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Learn everything about the mali casinos

History of Gambling in Mali

Since the Muslim population heavily dominates the country, there is no presence of gambling in Mali. Players are not allowed to engage in any form of gambling. There is also no land-based or online gambling operator based out of Mali.

Mali Gambling Law

Mali follows Islamic Law and all of its restrictions when it comes to gambling. According to Islamic Law or Sharia, gambling is considered a temptation and prohibited. This applies to all games of chance.

Even popular gambling activities like the online lottery games for real money, which are popular in many other countries, are prohibited here. Online gambling is unregulated in the country. But players can play in international casinos if they feel they are missing out!

Land-Based Casinos in Mali

Since all form of gambling is prohibited in the country, it's to be expected that there are no land-based casinos in the country. Anyone found to open a casino will have to get in trouble with the law.

The dominance of the Muslims in the population guarantees that no land-based casinos will be available to the residents shortly. So, for now, players must stick to off-shore online casinos if they want to gamble.

The Future of Online Gambling in Mali

As we've said before, online gambling is also not legal in Mali. While players are turning to international casinos for their gambling needs, it's a shame that they can't do it with local operators. If the legal situation surrounding gambling does not improve, online gambling doesn't have much of a future as things stand now.

Sports Betting in Mali

Even though gambling isn't legal, the few players in Mali are avid punters. They can't get enough of it. Football is the most popular as the country did host the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations. So when betting on online sportsbooks, football is the sport that Malian punters look for.

We've also noticed that Malian punters like to go for the pay-by-phone casinos and casino-style bookmakers. It allows them to wager their money on their favourite markets as part of their phone bill. This is incredibly popular in many African countries since not all punters use a bank account.

Best feature of these online casino sites

Top Features of Malian Casinos

Since you're going to be looking at international casinos, for the most part, we thought it would be best to tell you about some of the features you can expect. We considered these features when creating our recommendations. So what are these? Let's find out.

Casino Security

We realize that safe online casinos are hard to find. But it should be your primary concern no matter what. Compromising the safety and security of the casino for its other features is the biggest mistake you can make. If the casino isn't reliable, what's to stop it from running away with your money?

Provably Fair Casino Games

"Provably fair" is a term that you'll come across if you're playing at something like an NFT casino. This term refers to the chance of you scoring a win in the game. The chances of your victory are calculated while adding up on paper. But practically, they aren't feasible for players with a smaller bankroll.

Local Casino Payment Options

Since gambling is illegal in Mali, there's no support for local banking options at any of the casinos you'll be visiting. Other options you'll get with the supported currencies might include credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and various forms of bank transfers. These are some of the most popular banking options available to gamblers.

Quick Winnings Cashout

Depending on how you play and how much you're risking, you'll get a payout proportional to that. But on top of all that, you want a fast payout casino too. If you don't get your winnings fast, you won't be able to use your winnings to play even more. So when looking for a casino, you should keep this fact in mind.

Privacy for the Players

Another concern is the security of your personal information at the casino. You should always consult the privacy policy page to keep informed about its policy of using your information.

Even if the casino does not misuse your information, there are always people out there who are looking to steal your information. You can rest easy if you see your casino using 128-bit SSL encryption.

Our testing of the mali casinos

Testing the Mali Online Casinos

You can only provide a good and genuine recommendation if you test the casinos yourself. And that's exactly what we did. We tested all of our casinos before recommending them to you. So you'll get a similar experience as we did.

Malian Casino Reviewers

A good way to understand all a casino offers in a simple summary is by looking at online casino reviews. And you can only relate to a good review if it's been made by someone with similar circumstances. With that in mind, we have only considered the reviews made by Malian gamblers to help you understand better.

Deep Analysis of the Malian Casino

We've carefully analyzed each aspect of the casino before recommending them to you. That way, you don't misunderstand the confusing parts, and it also helps you see through any false claims. We've also used experts' help to weed out all the bad casinos, leaving you with only the best ones.

Find Every Detail

We've already established that gambling is not legal in Mali. So it's only natural that a Malian wouldn't be able to tell what certain terms mentioned in the T&C stand for. To help you out with it, we've done that for you.

Details about the mobile casino sites

Mali Mobile Casinos

We've talked about this at the start of the article. But even though gambling isn't allowed in the country, players still play in online casinos. And most gamblers use their phones to access these websites. It's a great option, too, since the best online gambling sites support players coming in using their mobiles.

Mobile Casino Connections

As for mobile connectivity, there are four operators within the country. Initially, they offered only 2G services. But since 2018, the operators have provided 4G connections to all others. This opens the road for future mobile casino apps if they are ever legalized.

Our final thoughts on these online casinos

Although playing at online casinos in Mali is illegal, that hasn't stopped the players from doing so. And seeing the ever-rising popularity of sports betting in the country, we can freely recommend online casinos to any Malian player. But keep your eyes and ears peeled if you want to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

Mali Casinos FAQs

You can check out the FAQ section below if we couldn't clear anything up. It should help answer whatever additional questions you may have. 

Are online casinos legal in Mali?

All gambling activities within the border of Mali are illegal. Due to Islamic dominance, any player found engaging in gambling is punishable by the law. But since online gambling is unregulated, you can still play at online casinos in Mali without getting into any trouble.

Which is the best online casino in Mali?

Depending on your tastes, the best casino will change. But if you’re looking for a casino that’s overall good in everything that it does, we recommend Betway casino.

Which Malian online casinos have the best payouts?

If a larger payout is your thing, then you should look for a high RTP casino. Games at these casinos will have a higher return rate to players allowing them to win more. Check out RoyalVegas casino as it has some good high RTP games for its users.

Do all Malian casino sites take debit cards?

There aren’t any casinos in the country where you could even use a debit card to make payments. But the off-shore casinos that Malians are regularly spending their time and money in all accept debit cards. It’s a really convenient method of payment and you’ll find it in the best online casinos.

Do all Malian online casinos offer secure deposits and withdrawals?

Since you place your trust in a casino when it comes to handling your money, the casinos will respond to that trust in return. The best casinos will offer the most secure transactions. This is true for both deposits and withdrawals. Because if a casino is not careful with your money, you don’t really want to play at it.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Malian casino players?

In most cases, you won’t find any additional fees that you have to pay for withdrawing. This is so that you can enjoy the most out of your winnings. No casino wants you to feel cheated on by charging an additional fee. However, the same cannot be said for the payment methods. It has its own T&C, so you’ll need to pay fees if it’s required.

Can I play with West African CFA francs at Malian casinos?

West African CFA francs is one of the currencies that are accepted by many international casinos. So players from Mali can rest assured that their currency will be accepted at the online casinos. In case you’re playing at a casino that doesn’t accept this currency, you can use the popular alternatives to continue playing.

What payment methods are available for players looking for online casinos in Mali?

Since you’re going to be playing online mostly at international casinos, you can expect all the popular and renowned payment methods at the online casinos. These methods will include Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets, e-checks, and bank transfers too.

What age should I be to play at an online casino from Mali?

If you want to gamble from Mali, you have to be at least 18 years old. Since there are no gambling laws, there isn’t really a strict regulation on it. But we still think that 18 should be considered the minimum gambling age in Mali.

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