Nevada Gaming Control Board and Best MGCB Casinos

2018 was a big year for US gambling, when the Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on sports betting and online gambling and enabled each state to determine its own laws. 

There is one state however that was long exempt from the ban. 

Nevada is the gambling capital of the US by some distance, and in Las Vegas the state boasts the most famous gambling city in the world. 

The multi-billion dollar Nevada gambling industry is closely regulated by the state, specifically by two organizations called the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Nevada Gaming Commission. Both date back to the 1950’s and both are responsible for licensing and regulating all legal gambling in the state of Nevada. They are sometimes used interchangeably, but they work in tandem. 

While online poker and online sports betting are widely available in Nevada, the state has surprisingly not regulated online casino games. 

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How the Nevada Gaming Control Board Works

The Nevada GCB fulfills a number of important roles as regards gambling in the state. 

One is to provide licenses to prospective casinos and sportsbooks that wish to operate in Nevada, both in-person and online. The Board considers and processes applications, investigates employees and ultimately decides whether to award a gaming license or not based on the state gambling laws and regulations. 

The Nevada GCB also closely monitors existing licensees, to make sure they are complying with state regulations. It investigates complaints and problems in the industry and works to maintain public confidence in gaming in Nevada by working with casinos to ensure they treat members fairly. Playing at a licensed casino in Nevada, or gambling with a licensed sportsbook is like a stamp of guarantee that the games are fair and your funds won’t be mistreated. 

The Board is also tasked with managing tax revenue and maximizing the benefits of the proceeds of gambling from a social and public perspective. 

Protecting the Players' Funds

Regulation 5 of the Nevada Gaming Control Board stipulates how licensed casinos and iGaming platforms must handle player funds. 

It includes details on the accepted payment methods, which include bank cards and bank transfers as well as “any other any other means approved by the chairman” - the “chairman” referring to the Board. 

Effectively, this means you’ll only be allowed to deposit or withdraw cash via a method that is deemed safe and protected by the state of Nevada. 

The Board also protects a player's right to withdrawal. Its regulations state that all licensees must comply with a request for a withdrawal that is “in accordance with the terms of the wagering account agreement between the licensee and its patron.” It also prevents accounts from becoming overdrawn. 

All of this is in contrast to offshore or unregulated online gambling sites, which are not subject to any external checks or regulations It means you have a guarantee of how your funds are going to be managed, and don’t need to worry about the casino simply stealing them. 

Applying for a Nevada GCB License

The Nevada GCB supplies a wide range of licenses that reflect the multi-faceted nature of gambling in the state.

The most significant license supplied by Nevada is a Nonrestricted Gaming License, which is required for any casino or organization operating with more than 15 slot machines or operating multiple types of games, a racebook or other types of gambling. 

Additionally, to offer online gambling, casinos need to apply for an Operator of Interactive Gaming License. 

You can apply for the license that corresponds to your needs via the PDF forms you’ll find on the GCB website. You’ll need to download the form with Adobe Acrobat to edit it, then submit the completed PDF to the GCB according to the instructions on the form.

How to Make a Complaint via the Nevada Gaming Control Board

The GCB has a defined structure for how disputes and complaints should be managed in Nevada.

The first step is always for players to try to resolve their complaint with the licensee. If this can’t be done to their satisfaction, they can request an investigation by the Board. 

If the dispute involves a monetary value of at least $500, the licensee is required to notify the board immediately. If the dispute involves less than $500, the licensee is required to notify the player that they have the right to contact the Board. Either way, an investigation can be undertaken. 

An agent of the board will undertake whatever investigation necessary to resolve the dispute, and must come to a decision within 45 days after the Board has received its first notification about the dispute. The Board, the licensee and the player will all receive written notification about the Board’s investigation and eventual conclusion. 

The Nevada GCB website has a complaint form users can fill out to report their problem. 

Finding a Safe Nevada GCB Casino Online

Nevada doesn’t have legal online casino games, and you won’t find any traditional real money online casinos with a GCB license. Instead, the iGaming platforms that are legal and licensed in the state involve online sports betting and online poker. 

There are, of course, many thousands of options around the state to play in-person casino games. You can also play online casino style games at social casinos in Nevada, like LuckyLand or Chumba Casinos, but since they’re not technically online gambling sites they are not licensed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. 

Read the Player Reviews

Hearing from players directly is always a great way to learn about a casino or sportsbook before deciding whether you should sign up or not. Although Nevada doesn’t currently offer NGCB licensed online casino gaming, you can still find player feedback on the iGaming platforms that are allowed - sports betting and online poker. 

