Online Scratch Cards and Instant Wins

Online casinos and gambling sites offer far more than just slots and table games to keep you entertained. Scratch cards and instant win games offer a great sense of thrill and entertainment at an instant. These types of games are readily available at most large online casinos and are perfect for busy punters on the go. If you do not have much time to spin the reels or sit down for a lengthy game of blackjack, then scratch cards still offer you the chance to win some extra cash at a fraction of the time. On top of that, scratch cards and instant win games are rather cheap, so buying them frequently won’t break the bank.

Below you will online casinos that offer online scratch cards and instant win games.

Best online casinos with instant win games

Where to buy online scratch cards?

Scratching an instant win card with a euro coinKnowing where to buy scratch cards “offline” is easy, no matter where you are based. Irish and British players go to the bookies, an Australian would go to the servo and an American gets them from the local gas station. 

But when you’re looking to buy scratch cards online you won’t have to walk further than your laptop or mobile phone. Bringing the beloved scratch cards into the 21st century are the online scratch cards and instant win games. These thrilling online cards can be found at most larger scale online casinos, but some smaller casinos might carry them as well in order to cater to a broader gambling audience.

If you are looking for a hybrid casino that carries both slots and scratch cards then we listed the most versatile online casinos on this page. You will also be able to play at websites that exclusively offer scratch cards. Likewise, many national and international lottery websites offer a range of scratch cards on top of their usual lottery games. 

Always make sure you are buying scratch cards from an authorised retailer, which can be identified by your national lottery logo. If you are playing scratch cards that belong to an independent casino software provider, then look for the logo of the game studio when loading the game online. 

The most popular scratch cards

If you are new to the world of online scratch cards and instant win games, then you might wonder which games are the most popular. This allows you to get started on the right foot straight away. Of course, you are free to explore the wide variety of different scratch cards, as my online providers allow players to play a free demo mode. 

At the bottom of this page you will find a small selection of games you can play for free. But for convenience’s sake, here we compile some of the most beloved scratch cards by your gambling peers. 

777: Based on the believe that 7 is a lucky number in many cultures all throughout the world. Whether that is true or not is up to your own beliefs, but this range of scratch cards has made many a player very happy. This scratch cards comes at a low cost and has decent odds of winning. 

Jackpot: €/$/£ 7,777Triple 777 scratch card
Win Rate: 1 in 3.14
Price per ticket: €/$/£0.50

Powerball Scratch: The scratch card version of the highest-paying lottery in human existence. Can’t wait for the next Powerball draw? Buy yours a scratch card for an instant chance to win up to one million! This scratch card is on the more expensive side, but the amount you can win is absolutely life changing. 

Jackpot: €/$/£ 1 million
Win Rate: 1 in 4.31
Price per ticket: €/$/£3.50

Ten Lucky Years: Ever wonder what it is like to be a CEO of a company that basically runs itself? Have a well-above average salary deposited into your bank account for doing absolutely nothing all day. It’s possible with the Ten Lucky Years scratch card, which pays out a hefty €/$/£5,000 every month, for the next 10 years of your life.  

Jackpot: €/$/£ 5,000 per month for the next 10 yearsTen Lucky Years
Win Rate: 1 in 3.46
Price per ticket: €/$/£2.00

EuroMillions Scratch: A favourite among European players, as the prize pool is only available in Europe and can be bought only by players based in a European country. Since demographically there are less people playing these scratch cards, there is a higher chance of winning. They pay a stunning €1 million upon owning a lucky ticket. 

Jackpot: €/$/£ 1 millionEuro Millions scratch
Win Rate: 1 in 3.16
Price per ticket: €/$/£2.00

These scratch cards are available on most international lottery websites, which means that players from Europe, Canada and the United States (where lotteries are legal) are able to purchase them freely. 

Big win logoHow do I play online scratch cards? 

Once you have selected a scratch card you prefer, you can choose to make a deposit or buy them with your outstanding balance on your account. Select any of the offered payment options in the cashier section of the casino. Most payments, especially through e-wallets are completed instantly. Since these types of casino games do not  cost a lot, you are able to buy a handful of cards in one go without going broke instantly. 

Once your purchase has been completed, the casino will usually ask you if you wish to play the game now or save the scratch cards for later. It is really up to you, but since the nature of scratch cards and instant win games are, well, to win instantly, you might want to use them straight away. 

The online versions of scratch cards are usually beautifully designed and feature interesting graphics and animations to capture the attention of the player. You can then choose to scratch the PIN area manually or click the “Reveal All” button to instantly reveal all the numbers. This might kill the thrill of anticipation, but some players prefer to play scratch offs this way. 

When there are no matching numbers, the game will end and you can move on to the next scratch card in your inventory. Should you have run out of valid scratch cards, the casino might prompt you to buy new ones or leave the game. In case you are lucky enough to win one of the life changing prizes, the game will certainly let you know with a flashing animation on the screen.

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Scratch Cards and Instant Wins are simple leisure games enjoyed by thousands of online gamblers. The rules are simple and straightforward; all you have to do is scratch, match and win! Simple, easy and fun! At, we have reviewed the best online instant win games and gaming sites to play online bingo and online scratch cards!

Online Scratch Cards offer great instant cash prizes with some top jackpots starting at $1,000,000! These “reveal a win in an instant” games will bring you hours of entertaining and pure fun! The outcome of each play is always random and it’s decided on the point of purchase, meaning that there is no skill involved playing instant win games.



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