Online Fruit Machines Slots

Fruit machines might be considered a close cousin to the regular US slots and were traditionally found in British pubs, which is why they are sometimes referred to as Pub Slots. While fruit machines had humble beginnings in drinking holes and a few land-based casinos, they eventually found their way to the famed floors of some of the most exclusive and exotic casinos in the world.

Today, they have gained massive popularity and demand in online casinos as well. Although fruit machines and regular slots are highly comparable, there is a single major difference that sets one apart from the other: fruit machines require a component of skill to win, something which is not true in the case of regular slots.

Features of The Best Fruit Machine Slots

People who have played slots online will find it pretty easy to transition to fruit machine slots. On the surface, fruit machines are like a simple 3-reel slot with a couple of enticing features, but underneath that, these fruit machine slots offer a lot of unique features as well:

Big Range of Online Features

Online casinos are flooded with an overwhelming amount of fruit machine slots due to their immense popularity and demand. These include slots of every shape, size, and flavour, supporting the traditional, classic, and modern slot styles. The games are also equipped with an array of features for players wanting to play online. Players are treated to a large number of bonuses and other gifts for bigger and better winnings! Also included in the online features is the ability to play for free and learn from tutorials so that players can better understand the workings of the games and how fruit slots work. 

Well–known Software

The software and overall user interface for most fruit machine slots are fairly easy to understand since they aren't much different from that of regular video slot games or slot machines. Fruit machines are also very basic and easy-to-understand in their presentation compared to other complicated video slots, for which players usually have to check the rules and learn how to play first. Also, fruit machine slots still use many features that were used by the original slot machines featuring 3 to 5 reels and 3 to 4 rows, so they're very easy to understand and play for older and younger people alike.

Wide Availability

Fruit machine slots are widely known and loved by people all over the world due to their history and popularity, but especially in the United Kingdom, where they emerged. As mentioned before, the demand for fruit slots has increased due to players wishing to play online from the comfort of their homes and those hoping to get a little face-to-face action on the floor of a casino. That is why all the best online and land-based casinos have fruit machine slots available and ready. So we suggest walking down to your nearest large casino or log into your favourite casino online because the chances are that they've got exciting fruit machine slots lined up and ready to be played!

Great Retro Themes

If you ask people what comes to their mind when they think of a casino, most of them will probably mention fruit machines. Even though they appear to be very simplistic and basic, it is that same simplicity that leaves a lasting impact on the players. The fruity themes and colourful backgrounds, the various contrasting fruit-based and classic 7s symbols, and the goofy sound effects make fruit machine slots stand out from other kinds of slot games. The gameplay includes different themes and layouts, along with features to attract all kinds of players.

Fruit Machine Slots with Real Money

Fruit machine slots can be played with real money, and while we have talked about how uncomplicated and straightforward fruit machine slots are, there is a certain element of skill that goes into playing the game, which we'll get to in a bit. That being said, players should try out a game before playing it for the first time. Fortunately, almost all online casinos let players have a go at the demo versions of the games so that the players feel confident while playing.

Playing the demo versions of different games also gives players the chance to compare different themes and features being offered by different games and casinos, so that when they do decide on playing a slot, they’re completely confident that it’s the right one for them! Some of the most popular fruit machine slots which can be played for real money include Fruits of Ra, Berry Blast, Cherries Gone Wild, 40 Super Hot, Juice and Fruits, Wild Berry Classic Slot, Fruit Stack, Jammin’ Jars, Fruit Fiesta, and many others.

Best Fruit Machine Slots to Play Online

There are a lot of fruit machine slots offering amazing gameplay and features, so it can be hard to choose which one to play. While we recognize that every player has their preferences and likes different games, here are our top 3 picks for the all-around best fruit machine slots that can be played online:

40 Super Hot 

Gifted to the casino world by EGT, 40 Super Hot is an exciting game offering many different themes and good returns. The game format offers players 5 reels and 40 paylines while featuring themes such as retro, fruits, and classic.

40 Super Hot also has an RTP (Return to Player) of 95.81%, which is more than sufficient for online slots. The highest possible payout for 40 Super Hot is 500x the total amount bet by the payers, which is not enough to give players massive wins. However, players can choose to go for small wins offered at a higher frequency, thus increasing their overall winnings.

The graphics on show are easy on the eyes, with the dark background contrasting nicely with the bright symbols. Clicky reels and electric bell sounds can be heard after completing spins, which compliments the theme, with very little background music distracting the player.

