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In order to excel in something, you first need to master the basics. iSoftBet is a software studio that has mastered the basics and has gone above and beyond in creating visually stunning slot machines. Aside from being a treat to the eye, iSoftBet also take responsible gambling very seriously. Going as far as being regulated in 16 different markets, you know that this game supplier goes the extra mile to ensure the safety of their players. 

At the heart of their creed stands the safety of the gamblers that play their games. This game studio recognises that gambling online is not without risk, and vulnerable people might go down a dangerous path should they not receive adequate protection and guidance. This is why iSoftBet implements certain safety nets within their games so players have more control over their budget and their gambling habits. It is good to see that the companies that produce casino games care about the people that play them. 

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Best iSoftBet Casinos

iSoftBet games review


iSoftBet create some of the best online gambling games available in online casinos. Licensed in multiple jurisdictions across the world, as well as owners of tons of game products, makes them fantastic producers of games. Their games range from what you’d anticipate from a casino to sponsored partnership games that are based on classic movies, TV shows, and popular themes that people love.


iSoftBet has been in operation since around 2014, with licences across the world in some of the biggest betting markets. They’re made up of professionals with experience in some of the biggest game production companies that have worked in igaming before. As a result, they’re well equipped to tackle the task of making amazing games. Since their creation, they've been taking the gaming world by storm by offering great table games such as roulette and blackjack which are great for the online bettor, as well as high-quality Megaways slots.


iSoftBet have an extensive library of slot games, but some of their most well-known ones can be found on many different online casinos. By working with BTG’s Megaways slots format, they’ve established a number of amazing games offering huge wins.

Morgana Megaways is one such slot, which features the mythical witch Morgana herself. Purple smoke and mysterious flames fill a royal court, and dragons and Morgana herself are placed on the slots as you spin. Card suit tiles will also appear, but the big wins come in the form of dragons and dragon eyes, Morgana’s mystical gaze, and the golden bonus grails. Unlock the free spins round and you’ll be able to win huge Megaways bonuses by collecting a specific symbol on the reels.

Dragon Match Megaways is another hugely popular slot from iSoftBet - the beautiful golden dragon tiles and lotus flowers dance across the reels as you make your spins. The extra two slots at the top of the reels which spin to the side make for an exciting extra potential win when you make a play - along with money envelopes and card suit tiles making up potential wins in the serene mountain environment.

Night Queen is a mysterious and dark slot featuring gothic heroes that would fit just as well in works by Poe or Shelley. With each spin you can reveal symbols that give you big wins, in the backing of the setting sun over a lake. Glittering heart gems form the Wild tiles, letting you join up any other symbol other than the Night Queen bonus. That itself will reward you with free spins if you line enough enough of this glittering text!

Branded games

iSoftBet’s strength might well be in its branded games, too. With many movie and TV-themed games, like slots based on the nail-biting 24 series, or the fun Rango movie, there are games to appeal to everyone which give you a great gameplay experience as well as some great wins and bonuses. So if you were looking for a slot experience that was tailored to your interests, this is the provider that gives you what you want.


Their slots tend to be video slots with exciting gameplay and special effects. However iSoftBet also creates a number of traditional card and table games, and special sponsored games based on movie and TV franchises.


Video slots make up a lot of what iSoftBet produces. With their amazing graphics and great design and soundtrack, they’re fantastic quality with plenty of potential wins. The bet amounts can vary from a single coin all the way up to hundreds, making these games well-suited to any bank roll. Their megaways games make for slots with an extra mechanic, making for more potential paylines - always a plus when you want to get the best wins for your bets!


iSoftBet also make a number of great classic casino table games, including roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Aiming to provide that classic fun casino experience, they have created some great games which are likely to please any casino fan.


iSoftBets games are almost all available on mobile due to their HTML5 framework. You must simply ensure that your phone or tablet is up to date with the latest software, and make sure to play at a casino which has a good reputation.


iSoftBet games are able to be played for free without betting any money! You can check out the ones we have available in the Spinroom, or alternatively you can find them on a site and select “Play Demo” or “Free Play” to give them a try. There are plenty of reasons to play for free – sometimes a game won’t be quite what you’re looking for so it’s helpful to give it a spin without paying any money to do so first.


So, if you think iSoftBet games are right for you, the best thing to do is just pick one that you like and get started! Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Figure out if you would like to play a table game or online slots – iSoftBet makes both!
  • Find the right game for you on the casino – we’ve only listed reputable casinos with a good reputation on our site, so our casino reviews are a good place to start.
  • Register with your chosen casino and be sure to deposit money into your account and also verify any documents that you need to with the casino.
  • Once you have money deposited into your account and you’re fully registered with the casino, go ahead and play!


Bonuses depend on the casino you are playing with – but often you can find a number of bonuses at casinos that offer iSoftBet games. For instance a welcome bonus which matches your deposit will let you play for free before having to spend your own money, though do be aware of any wagering requirements before you register by reading the terms and conditions of the bonus.

You may also be able to find extra bonuses like free spins when you play games on the site, especially if they have a loyalty program which allows you to get prizes the more you play. Keep an eye out for them, and check which of our rated casinos have great bonuses!


iSoftBet hold numerous licences in many jurisdictions. They have licences in 16 of them, including but not limited to the UK, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, and Switzerland. As a result, they can offer their games on many different casino sites. Their games would have been tested by independent third parties to ensure they are fair, and they would have had to meet a number of different legal criteria in order to offer their games in these jurisdictions.


iSoftBet have a pretty impressive collection of games, as well as a good history from their people in the world of online gambling. With great wins available on their slots, as well as a robust table game experience no matter if you’re playing blackjack or roulette. Their Megaways collaboration slots offer great wins to players, with a high quality gameplay experience straight from the start. With your bets being likely to net you great wins as you play, it's worth giving the games a try whenever you find them on one of our casinos!


Have more questions about iSoftBet? We thought that might be the case, so we’ve answered a few of the key ones below.

Is there an iSoftBet bonus without deposit?

Yes, depending on which casino you are playing with. You might find that you can benefit from free spins from one casino’s welcome bonus, for instance!

Is iSoftBet a reputable provider?

Yes, they are licensed in many different jurisdictions, including some of the most stringent in Europe, so you can rest assured that their game offerings are fair.

Are there iSoftBet casinos with PayPal?

Yes, there are iSoftBet casinos which use PayPal. Casinos which accept PayPal are some of the most reputable casinos online, due to PayPal’s stringent requirements.