We all know the infamous story of 1980s Colombia, where Pablo Escobar reigned over the country with terror and his drug trafficking business. If you didn’t know it through your school’s history lessons, we’re pretty sure you got to know it through Netflix’s popular series Narcos. Now, NetEnt have signed a deal to transform this popular series into a slot, just like it has on other occasions, with popular films and series. We don’t know exactly when it is going to come out, but we’re thinking that it will be in conjunction with the release of Season 4, late in 2018. Are we excited about this? Most definitely and here is why! 

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Take a look at our predictions for the upcoming Narcos slot with all the details we can provide. Keep reading and find out more about the very best NetEnt online slots. Don't miss out on the hottest slot machines available to play for free or real cash.


Slot Basics

Given what we know from past transformations of series into slots, we predict 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed lines. We’re not exactly sure how the slot will turn out, but given our knowledge of the series, we can make some pretty good predictions. 
NetEnt representatives themselves have stated that the Narcos slot is one of NetEnt’s biggest deals to date and since it has a huge fan base, it is bound to do well as a slot, which is why we are so excited for it’s launch. How we’re going to hold tight till the end of 2018 is beyond us. 

The Series

Narcos is based on the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar’s real life story, his induction into the drug trade, his mob development, his political career, imprisonment and eventual death. The narrative is told from the perspective of the detective who was after him, which is why we predict the main slot characters will be Pablo Escobar himself (obviously), Steve Murphy and Javier Peña, the detectives after him, and other mob members. 
The story line of the series starts with us seeing Pablo Escobar smuggling Television and Electronics back in the 1970s, but things escalated quickly, and in a short period of time, Escobar became a drug trafficker who controlled over 80% of cocaine shipment to the US. At first, he had earned popularity through sponsoring charity projects and the soccer club; I guess you could say he was Colombia's twisted version of Robin Hood at the time. He continued on to a short lived political career, but then instantly became known for his terror campaigns until he was killed by the Colombian Police in 1993

Theme and Graphics

Ok so we don’t know much about what exactly the theme of the slot game will be about, but we can take a pretty good guess. Given that this theme is seen throughout all of the series, we think it is safe to say that the theme of the slot will be revolving around the concept of DEA vs Pablo Escobar
Different series characters will represent character symbols on the reel and slot, and we’re predicting a high variant with high volatility kind of slot, which perfectly reflects the main character of the show. 


As most of you know, the series development of Narcos changes a lot from the first two seasons to the third and upcoming fourth. The focus of the first two is mostly on Pablo Escobar himself, and we would go as far as saying that most people started watching the series to get to know more about the infamous drug lord’s story. Upon the death of Escobar in the series, the story line shifted more onto catching other members of the crime community within Colombia, but I think it is safe to say that Netent’s Narcos slot will focus on the first two seasons and Pablo Escobar’s story line
The series is all about introducing, building the character of and eventually destroying notorious criminals all over 1980’s Colombia. That makes for a great slot theme, does it not? The aim of the game? We’re not entirely sure, but we predict that the player will be the DEA, trying to learn about the whereabouts and capture as many drug lords until you reach the epitome of it all, Pablo Escobar
Now as for the background of the slot game, we predict that the infamous ‘La Cathedral’ that Escobar built as his own prison might play a huge part here. This prison came with a complete casino, spa and nightclub, so we can definitely see why it could make the cut as the background of the slot gamecasino …. casino game? Makes perfect sense right?  

Bonus Rounds

We predict minor bonus rounds where you get to defeat different high-end criminals and SPOLER ALERT …. Well not really a spoiler because we all know how the story ends, and if you don’t then I would say that it is time to brush up on some history; the last bonus round would be the one where you fight against Pablo Escobar himself and defeat him, just like the DEA did, and win some big big cash. Here, we are not taking into consideration the fact that in the third season, the plot shifts to one where the DEA go against the Cali Cartel, maybe that would be a future slot game that Netent can work on.  

Potential DEA Bonus Round

A bonus round where you get to kill as many drug lords and their mob members as possible, in the form of character symbols and smashing those symbols to obliterate them and earn cash in return. NetEnt would really be trying to make a hero out of you in this bonus round, and if you're all for being on the good side of things, we're pretty sure you're gonna enjoy it. 

Possible Drug Lords Bonus Round

Try to smuggle as many bags of cocaine as possible from South America to North America in this lovely bonus round. Ok, this might not exactly be the most politically correct bonus round in all existence, but given that they are drug lords and that their main aim is to traffic drugs to another country, we don’t see why NetEnt shouldn't bring this in as an option. It could also be the case that they tone it down to the extent that you don't really know what you're trafficking from one country to another, but I'm pretty sure you'll still know what's going from point A to point B right? 

Pablo Escobar Bonus Round

Not exactly sure if this round will exist in the way we’re saying it will, but given what the series revolves around, we’re pretty sure there is going to be a Pablo Escobar bonus round of some sorts. We predict that it will involve hitting as many slot characters as possible, in hopes of escaping imprisonment, until you are sent to the prison Pablo Escobar built for himself, ‘El Cathedral’. 

Probable  DEA vs Pablo Escobar Bonus Round

The crème de la crème of the slot game, what every press of a button has been slowly leading up to, the final round where Pablo Escobar is eventually defeated and the game ends. Slash out as many Escobar character symbols in a span of time and you're awarded a win! It will probably have the highest winning numbers, with the greatest chances of winning, with obvious reasons as to why. 

Wagering and Payouts

So, your typical pay out rate for any NetEnt slot is between 95-98%, which is very good for prospective players. Now given the popularity and nature of this TV show, we’re guessing that the pay-out rate will be closer to the latter than the former. 
Apart from this generous payout rate, we’re convinced that this slot will give players the chance to experience the Narcos life on a first-hand basis, in a much less violent and more entertaining way of course, and our prediction is that they are going to love it!

Final Remarks

If the slot is in any way reflective of the series itself, and given NetEnt’s track-record when changing a movie/series into a slot, we’re sure it will be, then the audience is in for a real treat. The recipe that made the show such a big success, great story line, fighting scenes, and intriguing attention to detail, will all be translated into the slot game. So what’s left? Wait till the end of 2018 of course, and stay tuned on our site for more info as it comes out. 
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