant win.

Be careful not to land a devil symbol, as he takes the place of numbers that might otherwise have appeared!

Rule 3 - Take Advantage of Free Spins

As mentioned, one of the symbols that may appear on that single row of reels awards free spins. The symbol often says Free Spins, and landing one will add one free spin to the free spins box on the right.

All the free spins you collect throughout your game will be collected in the free spins box, and you'll be able to play them all once your set spins have been played.

Rule 4 - Clear Lines and Your Card

The game of Slingo aims to mark off numbers on the grid in any horizontal, vertical or diagonal line or mark off all the numbers for the maximum full house payout. You get more lines, or Slingos, the bigger your prize, as indicated by the paytable to the left of the grid.

In some games, you also get payouts for marking specific shapes, while in others, marking off numbers will advance you to the next level for even bigger prizes!

Different ways to play online slingo

Ways to Play Online Slingo

There are two main ways to play Slingo games: for real money or for free. Let's look at these two ways to play in more detail.

Slingo for Real Money

If you want to win real money prizes, then playing Slingo games for real money is for you! You'll use real money to play, which is deducted from your balance, but you'll be able to choose a stake that suits you.

Marking off lines in real money, Slingo will award you with real cash winnings, which you can then cash out and spend as you see fit!

Slingo for Free

If you're not yet ready to play Slingo with real money, you can explore the game without risking a penny, thanks to free play mode.

Many online casinos let you try their games for free, and Slingo games are often included. Click the Demo, Free Play or Try button, and you'll be able to play the game just like you would in real money mode, but using play money instead. Just remember that any winnings you trigger will also be in play funds!

Depending on your location, you may only be able to access free play Slingo once you've opened an account at the hosting online casino.

Mobile Slingo Games

Thanks to modern technology, Slingo games can also be enjoyed on all modern mobile devices, including Android, iOS, Windows and other OS smartphones and tablets, which is great news if you like to play on the go.

Here's a selection of the top Slingo games that are popular right now:

Some tips to win online slingo

Tips to Win Slingo

Unlike the games of slots and bingo, which can't be optimised to give you a winning edge, there is some level of strategy to the game of Slingo. The games even feature a Best Strategy page in their rules!

You can pay close attention to two areas to sway the odds more in your favour regarding Slingo.

First of all, choose carefully when it comes to the joker symbols. Joker symbols let you pick any number in the corresponding column or the whole grid to mark off. Depending on your choice and the grid layout, you could get a line, two, three, or no lines!

For example, if you only have one number to go to make a line and you get a joker, the obvious choice is to pick that remaining number.

A single number at the intersection of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines could trigger a tasty payout, so look out for that situation!

The other element of control you have over the game is at the end, where you're given the choice of playing on for a set price once your spins and any free spins have been used up. This is more of a gamble, of course, but it's down to you to decide if you want to continue or not.


Want to know more about Slingo? Check our FAQs

How do you play Slingo?

Slingo is played by spinning the single row of reels at the bottom, which reveals numbers that are then marked off the corresponding columns in the 5x5 bingo-style grid above. Choose your stake then hit the play button to start spinning the reels.

What is Slingo?

Slingo is a unique mix of slots and bingo gameplay that features a 5x5 bingo-style grid of numbers in the centre and a slots-style row of reels containing various numbers and symbols underneath.

What is the objective of the game?

Slingo aims to mark off numbers to create vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines or Slingos for a payout. The more lines you make, the bigger your payout. Mark off all the numbers in the grid, and you'll win the maximum payout for that game!

What is the history of Slingo?

Slingo has been around since 1994 when a New Jersey real estate developer created the game and brought it to market under the company name Slingo Inc.

How popular is Slingo?

Slingo is hugely popular in the UK and the US, with thousands of players choosing the game for their online entertainment every day.

What are some variations of Slingo?

There are currently 56 varieties of Slingo, including the original classic game. Top variations include those based on popular slots such as Starburst and Rainbow Riches, those based on hit TV shows like Deal or No Deal and Britain's Got Talent, and those with unique twists such as Sling Advance, Slingo Ante Up and Slingo Baking Bonanza.

What other games are similar to Slingo?

Aside from the slots and bingo games on which Slingo is based, there aren't many games with the same level of ingenuity. Slingo is unique!

Where can I play Slingo?

Slingo can be found at numerous online casinos. Be sure to choose one that is trustworthy and reputable, such as those listed on our site.

How many ways can you win at Slingo?

There are a few ways to win at Slingo. Marking off numbers to create horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines (Slingos) is the most common way, but if you manage to mark off every number on the grid in a single game (full house), you'll win the maximum payout. You can also win instant prizes and free spins by landing the right symbols on the reels.

How do you win at Slingo?

To win at Slingo, mark off numbers to create horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, or mark off every number on the grid for a full house maximum payout!

How much does it cost to play Slingo?

Slingo can generally be played for as little as £/$1, with stakes going up as high as £/$100 per game.

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