For example, BetMGM Sports Nevada is the unique Nevada-facing app available for iPhone and Android devices. It’s currently rated an impressive 4.7/5 on the App Store from thousands of ratings, where you can also read reviews from regular players who have downloaded the app - with both positive and negative experiences. 

In terms of in-person gambling, there are also lots of resources out there where you can read about the different casino resorts in Las Vegas and around the state, hear about the strengths and weaknesses of each one, and decide which you think would suit you best. 

Check the Terms and Conditions

Gaming Control Boards around the United States are there to protect players, make sure they are being treated fairly, and support them in any disputes they get into. But it’s also a two way street.

It’s your responsibility to carefully read the terms and conditions of any iGaming platform that you decide to sign up to, or indeed any brick and mortar casino you play at. 

We’ve covered the protection offered by the Nevada GCB - from regulating accepted payment methods to providing an avenue for player complaints - but that protection doesn’t absolve you of responsibility to understand and follow the rules and regulations of the casino or iGaming platform, which are regulated by the Nevada GCB.

Understanding how sports betting rules work, or reading the small print on free bet offers and other sports betting promotions, is a perfect example of where the NGCB can help you if you think you’re being treated unfairly - but only if you are playing according to the rules of the casino or sportsbook.

Responsible Gambling Under the Nevada GCB License

The Nevada GCB obligates all its licensees to promote responsible gambling on their sites, and to provide certain resources to its users, including providing them with the option of customizing deposit limits in a given time period to manage their gambling habits. 

Nevada casinos are required to display the following message, or an administratively approved alternative:

“For problem gambling information and assistance, call the 24-hour confidential Problem Gamblers HelpLine at 1-800-522-4700, or visit“

The Nevada GCB also has a “Problem Gambling” section displayed on its website, where you’ll find links to a variety of organizations that promote responsible gaming and provide support for anyone who has a problem. Those organizations include:

  • Gam-Anon
  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • National Council on Problem Gambling
  • Nevada Council on Problem Gambling

Overall we’re satisfied with the resources provided by the GCB, although it would be nice to see more information and advice housed on the Board’s actual website, rather than simply links to external resources. 

Our Opinion on the Nevada GCB License

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has been protecting ordinary gamblers in the state since the 1950’s. 

Playing at a casino or an online iGaming platform that you know has received a license from the Nevada GCB is a world away from playing at unlicensed or offshore sites. It means the platform is externally monitored and regulated for fairness, is legally obligated to handle your funds and personal data discretely, and us subject to repercussions if it fails in its responsibilities. 

If you are gambling at an unlicensed site and they withhold your winnings, there’s more or less nothing you can do. If this happens in Nevada, you know you have the law on your side and a path to a solution.

In a variety of ways, the Nevada GCB makes your gambling experience in Nevada safer and secure. 

Nevada GCB Casinos FAQ

What is the purpose of the Nevada Gaming Control Board?

The Nevada GCB licenses and regulates all forms of gambling in the state of Nevada. 

Who regulates gaming in Nevada?

Gambling in Nevada is regulated by the Nevada Gaming Control Board in conjunction with the Nevada Gaming Commission.

How do you get a gaming license in Nevada?

You can apply for a gaming license in Nevada online, by downloading the relevant PDF from the Gaming Control Board website and submitting it according to the instructions on the application. 

Who regulates gambling in Las Vegas?

Gambling in Las Vegas is regulated by the Nevada Gaming Control Board in and the Nevada Gaming Commission

How do I file a complaint with the Nevada Gaming Commission?

You can file a complaint via the form on the Nevada Gaming Control Board website.

Is Nevada the only state with legal gambling?

No. Tribal casinos are widespread around the US, and since 2018 more than a dozen states have legalized online casino gambling and sports betting. 

How much is a gaming License in Nevada?

Licensing fees vary depending on the nature of your casino or gambling platform and the nature of the license you require, including a charge per slot machine or table game plus an investigation fee for the Board to consider your case. The Gaming Control Board provides you with an estimate before your application is considered. With high-end casino complexes, the process can cost over $1,000,000. 

How much is a restricted gaming license in Nevada?

You also need to pay per slot / game, but the initial cost for a restricted gaming license is a $150 application fee and a $550 investigation fee.

How long does a Nevada gaming license last?

It varies depending on the license, but a Nevada iGaming license lasts for an initial two years.  

What cities in Nevada have casinos?

All the major cities in Nevada have casinos, including Las Vegas, Reno, Paradise, Henderson and more. 

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