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Learn everything about the madagascar casinos

History of Gambling in Madagascar

Well, there's not much to dig up regarding the history of gambling in Madagascar. It's always been legal, even during the French colonial days. Even after its independence in 1960, a huge part of the population speaks French.

The problem with the legislation is that it doesn't explicitly list any form of gambling. So, it's safe to say that gambling is and has been legal in Madagascar.

Madagascar Gambling Law

If you're specifically looking for legislation regarding online casinos in Madagascar, you're not going to find any. It's because online gambling is completely unregulated in the country. Even though the Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization decided to revamp the law to fit the modern context better, it just skipped on online gambling completely.

But being an unregulated jurisdiction surely has its perks. It means you're not subject to any accountability if you play at offshore international casinos. Also, there are no authorities within the country to regulate online gambling. So, the winnings are not taxable as well!

Of course, how can we forget about lotteries! The Malagasy government doesn't have one, but GTECH, an in-store shopping outlet, is permitted to sell lottery tickets. Also, you can expect lottery casinos to sell tickets for different international lotteries to you.

Land-Based Casinos in Madagascar

At the time of writing, there are only four land-based Malagasy casinos. There can't be any more shortly because the government has put a hold on granting new licenses indefinitely. All of these land-based casinos are located in Antananarivo, the capital city.

The Future of Online Gambling in Madagascar

From what we can see, Madagascar may have a decent future in online gambling. Although the internet penetration rate is still very low compared to most developing/developed countries, it's growing gradually every year. The more people use the internet; the more people will start playing online casino games.

Sports Betting in Madagascar

Sports betting is regulated in the same way as casinos. There's no mention of online sports betting anywhere in the legislation. It means you can visit the offshore bookmaker websites and start betting anytime.

If you are, don't forget to try to pay by phone casino. It's a mobile payment method where you pay the bill for real money, gambling with your phone bill. There are some SMS casinos as well that allow you to deposit by sending an SMS!

Best feature of these online casino sites

Top Features of Malagasy Casinos

Online casinos in Madagascar are no different than online casinos in any other country. All the brands must follow a similar approach in designing their services. Some features are common no matter where you go, while some are unique to specific countries. We will focus on the universal features that go into Malagasy online casinos.

Fairness of the RNG Algorithm

When dealing with a "game of chance", you need a way to verify that the results are random. Traditional online casinos do it with the help of an RNG (Random Number Generator). To this day, RNG is prevalent in the best casino games.

If you move on to crypto casinos, on the other hand, you'll come across the "provably fair" algorithm. It's only possible when you have a blockchain. The game outcome is derived from 2 different seeds. One is from the player, while the casino provides the other.

Frequent Bonuses

Bonuses. Something you can never go wrong with if customer acquisition and retention is your primary target. Take a free spins casino in Madagascar, for example. If it offers free spins, one or more slots for free! The same goes for a no deposit casino, a cashback casino, and so on.

Local Payment Options

Compared to most African countries, the economy in Madagascar is quite good. However, it's a cash economy, so people are more comfortable using cash for their transactions. But if you want to play at Malagasy online casinos, you must use an online payment method. 

Thankfully, the brands on our list offer local and international payment methods. Most operators are European, so that you can expect payment methods similar to the best online casino Europe brands.

Customer Service Details

This is a paradigm a lot of casino players don’t want to get into. At the same time, we don’t necessarily understand why we know it’s the wrong approach. Customer support for Malagasy online casinos is just as important as any other feature. The top casinos usually offer live chat, email, and telephone support. Although telephone support is not that common in Madagascar, you can surely use the other two channels.

Privacy for the Gamblers

As time passes, more players are interested in reading the terms and conditions page. It’s a great practice to learn a lot about any brand from the T&C page. However, there’s another page that you may never read—privacy Policy. A good online casino will always have easy-to-read privacy policy pages.

Our testing of the madagascar casinos

Testing the Madagascar Online Casinos

We’ve already listed the best Malagasy online casinos for you. It’s not much, but it’s honest work. Well, to cliché! Jokes apart, how did we come up with the list? Let’s find out.

