National Postcode Loterji: Rules, Price & Odds

NameNational Postcode LoterjiTicket Price€14 per month
DrawLast day of the monthBiggest Won€56.7 Million
Winning Odds1 in 6.6

There’s no need for any confusion. Loterji simply means lottery in Dutch. Yes, we’re going to cover a Dutch lottery program today. If you know about lotteries in the UK, you may already know about how the National Postcode lottery works.

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How to Play National Postcode Loterji?

So, the name for the lottery has "National Postcode" in it. What does it mean to you?

If it’s not clear yet, let us help. It simply means you participate in the lottery program on behalf of your area (postcode) rather than as an individual. The draws are also based on the postcodes, where the winning postcode shares the prize among all participants.

The biggest benefit of such online lottery games for real money is that the odds of winning are relatively short. The odds are often 1 in hundreds of millions for individual lottery tickets! Stay tuned if you’re interested in the National Postcode Loterji's odds.

Another important distinction of this lottery is that you need to subscribe to the program rather than buy individual tickets. As the draws take place all the time, a subscription model is better than a ticket-based model.

Essentially, all countries in the world have postcodes to segment all the areas of a city. And all postcode numbers are going to be different. The same is true for the Netherlands too. Hence, the ticket has a unique number on your ticket as well.

On top of the postcode number. That’s your identifying ticket. When a postcode wins in a draw, you present your unique ticket to the authority to claim your share of the prize. For example, if a postcode has 1,000 residents, it’s apparent that all of them are not going to participate in the draw. So, only having the postcode number on the ticket is not good.

So, if 200 people from that postcode participate, all 200 of them get a unique sequence of numbers on the ticket. So, when your postcode wins, no other person can claim the prize just because they live in eh neighbourhood. They must present the ticket with a unique identifier.

The biggest benefit of such lotteries is that the prize pools are often very large. Having a small prize pool won't be attractive because the winnings are supposed to be split among all the winning tickets.

Now, the National Postcode Loterji is not one draw. Rather, it’s an accumulation of lots of draws categorised as the koningskanjer, the nature photo competition, the street prize, postcode kanjer, million-dollar hunt, million-dollar night, and many others.

Essentially, there are draw dates spread across a month. Every time, the agenda is different, and so is the prize pool. However, the draw for the jackpot is always held on the last day of the month.

Rules of National Postcode Loterji

Winning the lottery is only half the equation. The other half depends on how well you can adhere to the rules of the lottery program. As the National Postcode Loterji in the Netherlands deals with a massive audience all the time, the rules are somewhat stricter than usual.

But worry not because we’re going to cover all aspects of this lottery, so you don’t have to scour through them in the T&C section.

Odds to Win the Prizes

We liked this national lottery in the Netherlands because there is a dedicated page to explain your chance of winning. If you’re not aware, that’s the odds for the prizes. And we all know that whenever a luck-based event is involved, you can’t ignore the odds.

Another great thing is that the page is updated every year. At the time of writing, the provided data was for 2021. Nine million thirty-eight thousand eight hundred thirty-six prizes were raffled throughout the year, all over the Netherlands. Against these draws, there were 2.97 million participants (tickets). Among the 2.97 million people, a whopping 448,570 won a prize!

Considering all the numbers and putting them in the required equations, the odds of winning is 1 in 6.6 lottery tickets! It’s better than what you can find even at some of the largest casinos like Microgaming casinos worldwide!

That’s something you don’t get for any other lotteries. You can expect to win a prize if you buy seven tickets. It might not be the same for 2022, but it’s always better to have a baseline.

Price of National Postcode Loterji Tickets

As we already said, the National Postcode Loterji is not a ticket-based approach. Well, it is but not in the traditional sense. Each ticket for the final draw costs €14 for a month. It means the tickets are valid for the month only.

Now, when you subscribe to the website, you can buy tickets in advance for other months. It will be an automated process, so there’s no need for you to enter your payment details like Trustly casinos every time manually.

Learn more about the national postcode loterji jackpot

National Postcode Loterji Jackpot

As we said in a previous section, the National Postcode Loterji is not a single lottery. For example, the street prize draws occur every week, and all participating members from the postcode win a massive €12,500 each!

