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While numerous crash games make use of jet planes and similar vehicles for their games, Live Crash takes an altogether different route. Instead of a jet being the central focus, it’s a car in this one. That doesn’t stop it from zooming off at top speed into the air, being blasted along by a powerful fire. And if you want to experience Live Crash gambling, then we’ve got some insight into the game for you right here.

Description of the live crash game

Overview of Live Crash Game

The Live Crash casino game stands out from the very get-go, ensuring that you have an appealing view in front of you when you access it. Overall, it follows the same general rules of all other online crash games. You bet. You see the vehicle blast off. And then you cash out when you think the time is right to try and gain some profit. Of course, the theme of this one and the setup is slightly different to the others, meaning that it is likely to appeal to some gamers more so than others.

Theme of Live Crash Casino Game

Thematically, this one takes you into the realm of outer space. And while this is the case with several other online crash games, Live Crash utilises a seemingly extra special car to fly across space and time. Yes, that’s right, there is a sports car that launches and travels through the blackness of space, with planets and other astral bodies flying by as it goes. 

The game’s developer, OneTouch, has also added a soundtrack into it to bring that theme out on an even grander basis as well. Therefore, the theme has been executed in an ideal way, and Live Crash serves as an exciting game for online gambling sites to integrate into their lobbies.

How the Live Crash Game Works

So, if you do decide to proceed with Live Crash betting, you’ll want to know how to do this and how everything works in it, right? Well, you’re definitely in the right place to find out, as we have some guidance as to how everything plays out. This way, you can fully inform yourself on proceedings before you get involved.

Live Crash Incorporates a Game Round Every 15 Seconds

Rounds of Live Crash take place so frequently that you won’t have to wait around for a long timeframe before you are able to place a wager. This helps to make Live Crash gambling much more of an enjoyable activity. Each round lasts for a different period of time due to the fact that the car will crash and explode at different times in each game. Generally speaking though, you will be able to experience a round every 15 seconds or so, and you can place a wager for the next round while a current game is playing out.

Place a Stake in Live Crash

Your first course of action to participate in a round is to place a wager on it, and this is done by using the poker chips displayed across the bottom of the game screen. Once you are satisfied with the wager, you can confirm it, and this will be counted for the upcoming crash round at this game available on the European casinos. There will be a countdown timer that runs along the top of the game screen, and your bets must be made within this timeframe to count.

Take Your Winnings

Once the bet has been made and the countdown timer has reached the bottom, the car will blast off and start flying through space. At the same time, a multiplier will begin increasing above it, and this will keep going until the car crashes. It is up to you to cash out of the game when you think the time is right. Of course, the longer the car stays in flight, the higher the multiplier goes and the more profit you will gain from the round. But if you don’t cashout before the car explodes, then you win nothing, and your bet is lost.

Important features of the live crash game

The Important Things to Know About the Live Crash Casino Game

Whenever you play a casino game, you will be able to experience certain features of them that aren’t active in other types of games. Crash games are exactly the same. Live Crash allows you to experience some inviting features, and it is ideal to know about these before you set about placing your bets on it.

Multiple People Can Participate in the Game at Once

When you engage in Live Crash betting, multiple other people can do so at the same time. This makes it a multiplayer online casino game. When it comes to other casino games, such as online casino slots as an example, you will generally be participating in the rounds by yourself. 

Yes, other people around the world could be playing the same game at the same time, but you would never know it. In Live Crash, you can see how many people have wagered on a round, as there is a symbol of a person in the bottom-right corner of the game screen to dictate this.

You Will Have a Totally Unique Gaming Experience Playing Live Crash

The Live Crash game offers up a wonderful and unique experience that you won’t get from playing any other casino game. In fact, this particular crash game is unique within its own genre as well, making use of the car as the vehicle of choice rather than an aviation vehicle. Crash games are casino options that are unlike anything else available to play online, and this makes them a fantastic choice for people who like something different.

Live Crash is Compatible With Smartphones

What makes the Live Crash casino option even better is that you can also access it from a mobile device. This means that if you possess a smartphone or a tablet, you can easily load it up and have a top-quality experience betting on it. The game has been designed in HTML5 format to cater to this market as well as the desktop gambler scene. And as it happens, OneTouch created it with a mobile-first design in mind. So, should you be a mobile gamer, then Live Crash will cater to you perfectly.

