LaLoto 5/35: Rules, Price & Odds

NameLaLoto 5/35Ticket Price€0.75
DrawWed & SatBiggest Won€175.942
Winning Odds1 in 3.246.320

Eastern and Northern European countries are quite well known for their participation in gambling. Lotteries being one of the most prominent forms of gambling, it’s quite flourished too. Our subject today is one of the countries, Latvia.

LaLoto is the official Latvian lottery platform and there are quite a few games you can choose from. We’re going for 5/35 which is somewhat similar to Bingo. Throughout this guide, let’s explore different aspects of the lottery and understand the rules.

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How to Play LaLoto 5/35?

LaLoto 5/35 or 5 out of 35 is a number-based draw game where you decide the numbers in advance and hope that your chosen numbers are selected. We mean, that’s pretty much the basic idea behind any lottery.

Your first task is to get a coupon for the draw. There can be 12 variants of the coupon. You can go for just one or select all 12 if you want. Each coupon has 35 numbers in a square, and you need to pick 5 out of them.

This is why this game is called Laloto 5/35 and nothing else. On the coupon, you’ll notice the selected numbers are crossed off. Also, on the bottom right corner of each square, you’ll see the number of coupons. It ranges between 1 and 12.

Now, there are two ways you can play LaLoto 5/35. You can go directly to the point of sale and buy the coupon from the retailer. Or, you can play the game online and pay for it through online payment methods.

If you’re going to the retailer, you can pick a coupon for free and cross five numbers from the ticket by yourself. Remember, only black and blue pens are acceptable. Once you select all of your combinations, you pay the retailer and collect your receipt after giving the coupon back. You’re giving the coupon back because the retailer needs to input the details into the online system for the draw. It’s the receipt that will help you win and claim the prize, not the coupon.

And for online, you can directly visit the Latvijas Loto website or go into any of the most popular online casinos to buy your ticket. The process is identical. You’re going to use the cursor to cross off the numbers rather than a pen. In that case, you’ll need to choose a suitable banking method for the payment.

LaLoto 5/35 gives you a chance to participate in 2 additional games. The Joker (Dzokers) and Joker 7 (Dzokers 7). These are different numbers on top of the five main numbers. If you win these, too, the payouts are larger.

Both the online and offline tickets allow you to choose the numbers randomly. You can use the Popular picks in the online portal to choose a random set of numbers. Keep in mind that taking help from the system to choose the number will not improve your odds of winning.

Rules of LaLoto 5/35

It’s just not 5/35. All of the other games under the Latvian Lottery have some strict rules. And if you’re familiar with various international lotteries, you may know that’s true for the rest of the world.So, let’s go over the rules of Laloto 5/35 so that you don’t miss a single chance to win real money.

Odds to Win the Prizes

You need to understand the odds for any online lottery or luck-based game like the best online bingo. Although "understanding" the odds cannot help you win more, it can surely keep your expectations in check.

  • For LaLoto 5/35, the number of prizes is quite limited. So, you won’t find a massive table of odds for all the prizes. But let’s take a look at the ones you can win.
  • Five main numbers and one other number have odds of 1 in 3,246,320.
  • Five main numbers only have odds of 1 in 360,702.
  • Four main numbers only have odds of 1 in 2,164.
  • Three main numbers only odds of 1 in 75.

Price of LaLoto 5/35 Tickets

It’s a no-brainer that you first need to buy tickets for the Laloto 5/35 to participate. Otherwise, how do you plan to match the numbers you think will win?

Remember the coupon with 12 different squares? And you can pick five numbers in 1 square? Well, each of those squares cost €0.75. It’s that’s it! The final price for your ticket will depend on how many combinations you go for and how many draws you want.

For example, you can only go for one draw, two, four, eight, and even 16 draws! Selecting 16 draws means you’re buying the combination for the next 16 draws. The final price you pay in this case will be a massive amount.

Also, for the Joker and Joker 7 draw, you need to set the radio buttons to "Yes" before adding the ticket to your cart. Each of them is going to cost you €1.50. Overall, the ticket prices of LaLoto 5/35 can both be high and not expensive at the same time. Last but not least, don’t forget to complete the captcha before you press "add to cart". All of the combinations you’ve set so far will reset if you do. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not a pleasant experience.