And the crème de la crème of the prizes is the one that happens at the end of the month, known as the PostcodeKanjer. Every time you buy tickets, you accumulate Kanjer points. The more points you have, the larger the share you can win. Then, you have the Million Dollar Hunt, where you get five chances to win a share of €5 million. Also, how can we forget the SuperPostcode prize with €1 million in the pool!

Essentially, 50% of the total ticket sales go to the charities, and the other 50% goes into the prize pool. In 2020 alone, the National Postcode Loterji has paid over €348 million to charities! There are plenty of big winners across the Netherlands who benefited from a prize pool that amounts to almost the donated €348 million.

Biggest Win Made

For most lotteries, national or private, the individual winnings got the most attention. "Mr X won €………… million from Y area". But you can’t follow the same modality for the postcode lotteries. It’s true in the UK. And it’s true in the Netherlands.

What we can do is list the biggest win ever for a postcode. It was a massive €56.7 million back in 2021. The win came from the PostcodeKanjer instrument, which credits the money according to the accumulated Kanjer points. The person who bought the most tickets got the highest Kanjer points. Hence, they bagged the biggest portion of the prize.

Results of National Postcode Loterji

The draw for the National Postcode Loterji in the Netherlands takes place on the last day of the month. So, if you’re reading his post in May, your draw is coming up on May 31st. The results are then published on the 1st day of the following month.

If you’re not aware, a lot of the components of the National Loterji are broadcast on TV. Deal or No Deal, Coffee Time, Milojenen Jacht (Million Dollar Hunt), etc., all have TV listings throughout the month. Make sure to check your local TV guide to know the exact timings for the shows.

How to Claim National Postcode Loterji Prizes

After buying the ticket, it’s only natural to wait eagerly for the results. And if you win, you’d want to know how to claim the prize. For the National postcode Loterji in the country, there are four steps. Trekking, Uitslag & publicatie, Prijs, and Bezorging. They essentially mean the draw, the publication of the results, the notification, and the distribution.

The website states that if the prize can be posted in your letterbox, you’ll receive it within three weeks after the publication date.

If the prize doesn’t fit into your letterbox, you’ll need to pick it up from the nearest lottery store. You’ll receive a gift voucher 3 to 6 weeks after the publication to redeem the prize from the store. For your share of the jackpot wins, the lottery authority will contact you and give you instructions on collecting it. In most cases, the money will be credited to your bank account.

Taxes of These Prizes

In the Netherlands, gambling is quite strictly regulated. And lotteries are considered gambling by the government. Unfortunately, gambling is subject to taxation in the country. Whatever you win, you’ll need to pay 29% of it as the tax.

However, if your winnings are below €454, you don’t need to pay taxes. Then again, you’ll receive the net amount in your bank account or the letterbox because the lottery authority will withhold the tax anyway.

Our honest opinion about the national postcode loterji

Our Opinion on National Postcode Loterji

So, how did we like the National Postcode Loterji in the Netherlands? We think it’s a fantastic way to contribute to a good cause while creating an opportunity for you to win something. All winning tickets from a postcode get the prize; it doesn’t hurt to try.

National Postcode Loterji FAQs

There are many components to the lottery program in question; it’s very normal if you have a few questions for us.

What times are National Postcode Loterji Draws?

The main draw takes place on the last day of each month and the results are published on the first day of the following month.

Who owns National Postcode Loterji?

The National Postcode Lottery in the Netherlands is currently owned by Novamedia. It’s one of the oldest lotteries in the country, circulating since 1989. The company is also licensed by the Gaming Authority.

What are the odds of winning the National Postcode Loterji?

Actually, the odds of winning a prize in this lottery change every year. For 2021, it was 1 in 6.6 tickets. If you ask us, that’s very good odds to test your luck.

How to win National Postcode Loterji?

Well, if it was online blackjack or any other casino game, we could’ve shared some pointers and strategies with you. But with a lottery, there’s no such thing. All you can do is hope that your postcode wins. And buy more tickets to accumulate more Kanjer points.

How much are National Postcode Loterji tickets?

The ticket price for this lottery is €14 per month. Of course, you can buy more than 1 ticket if you want.

How to check National Postcode Loterji Results?

The results are published on the website the day after the draw. It’s mostly the first day of a month.

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