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NameLottarioTicket PriceC$1
DrawSatBiggest WonC$250.000
Winning Odds1 in 4.072.530
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Gambling is a wide field with different kinds of games. Over the years, some of these games have become more popular than others. An example of one such game would be lotteries. For all the Canadian players, OLG is the official national lottery platform. Using it, players can access Lottario, one of the most popular lottery games in Canada. Today in this guide, we look at the different aspects and try to understand them better.

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How to Play Lottario?

Lotteries are all about luck. It’s a number-based draw game that depends purely on luck. Your objective is to choose some numbers from a set that you think can get picked at the draw. The more numbers you choose correctly, the bigger your reward.

In the case of Lottario, you are required to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 45. You can either do this randomly through the Quick Play option. Or you can choose the numbers yourself from a selection slip.

There is an additional option of a bonus game in Lottario. It’s called Encore. For some additional money, but if you decide to select this, you can participate in 10 plays per draw.

But where do you play Lottario? You can do it in 2 ways. You can purchase the lottery ticket from an authorized retailer. The other way is to purchase the ticket online. You can do it from the official OLG website or online lottery agents.

You will be handed a selection slip when you get the lottery ticket from a retailer. There you can choose the 6 numbers that you want. For Quick Play at the retailer, ask them for the option, and they’ll do it for you. 

Once you’ve done all that, you should be done. The next time you need to visit the retailer is when you want to verify the results of the lottery. 

To purchase the ticket online, you can visit the OLG.ca website and get your tickets. There is also the option to get it from an authorized online lottery casino and make your purchase. The official OLG app serves the same purpose.

Aside from Lottario, there are several options that OLG offer Canadian and Ontario casino players. You can choose from Lotto 6/49, Daily Keno, Ontario 49, and others. They have different odds and different prizes. You can check them out if you’d like.

As we’ve said, you can use the "Quick Play" option to randomize your selections. Choosing this has the system do the choosing for you. But just because the system chooses the numbers, the odds don’t change.

Rules of Lottario

Rules are what make a game. That is also true for lotteries. Different lotteries have different rules, different odds, and different prizes. It’s what separates one lottery from another one.

Here’s a quick look at the rules of Lottario to help you better understand it.

Odds to Win the Prizes

Odds are the main thing that you need to understand in any lottery. And it’s not just lotteries. You need the same concept for other luck-based games like the best online bingo. Although it will never increase your chances of winning, understanding the odds is something everyone getting into the lottery should do.

There are 9 tiers of rewards that you can get from Lottario. Normally a lottery with 6 number selections has fewer rewards. So without any more delays, let’s look at the odds for Lottario.

  • All 6 main numbers have odds of 1 in 4,072,530.
  • 5 main numbers and 1 bonus number have odds of 1 in 678,755.
  • 5 main numbers only have odds of 1 in 17,862.
  • 4 main numbers, along with 1 bonus, only have odds of 1 in 7,145.
  • 4 main numbers only odds of 1 in 386.
  • 3 main numbers, along with 1 bonus, only have odds of 1 in 290.
  • 3 main numbers only odds of 1 in 24.1.
  • 1 bonus number only has odds of 1 in 8.1.
  • 4 out of 4 early draw numbers only odds of 1 in 4,967.

Price of Lottario Tickets

The first step is to buy a ticket to have a shot at the jackpot in Lottario. You can’t participate without a ticket, let alone win the lottery. For an entry in Lottario, you need to pay C$1. This will allow you to choose two sets of 6 numbers. You can play for more choices, each of which will cost you an additional C$1. 

From the numbers you choose, the selection that matches the drawn numbers will determine your prize. The more you match, the higher your reward. 

Remember "Encore"? This is the bonus game that comes with Lottario. It’s also available on other Canadian lotteries. Participating in Encore costs you C$1 more than the base ticket. It’s optional. But since it costs only C$1, it’s worth a try.

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Lottario Jackpot

No matter where you’re playing from and no matter the lottery, the thing players are most excited about is the jackpot. Regarding the jackpot of Lottario, we have great news. The jackpot isn’t fixed. So you can expect some huge payouts. 

The base jackpot starts from C$250,000. And until someone wins the lottery, the jackpot keeps growing. This is the first prize. As for the other lottery rewards, they are not the percentage of the prize pool. You always know how much you’re going to win.

The second prize is C$10,000. Followed by that, you have the third prize of C$500. In the fourth place, you have C$30 as the reward. The next two tiers have prizes of C$10 and C$5. The seventh prize is C$4. The eighth prize is one free play. 

So even if you don’t get any numbers right, you can get away with a free play. The ninth prize is for the early draws. And it’s a share of C$50,000 among all the winners of the draw.

Winning at Encore opens up the door to winning a million dollars!. You can win at any Maxmillions draw when you participate in Encore. So you get a chance to win more money just at the cost of C$1.

Biggest Win Made

Since there is no upper limit on how high the jackpot can go, there are some crazy stories of lottery wins at Lottario. But hitting the jackpot isn’t that easy. Otherwise, you’d hear more and more people winning at Lottario.

Andrija Konjeck is a 72-year-old casual lottery player. In March of 2021, he won the Lottario jackpot of C$734,000. Another man, Wayne Best, won C$2,520,857 in May of 2021. It was his first time playing the lottery! Can you imagine the luck you need to win on your first try?

Results of Lottario

The results of the lottery are announced once weekly. It takes place on Saturday. Tickets are up on sale until the last minute of the draw. If you grab it before midnight on Friday, you’re eligible for the early draw.

The draw takes place exactly at 10:30 pm. Everything is done within 10 minutes. And the sales for the next draw start at 10:40 pm. You can check the results by scanning the ticket at any retailer or using the app to scan the ticket and find it out yourself.

You can also visit their website to check the results. The results are uploaded within minutes of the draw, so it’s also a convenient option.

How to Claim Lottario Prizes

It would help if you claimed your prizes within a year of winning. If you miss that deadline, you can no longer claim the prizes. So keep your eye out when the results are announced so that you don’t miss out on it.

For prizes up to C$1000, you can claim it from any authorized retailer, by mail, or at the OLG Prize Center. Presenting your ticket will allow you to withdraw your winning. For prizes up to C$250,000, you can claim it at the Prize Center or select casinos.

If you win more than C$250,000, you need to claim it solely at the Prize Center. You might need to fill up a Lottery Prize Claim Declaration Form. You can find the form on the official website.

Taxes of These Prizes

In Canada, no matter how much you win via the lottery, you never have to pay taxes. Lottery winnings are not considered taxable under Canadian Law. So that’s a great thing.

This is the same for international residents as well. But if you’re playing from outside of Canada, you might need to pay taxes if it’s applicable under the laws of your region.

Our honest opinion about the lottario lottery

Our Opinion on Lottario

Lottario is a great option for beginners since you don’t need to pay much to play. For C$1 you have a chance to make potentially millions of dollars. Even if you don’t like lotteries, Lottario still deserves a chance from you.

Lottario FAQs

For any additional questions that you may have, please refer to this section here.

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