Jungle Gorilla Slot

Step into the misty mountain jungle and meet the solid silverback himself in this powerful five reel, 20 payline game by Pragmatic Play. Jungle Gorilla reflects the power of this mighty beast with gold coins triggering increasing multipliers over each reel, which slam down onto the wilds of winning lines to boost your payout! While this game may not boast lots of flashy features, it's the amping up of the base game that draws the crowds, while the high RTP balances perfectly against the game's medium volatility for a more enjoyable and sustainable gaming experience.

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Jungle Gorilla

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Jungle Gorilla Theme

The majestic and powerful gorilla is the star of this slot show with a cast of familiar animal faces as his guests: the tiger, elephant, macaw and chameleon. Jack to Ace symbols feature a primitive stone design, while the wild symbol offers a more colourful visage and the gold coin scatter featuring the gorilla's face hints at the symbol's power for triggering riches in this game.

The 3x5 reel set has a rather grand stone monolith design which is set in the middle of a misty jungle. The power of this slot's main character is accentuated by the stamping of the symbols in winning lines and the wild multipliers as they hammer onto the reels. This is a game that has been designed to have an impact!

Sound & Soundtrack

The musical soundtrack of Jungle Gorilla serves to emphasise both the power and beauty of the gorilla and the win potential of the game, with stamping sound effects adding to this idea nicely. In addition, you'll find the intensity and emotion of the music go from subtle and airy to excitable and lively, gearing up as you hit more wins to create an enjoyable progressive experience.

Bonus Feature

While this game does not offer a free spins feature, you'll be glad to know the gold coin scatter symbols are not there for nothing! Combined with the row of increasing multipliers at the top of the reels, these coins can unlock some pretty big wins!

Gold Coin Multipliers

The gold coin featuring the gorilla's face is the symbol to watch out for. It appears on every reel in the game and when one does make an appearance, it flips up and boosts the multiplier value displayed above the reel. There is a multiplier above each of the five reels, and each of these can be boosted from 1x to 5x by finding gold coins on the corresponding reel.

These increasing multipliers pay out when a wild appears in a winning line on that reel. The multiplier will slam down onto the wild symbol to illustrate this and your payline win will be boosted. This game feature sees your win potential really start to stack up when you consider the top paying symbol in the game is the wild - add 5x multipliers to each of a line of five wilds and you're looking at massive wins!

RTP Of Jungle Gorilla

The theoretical Return to Player of this game is stated as 96.57%.

Tricks of Jungle Gorilla

The best way to win in this game is to get those reel-topping multipliers up as high as you can before triggering a payout. Ideally what you want is a line of five wild symbols with a 5x multiplier on each one for the maximum payout!

Obviously there's little you can do to influence that kind of outcome but you'll be pleased to know this slot game's medium volatility offers a balance between smaller, more frequent wins and larger, less frequent wins.

Should You Play This Game?

Is this slot worth your time? Let's take a look at five good reasons to explore Jungle Gorilla:

  • Jungle animal theme: The realistic design, powerful sounds and popular animals in this slot make it a good choice for animal lovers, fans of wildlife and friends of the earth.
  • Unique gameplay: With a focus on more interesting base gameplay over features, Jungle Gorilla offers a more unique experience.
  • Big win potential: The combination of the highest value symbol also serving as the trigger for 5x multipliers on every reel offers the chance to score some pretty hefty wins.
  • High RTP: Great for players who look for the top slots in terms of payout over time.
  • Medium volatility: If you like a balance between smaller wins more frequently and bigger wins less frequently, this is one game for your list.

How to Play for Real

Ready to explore Jungle Gorilla with real money? Here's how:

  1. Find a reviewed casino that offers this game and register a new account there
  2. Make your first deposit, claiming any available welcome bonuses
  3. Find the Jungle Gorilla game, open it and start playing!

Final Thoughts

Pragmatic Play has chosen to move away from blingy bonus features, focusing instead on boosting the entertainment value of the base game itself in Jungle Gorilla, resulting in a five-reel game that's brimming with win potential in a really unique way. It's fun watching those multiplier values tot up over each reel with every gold coin appearance. The medium volatility of this game ensures you won't be endlessly spinning your reels with nothing to show for it, while the chance to trigger a payline win of five wilds with 5x multipliers on every one of those symbols feels tantalisingly close!


Still wondering about Jungle Gorilla? See if we've covered your query below.

Is Jungle Gorilla Safe to Play?

Yes, indeed it is. Jungle Gorilla is the creation of Pragmatic Play, a very well-known slots developer that is dedicated to providing legitimate and provably fair games to the online casino industry.

Is Jungle Gorilla Available on Mobile?

Yes, you can play Jungle Gorilla on any mobile device that supports HTML5, which is most modern smartphones and tablets.

What is the RTP of Jungle Gorilla?

Jungle Gorilla's RTP is stated as 96.57