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NYX Gaming Group is part of the prestigious umbrella company of SG Interactive. Back in 2017, the two companies put their heads together and vowed to use their experience and expertise to create the best casino games. Both companies hail from the United States and as of today have offices all around the world; in Sweden, Australia and the United Kingdom. NYX Gaming ended with 350 employees before merging with SG Digital and now count more than 1,500 heads all across the globe. Having a multilingual and multicultural international team means that this software giant is able to tap into unlimited inspiration for their games. 

The Acquisition of NYX Gaming

The decision was made in September 2017 when SG Digital bought NYX Game for no less than CAD$775 million, one of the most expensive iGaming acquisitions up to date. No wonder that SG Digital was willing to reach so deep into their purse in order to secure their relationship with NYX, as the game studio has had a proven track record in outstanding delivery of casino solution. Now a year later, the merging of SG Digital and NYX has been fully completed and the two companies, together with slot provider NextGen Gaming, form a true powerhouse within the online casino industry. With the impressive slot machine repertoire of SG and the clever lottery and instant win games solution of NYX, this international game studio can cater to the needs of all gamblers out there.

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Best NYX Casinos

The Best Slots By NYX Gaming

When it comes down to creating engaging and innovative slot machines, it has been mostly down to SG Digital, NextGen Gaming and the smaller game studios that fall under the umbrella company. These slot machines have been created by names like Bally and WMS. These are some true all-American software providers who put their backs into creating simple to play slots with a classic look and feel to them. NYX, in fact, does contribute to hosting the platform and integration which are responsible for making each game run smoothly at online casinos that have a partnership with NYX. 

However, there has been one slot machine that has really stood out from the crowd these days and that is the slot rendition of the 90’s blockbuster “The Mask”. This absolutely hilarious slot machine features Jim Carrey’s character in a way you have never seen before. You can play the demo version of the game at our SpinRoom. 

Lottery Solutions by NYX Gaming

The lottery games are one of the biggest trademarks of NYX Gaming. After all, their lottery and instant win platform were one of the reasons behind the collaboration between SG Digital and NYX Gaming. NYX Gaming has been in the lottery business since the ’90s, so it is safe to say that these guys know what they are doing. Lotteries have always been a subject for us hard-working folk to daydream about and keeps our imagination excited. “Could today be my lucky day?” is something you would think when buying a fresh lottery ticket for this week’s draw. Using NYX Gaming’s lottery solutions you can safely acquire a ticket at any online casino that offers their instant win and lottery games. 

Using patented technologies and having done their homework, NYX Gaming is able to provide fair and fun lottery solutions for all players. 

Instant Win Games from NYX Gaming

NYX Gaming claims to take responsibility for being the world’s largest supplier of digital and real-life instant win games. This means that you will be able to buy tickets from licenced suppliers at lottery shops, as well as at any online casino that hosts their games. All their scratch cards have been carefully designed to appeal to the player and grab their attention with colourful and vibrant designs. If you are looking for a quick thrill then we will totally recommend trying these scratch cards out. They are a fun, cheap and easy way of brightening up your day and perhaps win a pretty penny. 

Sports Betting With NYX Gaming

While SG Gaming and NextGen Gaming are busy with creating high-end slot machines, NYX Gaming takes care of the brainwork behind sports betting and odds-calculation solutions. This software provider makes sure that betting sites like Betsson are able to able to integrate the sportsbook section of their websites. Also called “SG Sports”, these platforms deliver thrilling and exciting pre-game and in-play odds calculation and update for all bettors out there. Players can make use of user-friendly self-service retail platforms both online and in bookmaker stores. This way you can rest assured to be on top of your game, whether you love betting on football, tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey, motorsports or horse racing. 

NYX Gaming, NextGen Gaming and SG Gaming: Are They The Same?

Although NYX Games is more of a platform provider to online casinos, sometimes you will see their logo at listed games when visiting an online casino. Since the integration of NYX into the whole company has been rather recent, the terms for NYX, SG Gaming and NextGen Gaming can be used interchangeably, they basically mean the same thing. So whenever you see either of these names listed at your favourite online casino, you can be sure that games from all three providers are included at that casino. 

A Final Word on NYX Gaming

NYX Gaming may not focus on creating stunning slot machine like other companies within the group, but they do build a mean lottery and sportsbook platform. Being in the game since the 90’s, these guys sure know what they are doing and will keep doing it for a long time to come. For years now they have provided players with the thrill of lottery games, instant win games and sportsbook; even before it was available on the internet. Having started out with lottery cabinets in betting shops, NYX Gaming knows what it’s like to start from the bottom of the ladder. NYX Gaming can be seen as the backbone of the company and makes sure that all the technologies are in place to host, launch and operate the games they make. A big well done to them!