Tips to Win the Live Crash Online Game

Now that you know about the Live Crash release and how to play it properly, you may be interested in finding out about some tips to give yourself a bit more of an advantage. Everyone playing online casino games is looking to win them at the end of the day, so why wouldn’t you want to discover ways of improving your chances? Take a look at some of the Live Crash strategies and tips below.

Learn From Others

Being involved in a multiplayer game isn’t a bad thing by any means. In fact, it gives you the ability to learn from others playing in the same rounds as you. Take a look at what they bet on a round and when they choose to cashout. If they’re highly successful with their wagers and gain profit more often than not, then that stands out as a system to follow, wouldn’t you say? So, study the other competitors and see if you can pick up a few tips from doing so to enhance your own gambling and gameplay strategy.

Play the Demo Version of Live Crash

One of the best Live Crash strategies that we can recommend is to play the game in its free play demo format. Why? Because you won’t be risking any of your money on the rounds and you can practice until you’re confident in your abilities to win. This also allows you to test out various betting systems without fear of losing anything but play money. As it happens, this piece of advice is ideal to take into consideration for any online casino game. Always, always check out the demo version first!

Don’t Let Greed Cloud Your Judgement

Greediness is a terrible thing to have a personality trait. It leads to nowhere when it comes to betting on casino games, so don’t let it creep into your Live Crash gameplay. Instead, try utilising a system where you cash out after gaining a small amount of profit from your wager. It could be easy to be tempted to just let the multiplier increase a little more. But in the end, this is what leads to many gamblers’ downfall. Don’t let greediness cloud your judgement of when to effectively cashout and acquire profit.

Utilise the Game’s Auto-Cashout Option

Live Crash, like other crash games, has its own auto-cashout functions, which you can make use of when you bet in the rounds. When you utilise this, you select a specific multiplier level to cashout at, and this stops you from having to press the cashout button yourself. 

In this respect, it cancels out the possibility of you missing out on your cashout moment by automatically doing it for you upon reaching that predetermined level. Because of this function (and various others), Live Crash could be deemed as one of the top casino games to play.

Place Large Bets on Smaller Multipliers

One final piece of advice that we can give to you is to utilise a strategy that sees you placing large wagers and cashing out quickly when the multipliers are low. In this respect, you stand the chance of building up a decent amount of profit in a short timeframe. 

Large bets should only be placed in conjunction with swift cashouts because otherwise they come with much more risk. For example, you could place a wager of €40 on a round and then choose to cashout once the multiplier reaches 1.4x. This would secure you a profit of €16, making your total win be €56 for that round with the initial bet. Secure that type of profit for several consecutive rounds and your balance will grow in an ideal way.

Strategies to win the live crash game

Top Live Crash Game Strategy

As well as taking notice of the tips and hints mentioned above, you could incorporate a specific betting strategy into your gameplay. We have a recommendation for one to utilise that provides the chance of improved outcomes to your wagers.

Martingale and Reverse Martingale Strategy

Serving as a highly popular betting system when gambling in general, the Martingale system is often utilised for roulette gameplay. The concept of it sees you doubling your wager every time you lose a round and then returning to a predetermined base bet whenever you win. It may seem like quite a risky affair to utilise at first, but the idea of it is that you recoup your losses in a single win by doubling up. Just be sure that you have an appropriate bankroll when using it.

Likewise, the Reverse Martingale works in a similar way. Instead of doubling up when you lose though, you proceed with that action when experiencing wins. This serves as a safer option for low rollers to make use of, but again, if you go through multiple successive wins, bets can increase at a rapid rate, so be careful.

Live Crash FAQs

What is the RTP rate of the Live Crash release?

OneTouch launched this game, and it comes with an RTP rate of 96% attached to it.

Where can I play the Live Crash online game?

Live Crash is available in the lobby of the BitCasino platform. It was actually created by the developer in collaboration with BitCasino, which is why it is that bit more exclusive than some other crash games.

What are the minimum and maximum bets available in Live Crash?

You can place minimum bets of €0.01 and up to €10,000 per round in the game. Simply use the poker chips that are visible along the bottom of the game screen to select a bet that you are comfortable with.

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