NameLoto 7/35Ticket Price7.50 kn
DrawWed & SatBiggest Won5 Million kn
Winning Odds1 in 6.724.520
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In Croatia, you choose from various lotteries and online European casinos. But Loto 7/35 is one of the best options you can pick today. The cost is minimal, while the potential to win large sums of money is ever-present. That may be one of the biggest reasons you should be playing Loto 7/35, but there are others. Read this concise review to know everything you need to about Loto 7/35. 

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How to Play Loto 7/35?

As you may already know, online lottery games require you to purchase a ticket for real money. To purchase a ticket, you have to select a set of numbers from a given range. The same is true for Loto 7/35 in Croatia. You need to purchase a ticket from an eligible retail point or online. Whichever method you choose is completely up to you. 

The numbers that you choose can be picked manually by you. Or, you can allow the system to generate numbers randomly for you. You can opt for either based on your personal preference. The selected numbers must be any seven numbers from between 1 and 35. You can make more than one selection in a single ticket. But you need to pay more for more than one selection. 

Rules of Loto 7/35 

The cardinal rule of playing Loto 7/35 is that you must be over 18 years old. You must be able to prove this point if required legally. It would be better if you were resident in Croatia, but this is not a strict rule. But you may need to visit Croatia to claim any prizes you win. You should also note down the deadline before which you can buy tickets for a particular draw. Sales close at around 1830 on draw days every Wednesday and Saturday. 

Buy your ticket before that time; otherwise, you will miss that day’s draw. You can still buy a ticket for the next draw. Those are the rules about buying a ticket; what about the rules of winnings? The rules state that you can only win the jackpot if you get the six main numbers plus the bonus number right. 

However, the conditions for other prize tiers are also set out in the rules. You can win across nine prize tiers, including the jackpot prize. The minimum price that you can win requires matching only the bonus number. 

Odds to Win the Prizes

In Loto 7/35, there are multiple prize categories, just as there are in other lotteries. But your eyes must be on the big jackpot prize. Only winning the jackpot can turn you into a millionaire overnight. All the others are consolation prizes that will not substantially change your life. 

So, what is the statistical likelihood of winning the jackpot prize in this game?  The odds of winning the jackpot prize in Loto 7/35 is around 1 in 6,724,520. Refer to the table below for the odds of winning the other prizes. 

Prize CategoryNumbers MatchedOdds of Winning
171 in 6,724,520
2Six + Bonus Ball1 in 960,646
361 in 35,579
4Five + Bonus Ball1 in 11,860
551 in 912
6Four + Bonus Ball1 in 547
741 in 66
8Three + Bonus Ball1 in 66
9Bonus Ball only1 in 23
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Price of Loto 7/35 Ticket

Loto 7/35 is one of the most affordable lotteries in Croatia and the rest of Europe. It costs just 7.50 kn to buy a single basic ticket. That is around or even less than €1. 

While you can choose to play with a base price ticket, you can pay extra to enjoy extra privileges. This includes making multiple selections in one ticket, enrolling in other games, and more. Though availing of some of the extras can help slightly, it cannot make you luckier. The ultimate fate of your ticket rests on your luck, so gamble responsibly by staying within a reasonable budget. 

Loto 7/35 Jackpot

The Loto 7/35 jackpot amount varies on the total subscriptions paid during a given round. But there is a minimum guaranteed jackpot set at 400,000 kn. You will not find a minimum guaranteed jackpot in many European lotteries, so this is a huge plus in favour of Loto 7/35. Even though it exists, the jackpot amount never really veers anywhere close to the minimum. It is almost always significantly higher than the minimum. It reaches several millions of kunas. 

Biggest Win Made 

The biggest ever Loto 7/35 jackpot was won by a user nicknamed JocBa. This person became the lucky winner of the princely sum of 5,000,000 kn. The second biggest winner of a 7/35 jackpot does not even touch this figure. But there is no saying when the record might be broken. But it will sooner or later be broken. 

Maybe you could be the lucky player who breaks the record and wins more than 5,000,000 kn, just like so many people have unwittingly won a huge jackpot while casually enjoying a game of online casino slots

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Results of Loto 7/35

As far as Loto 7/35 is concerned, you can check the results in several ways. This ensures that you can get the latest and past draw results wherever you are and whatever situation you happen to be in. The quickest way to check the results would be to consult the official website. If you live or work near a Loto 7/35 point of sale, you can walk in and check the results. 

Moreover, you can call the operator by dialling 0800 600 607 and selecting the results option. The call option can come in handy if you do not have a good internet connection. You can even send an SMS with your ticket number to 613136 to check if your ticket has won. Finally, you can even use Teletext to check the results. The Teletext code for Loto 7/35 results is 791

How to Claim Loto 7/35 Prizes?

According to Loto 7/35 rules, you have to claim your prize within 60 days of the draw. Thus, to claim your prize in the shortest possible time, you must understand the process thoroughly. 

The process depends on the amount of money you win. If your prize value does not exceed 750 kn, you can claim the prize from several retail points. You can claim the prize at Croatian lottery outlets and other authorised outlets. However, if your winnings are above 750 kn but below 30,000 kn, you can claim the prize from Croatian lottery outlets. 

Furthermore, winnings between 30,000 kn and 100,000 kn can be claimed from the regional headquarters of the Croatian lottery. But winnings above 100,000 kn have to be claimed from the central headquarters, which is located in Zagreb. 

Taxes on These Prizes 

Unlike many countries in Europe, Croatia imposes taxes on lottery winnings. The tax rate is progressive, which means you pay more if you win more. All winnings below 750 kn are exempt from taxes. But if you win more than 750 kn but less than 10,000 kn, you will pay a 10% tax. For winnings between 10,000 kn and 30,000 kn, a 15% tax is applicable. Finally, the highest tax rate, i.e., 20%, is applicable on all winnings above 30,000 kn. 

The good news might be that the lottery operators are likely to deal with the tax authorities. They will send the appropriate amount to the tax authorities before disbursing the money to you. Bear in mind that you may have to pay taxes if you win in the biggest online casinos in Croatia. 

Our honest opinion about the loto 735 lottery

Our Opinion on Loto 7/35

Loto 7/35 is undoubtedly one of the best lotteries you can participate in at this point in Croatia. It competes in a crowded market full of many other lotteries, but it continues to be popular. There is a minimum guaranteed jackpot, but that is seldom important. There are so many entries that the jackpot prize rarely drops below the million mark. 

The biggest jackpot so far has been 5,000,000 know, but the game's rising popularity indicates that it may soon be broken. You could turn out to be the next record-breaking Jackpot winner and multi-millionaire. That is the reason why you should start playing Loto on 7/35. 

Loto 7/35 FAQs

Get short answers to the most frequently asked questions about Loto 7/35 in Croatia in the section below: 

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