Malagasy Casino Reviewers

To properly write online casino reviews, the person doing it must know the industry well. So, we thought, who would understand the Malagasy gambling industry better than the Malagasy reviewers? All of the reviews you find on our platform are tackled by them.

Deep Analysis of the Malagasy Casino

Even if you’re spending money on Madagascar's best online gambling sites, you should get in-depth information. Just because an operator is reputed doesn’t mean it’s free from our scrutiny.

We Read Between the Lines

An average player in Madagascar or any other country is not supposed to understand what the T&C page of an online casino is saying. That’s why we exist.

Details about the mobile casino sites

Madagascar Mobile Casinos

Mobile applications are very popular in African countries. It’s not just true for the iGaming industry but also for all other online services. The casino operators who accept players from the country know this, creating spectacular mobile compatibility for the players.

You can also download mobile casino apps for both iOS and Android to play the best casino games from your smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Internet Connectivity

The fastest mobile network at the time of writing, 5G, is yet to reach the borders of Madagascar. But you’d be glad to know that the 4G support is very good. At least in the metropolitan area.

Our final thoughts on these online casinos

We do. The options are surely very limited for Malagasy players. But the pattern of internet penetration and the popularity of online casinos reflect a bright future. You can expect more operators to accept players from the country shortly while offering bigger bonuses than ever! So, yes, we recommend Malagasy online casinos. Just pick one from our list and start playing.

Madagascar Casinos FAQs

Before creating a real money account at one of the Madagascar online casinos, read the questions players ask most frequently. 

Are online casinos legal in Madagascar?

Not on paper. Then again, they’re not illegal as well. Technically, The Republic of Madagascar is an unregulated jurisdiction when it comes to online gambling. All forms of land-based gambling have been legal since its French colonial days.

Which is the best online casino in Madagascar?

If we have to pick one among the online casinos Madagascar, we’ll go with the 888 casino. It has a fantastic welcome bonus for the Malagasy players as well as offers ongoing promotions in the long run. The software provider portfolio is quite unique too. When you finally spend some time on the platform, you’ll understand why we picked this one as the best.

Which Malagasy online casinos have the best payouts?

Payouts at online casinos have always been and will always be a major area of concern. As you’re spending your hard-earned real money, you want to get it back as soon as possible. So, you want to get as much of it back as possible. That’s why casino payouts are directly related to what the RTP of the games is. Casino.com in Madagascar has a lot of high RTP games.

Do all Malagasy casino sites take debit cards?

The short answer is no. It’s not possible for us to claim that "all" online casinos Madagascar will accept a debit card deposit. But the ones that you can see on our site surely do. Madagascar has a very good economy and so the card penetration rate is quite good. You should be able to find lots of casinos that accept debit cards.

Do all Malagasy online casinos offer secure deposits and withdrawals?

Again, the short answer is no. Not "all" Malagasy online casinos will offer secure deposits and withdrawals. Every jurisdiction around the has both good and bad operators. Madagascar is no different. So, it would be a stretch to claim that all online casinos are secure. We can only vouch for the ones we’re recommending to our readers.

Are there any withdrawal fees for Malagasy casino players?

Most reputed iGaming operators don’t bother with fees. But some operators do impose fees on both real money deposits and withdrawals on top of the cost of the payment method. Thankfully, the number of such operators is very low.

Can I play with Malagasy Ariary at Malagasy casinos?

As a Malagasy player, if you can’t use your native currency, you wouldn’t want to play at that casino. The problem is that Malagasy online casinos are yet to grow in number. So, it’s still hard for operators to directly accept Ariary. But several operators accept it and for the rest, you just have to pay a little conversion fee.

What payment methods are available for players looking for online casinos Madagascar?

As we’ve already established, Madagascar has one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa. So, it has pretty much all the international credit/debit card providers as well as wallets like Xoom (a PayPal subsidiary). Mobile money, on the other hand, is the biggest front of local payment methods.

What age should I be to play at an online casino from Madagascar?

You must be at least 18 years old if you want to participate in real money gambling in Madagascar.

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