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LaLoto 5/35 Jackpot

The jackpot is often the primary attraction of any lotto. The same is true for Latvian Loto 5/35 game. However, it’s not your traditional jackpot where you can get an estimation of how much you can win. Rather, you may know the percentage of the prize fund.

The 1st prize where the winner must match all five numbers and an additional number is paid to one winner, and it can go up to 10% of the fund! The 2nd position is where the winners match 5 main numbers on the coupon, giving them 46% to 50% of the funds. This is by far the biggest pool.

Players who match 4 numbers get 15% to 19% of the prize pool. Last but not least, players who match 3 numbers win 25% to 29% of the pool. We can only do it for the system game if we have to put numbers up. You can win between €450 and €189,000 for up to 10 strikethroughs and 252 combinations!

Biggest Win Made

Although the biggest wins for local lotteries, such as La Loto 5/35, are hard to find, we managed to do it for you. The biggest recorded payout from Latvian Lotto’s 5/35 game is €175,942. It was credited back in 2014. Even before that, a lucky winner won a whopping €157,202 in 2010.

Now, it might not be millions of dollars we’re used to seeing with major games like the EuroMillion. However, considering the ticket price and the short odds on the winnings, the biggest wins are quite generous.

Results of LaLoto 5/35

You may not know this yet, but there are two draws for this game every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The draw starts at 18:00 local time. You can buy tickets up to 17:40 via the online terminals!

The draw is then broadcast on LTV1 on both days at around 21:10. Moreover, you can find the results directly on the website within a few minutes of the draw. You can also call the authority at 67227728 to check your number.

How to Claim LaLoto 5/35 Prizes

For up to €150 in winnings, you can directly go to a lottery outlet and claim it. For €150 to €720, you need to go to the Latvian lottery office. It’s a Latvijas Loto store located in Riga. The online point of sales also works in this case.

For winnings between €720 and €14,300, you must visit the Latvijas Loto store, and it might take up to 3 working days. For winnings over €14,300, it might take up to 30 days for the lotto to payout. Remember that winnings over €2,000 will make it mandatory for you to complete a customer research questionnaire.

Taxes of These Prizes

Taxation is somewhat a drawback for the Latvian lottery. On the bright side, winnings up to €3,000 are not taxable. But when it goes over €3,000 but remains under €78,100, you must pay 23% in taxes. If the winnings go over €78,100, the tax becomes 31%. However, the initial €3,000 is deducted before the taxes are calculated. And you don’t need to worry about it because the tax is automatically deducted during payment.

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Our Opinion on LaLoto 5/35

LaLoto 5/35 is a simple yet exciting lottery in Latvia. This one often doesn’t get enough traction among the other prominent games. We wanted you to know more about this game and hopefully win something big!

LaLoto 5/35 FAQs

If you have questions regarding the lottery, now is the time to ask them.

What times are LaLoto 5/35 draws?

LaLoto 5/35 draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 18:00 (GMT+3).

Who owns LaLoto 5/35?

Well, the game is part of the LaLoto website which is operated by Latvijas Loto.

What are the odds of winning LaLoto 5/35?

The longest odds in the LaLoto 5/35 game is to match all 5 main numbers along with an additional number. It’s 1 in 3,246,320.

How to win LaLoto 5/35?

Unlike the best casino games, you can’t do much to win the lottery. The maximum you can do is buy all of the combinations for all of the systems for all the upcoming weeks. As all of the numbers have an equal probability of coming up, you increase your chance that way.

How much are LaLoto 5/35 tickets?

The lowest it can go is €0.75. It’s for 1 draw and 1 coupon only. If you want additional coupons, the ticket price will increase. If you want to participate in the bonus game, the ticket price will increase as well.

How to check LaLoto 5/35 results?

The results are broadcast on LTV1 every Wednesday and Saturday, a few hours after the draw. You can also call the Latvijas Loto office or check out the results on the website.

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