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Software Thunderkick
Reels 5
Paylines N/A
Bet Range 0.10 - 100
RTP 97
Bonus Rounds Yes
Jackpot 216x

From the top-notch software provider Thunderkick, we are here to present to you the colour and fruit slot game of Fruit Warp. Now, we all know the well-know Facebook game Candy Crush. Not because you play it yourself, but because you hecking friends won’t stop sending you requests for more lives or something. That aside, Fruit Warps is definitely an online game you wish to play. Not only are the 3D rendered graphics to die for, there is also loads of money to be won on this bad boy of a slot game.

Review of Fruit Warp Slot

Game Mechanics of Fruit Warps

Fruit Warp really is a nice break from all those fast and furious slot games out there. Instead, this slot machine takes it easy and comes down on an estimated Return To Player percentage of 97,0%, making it a low volatility slot game to be enjoyed by anyone looking for a relaxing afternoon. The game features an interesting amount of features that still add a certain thrill to the whole experience, so don’t take it too lightly. 

Now, when we first opened up to slot in our browser, we have to Admit we were quite taken aback. The sheer smoothness in the animations of this Fruit Warps is stunning, we’re at a loss of words. The game takes virtually no time to load due to its HTML5 integrated framework and the reel’s grid is invisible, making it look like the pieces of scrumptious tropical fruits are just suspended in midair. 

However, there is an invisible grid present, which consists of 5 reels and is suspended in 3 rows. The most characteristic feature of this game is the 3D effect that the animations creates when the pieces of fruit are shoot onto the reels. The emerge from the background and get bigger as they come closer to the screen, creating a flawless illusion of making it feel as if they come flying straight at you.
Now here is the gist of the whole game: how do you play it? Since there are no spinning reels in action of Fruit Warp, how can this be played like a slot machine?  Well it’s quite straight forward: player is prompted to land 3 or more symbols of the same fruit onto the reels, earning a winning combination. It does not matter in which order the symbols are, just that they are there is enough to trigger a win. This mechanic allows for a very relaxing and laid pay style of playing, as the players will not feel rushed by the continuous spinning of the reels. The soothing jingle in the background music only adds to this trait, so snuggle up on the couch and give this game a try. 

Slot Features of Fruit Warp

Likewise to its intricate grid layout and payline mechanics, Fruit Warp has some very rewarding and interesting features that the player can utilises to increase their winnings. We’ll get to that in a second. Let’s first have a look at the pay table symbols, the ones that will determine how your winnings will be calculated at the end of a winning combination. On Fruit Warp you will find some interesting pieces of fruit that you might have a hard time finding in your local grocery store, depending on where you live. Perhaps you haven’t even tried some of the fruits depicted on the pay table, the dragon fruit would net you the highest payout with 216 times your stake. Keep in mind that due to the dynamic of Fruit Warp, winning combinations can be made by landing the same piece of fruit 3 to 9 times onto the reels. 

Win Combinations to Re-spin

The standard “earning Free Spins through Scatter symbols dynamic” cannot be found on this slot game. Instead, the player is prompted to earn Respins, meaning that they can earn an extra free turn on the slot in the same. This might sound similar to the Free Spins function, but the act of collecting Scatter symbols is entirely omitted, adding to the smooth play style of Fruit Warp. Like stated above, the players needs to land at least 3 symbols of the same kind to make a winning combination. However, this can be scaled up to trigger different features on Fruit Warp. 4 of the same symbols will result in a portal respin. Meaning that symbols that withheld you from creating a bigger connecting payline will be swapped with a different symbols; thus increasing your chances of landing a bigger win.

Fruit Modes on Fruit Warp

Fruit Modes are perhaps one of the most interesting features we have found on modern video slots to date. Fruit Modes can be triggered by the player by landing 5 or more of the same fruits onto the interface. Once a fruit mode is activated, the player will be prompted to match the symbols of the Fruit Mode onto the reels themselves. Meaning that if the Fruit Mode is set to the dragon fruit, the player will have to land as many dragon fruits onto the reels as possible in order to fill up the warp meter. 

The warp meter can be found at the bottom of the screen and indicate how many “steps” the player has gained. Gaining steps will result in players earning extra coins, multipliers and extra lives. Lives will tell the player for how long they can continue the active Fruit Mode. Once all the lives are exhausted the fruit mode will end and the player is transported back to the base game. On top of that, a respin is granted to the player for every matching symbol they manage to land on to the reels.

A final word on Fruit Warp

Truly one of its kind and timelessly entertaining, Fruit Warp is one of those slot games that sticks within our memories. As far as we are aware, Thunderkick is the only software provider that has managed to produce a slot game without a clear reel grid. It’s the perfect modern overhaul of the classic fruit slot we are used to seeing in land-based casinos and for that Thunderkick can give themselves a well-earned pat on the back. 

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