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If you have been around the block a couple of times within the online casino world, then chances are you have played at casino owned by Nektan. This Gibraltar-based company is responsible for over 100 different casino sites, all with their own unique theme and qualities. Nektan casino are especially favoured by players based in the United Kingdom, but gamblers from Canada and Europe are more than welcome to try these brands out for themselves.

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Top Nektan Casinos to Play

More than One Hundred Different Casinos

Nektan, as a company, has some of the most influence within the online gambling market. With more than one hundred online casinos under their belt, these guys know  a thing or two about how to run a successful brand. Nektan is officially classified as a whitelabel platform, which means that they already possess the necessary licences and approval from regulatory bodies to start a casino. They use their expertise and authority within the industry to help small scale businesses set up their own casino concept. This is why Nektan was able to set up over 100 different casinos.

Not only does Nektan lend their licence power to other operators, they also provide their own top-notch customer and VIP support. This is to ensure that every player gets the well-deserved assistance and guidance when playing at any of their brands. So if you are looking for a professional online casino where you can be assured of assistance at all times, Nektan-owned casinos are the way to go. 

Since Nektan Casino has so many operational online casinos, they are able to cater to the wants and needs of players all over the world. While mostly catering to a British audience, Nektan also owns several casinos targeting Irish players. These casinos bear an iconic Irish theme to make sure that Irish natives feel right at home no matter where they are in the world. 

Another aspect that Nektan casinos excel in is their portability. All online casinos owned by Nektan perform impeccably across all mobile devices. This makes their online casinos perfect for on-the-go, so you can take the thrill of online casino with you wherever you go. 

Nektan Casinos with A No Deposit Bonus

One thing that sets Nektan casinos apart from the rest, is that most of them seem to offer a no deposit bonus. This is great for players who are new to gambling or for veterans to take the casino for a test drive. Many of their brands offer a one-time no deposit bonus of £5 for new players. Players will need to verify their phone number in order to receive the free cash, adding to the mobile-friendliness of their products. 

The no deposit funds can then be used on any of the  games specified within the terms and condition, usually Starburst by NetEnt. 

Which Games Can I Play at Nektan Casinos? 

Nektan plays host to a number of casinos online - as they set them up, you can check their website to see which some of the biggest of their brands are. For an online casino to start offering games of a certain provider, first a deal needs to be made. Once the deal is made the online casino can start offering the games made by the provider. This is why sometimes you will find online casinos with only a handful of games, because they haven’t been able to secure as many deals as their competitors.

When visiting a Nektan-owned casino, the sheer volume and variety of their casino games is what catches the player’s eyes. From small scale independent game studios to big brand names, Nektan casinos have it all. 

In terms of game variety, the options are almost endless. Here you will find both classic slots and video slots under one roof, as well progressive jackpots and live dealer games. 

On top of developing their own casino brands, Nektan also has a line of in-house developed casino games. These are not limited to only slot machines, but they also cover table games, scratch cards, instant win games, keno and bingo games. With over 600 games developed by Nektan themselves, they are a true omnipotent company. 

What Are the Characteristics of A Nektan Casino?

The casinos you will find under Nektan always boast a certain theme in order to appeal to the different preferences of the player. They have a handful of Irish-themed casinos as well as a larger selection of Britihs-themed casinos. For gamblers of neither nationality, there are online casinos modelled after a wide range of themes such as tropical islands, football, Las Vegas and many more. Nektan casinos want the players to feel immersed within the theme that they create so the player can enjoy the ultimate gambling experience. 

Are Nektan Casinos Safe and Fair to Play At?

As stated before; Nektan casino is able to have so many online casinos under its name because it has all the necessary licences within several jurisdictions. Because they are based in Gibraltar, they were able to be issued a licence by the Gibraltar government. The Gibraltar licence agreement also allows the company to develop and publish its own casino games, which are all tested for RNG and fairness. 

Aside from the Gibraltar licence, Nektan is also in possession of a remote gambling licence issued by the UK Gambling Commission in June 2014. This is the reason why they are able to offer their gambling services to players based in the United Kingdom while the company is situated in Gibraltar. 

A remote betting intermediary licence was issued by the Irish gambling commission on July 2015, making Nektan casinos some of the safest online casinos for Irish players. 

A Final Word on Nektan Casinos

Vibrant, mobile-friendly and easy to use for players of all ages above 18; Nektan casinos are at the top of the shelf. Every single one of their brands boasts a unique theme to make the player feel at home. Their no deposit bonuses all new players to try out a casino without having to reach into their own pockets. Veteran players can use their deposit bonus to their advantage to get some extra bonus funds on the reels. With over one hundred different casinos to choose from, players are guaranteed an online gambling experience of a lifetime. 

Nektan Casinos FAQs

How long has been Nektan been operating?

Nektan have been in operation since 2014, and since that time have operated and helped open a number of online casinos for some of the biggest names online.

What is Nektan?

Nektan is a company which provides complete casino platform services, allowing providers to put their games on some of the best sites online.

What games does Nektan provide?

Nektan provides games not only to online casinos, including some of the most popular in the industry, but also provides in-house games to casinos with their subsidiary Respin in the US.