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Anyone living in the 21st century and remotely interested in movies and pop culture will know where the following lyrics come from: If you’ve never heard this song before (shame on you), let us spoon feed it to you. In the movie Ted, this song is sung any time lightning and thunder hit the city. A lot of people relate to it because they too are afraid of lightning, and whenever thunder hits, someone in the house almost definitely starts singing this song, right? Or at least parts of it that they know of ... Now, we’re pretty sure this is all about to change upon the launch of Evolution Gaming’s new game, Live Evolution Lightning Roulette. Why, we hear you ask? Well, we don’t think anyone will be so glad to hear the sound of thunder hitting their winning number and giving them a maximum pay-out of maximum x500

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Evolution Lightning Roulette

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Review of Lightning Roulette

Evolution Lightning RouletteEvolution Gaming’s latest creation, is one of the many games produced by the go-to software provider for anything live; perhaps you know them best for their infamous game Dream Catcher. So let us break it down for you.

 Your typical Roulette game lets you pick a number and colour; the dealer throws in the ball and you keep your fingers crossed while hoping the ball stops spinning at the winning combination you picked. Now, lightning roulette gives your typical roulette game a bolt of thunder to spice things up a notch. Every round features one to five randomly generated numbers, which are struck by lightning and pop up behind the dealer. Is your number one of the lucky strike? Good on you! You’re about to get a magnified pay-out of 50x to 500x.

These lucky numbers bring an element of excitement to the game to say the least, but what is most impressive of all is that Evolution Gaming have managed to combine digital number generators with a live roulette wheel, something which has never been done before. Evolution Gaming’s Game Creator mentioned himself that this game is all about making gambling more social. When you see people betting on a number that you haven’t and you see them winning, it gives you a bit of faith in the game itself. Everyone knows what the other is doing, with the chance of getting huge payouts.

Theme and Graphics

Given that it’s a live dealer roulette game, there isn’t much that contributes to the theme of this game, but we’re still pretty impressed at how Evolution Gaming managed to give such a traditional table game a dash of colour and excitement. Imagine this, you’re minding your own business, playing your typical roulette game, and next thing you know you hear a bolt of lightning; ok, this may make you jump out of your seat if you’re not expecting it, but if you are, you know something good is coming up! It’s all about setting the scene for a thrilling Live Roulette Experience.

A thunder of lightning brings the numbers to life in the background, showing you the winning numbers that will give you anything between 50x-500x your basic win. Best thing of all? The studio is brand new and gives players enough of a reason to try this game out. Fancy colours of gold and black will welcome you to the dealer of your choice, yes; you get to choose the dealer that you want. The colours chosen for the studio could be a reflection of why players are there in the first place, to win big cash.

How do you know what numbers your "opponents" are betting on? Well, if many people have bet on a specific number, that number will start to shake, showing you exactly what other players are betting on.  

Wagering and Payouts

Ok so let’s break down how your typical roulette game works here. It’s pretty simple. You choose a colour and a number, while the dealer throws a ball in the spinning wheel. Keep your fingers crossed as the roulette stops spinning and you get to see where the ball has landed. Is it on the combination you chose? Yes? Amazing! You’ve just won!

So how will you know if you’ve won big cash in Evolution Lightning Roulette? Easy! The lightning will strike certain numbers and they will show up in the background. Is your winning combination up on there? Yes? Congratulations! You’ve just won some big cash, anything in between 50x and 500x actually. Not too bad right?

We’re guessing that there will still be some kind of minimum wins, but we’re not exactly sure how this is as of yet. So far, Evolution Gaming have made it a point to stress the fact that the game is all about hitting one of the 5 winning numbers to win big cash! If we’re being honest, this element bring a level of excitement and we’re all for it; we can imagine people sitting at the edge of their seat, waiting eagerly to see lightning hit their winning number.

Final Remarks

We didn’t really think there was anything you could do to a roulette game to make it far more exciting; as in, how exciting could a Roulette game get, apart from the anticipation that follows eagerly waiting for the ball to land on the number you’ve bet on? Well, we sure were wrong! Things got pretty exciting real fast thanks to the upcoming Evolution Lightning Roulette. We are definitely excited for what’s to come with this game, and we’re hoping you’re just as excited as we are! 

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