However, the animations can be a bit lengthy, especially during multi-win line payouts, but that can easily be countered by pressing the spin button again, which skips the animations to jump to the next round. 40 Super Hot has several exciting features, including scatter pays, wilds, and substituting symbols, along with a 40 Super Hot jackpot!

Sizzling Hot

This searing slot opens magical doors to incredibly generous fruit symbols, rains of gold coins, and lavish payouts. Provided by Novomatic, it is one of the most fun and exciting slots, and even though it houses five paylines and five reels instead of the classic three, it still feels like you're playing one of the classic fruit slots.

The Sizzling Hot game is a virtual copy of the original fruit machine slots, containing the same intriguing gameplay and the ability to be played online without registration for free. The game features excellent symbols of melons, plums, cherries, bells, bars, and traditional 7s. It is a fusion of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, mixed with good sounds and graphics and huge payouts. Sizzling Hot's ability to combine the classic and the innovative is what makes this game appealing to many players.

Jammin Jars

Jammin Jars is a simple slot from Push Gaming featuring colourful, collapsing reels with 8 rows and 8 reels and six different paying symbols, which include plums, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, apples, and oranges. The top-paying symbol without multipliers is the strawberry symbol, which pays up 100x for 25 symbols in one cluster – if the players can manage to land a multiplier, the win can go even higher.

The highlight of the game is the Wild Jam Jar symbol which can appear anywhere and act as a substitute for other symbols. When the wild symbol is part of a winning combination, it provides its players with an increasing multiplier, and can also trigger the free spins feature by acting as a scatter.

Jammin Jars also has a rainbow feature that gets initiated after a player encounters a non-winning spin; a rainbow appears on the screen and adds a 3x3 Giant Symbol, which transforms all the positions covered by it into identical symbols, maximizing the chances of winning for the player.

All in all, Jammin Jars is a game worth trying; it has big payouts courtesy of the sticky wilds and increasing multipliers, an RTP of 96.83%, which is very decent, and is playable across all devices so players can enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

Fruit Machine Slots Strategy 

As mentioned earlier, the single element which mainly sets fruit machine slots apart from regular slots is that of skill – players can affect their winnings from the game depending on how well they utilize the features. This essentially means that the component of luck that matters most in regular slots does not matter that much while playing fruit machine slots. Instead, players have to learn and somewhat study the game first, which is partially why free machine slots have risen so much in popularity.

The strategy of fruit machine slots is in utilizing its features, particularly the nudge button and the hold button. The nudge button (or feature) would be easily recognized by most online slot veterans, because of its origins in the classic fruit machines. This feature provides players with the ability to move or nudge the reels to have a chance at achieving a winning combination. The hold button is unique and allows players to hold certain symbols in their original places while the other reels spin.

The strategy is to utilize the nudge and hold features to the maximum since these provide the greatest chances to win. Conclusively, it goes without saying that players should first check out the details of where they're playing, what kind of bonuses are offered, and the average return of different games they want to play to increase their winnings. 

Tips with Fruit Slots

Understandably, all players have a unique way of playing and take on new games in their own style and strategy. While that is true, we would still like to offer some basic tips for players to help them excel at playing and winning from fruit machine slots:

Check out The Bonus Games

Although fruit machine slots are great fun themselves, they offer an even more entertaining environment because of their bonus games. These trail bonus games can either get triggered randomly or when the player manages to achieve certain symbols and combinations on the reels. Besides being high-quality entertainment, bonus games also offer very distinctive rewards that help activate the jackpot feature and multiple other prizes. 

Play with The Classic 5 X 3 Layout

Even though the fruit machine slots are offered in several different layouts, we'd suggest trying out the 5 x 3 layout. This layout is classic and used by new and veteran players alike. The 5 x 3 layout is also one of the most commonly used layouts, is easy to understand, and offers better chances of winning more prizes. 

Search for Free Spin Feature

Free spins serve an essential part in any player's winnings. As the name suggests, the free spins feature awards players with additional free spins, while some games even allow free spins to be retriggered. In fruit machine slots, free spins can be triggered using the increasing multipliers, which happens when a wild symbol becomes part of a winning combination. 

Should You Play Fruit Machine Slots 

Many slots are being offered these days with stunning graphics and gameplay, clear sounds, lots of patterns and rules, and many different features. Fruit machine slots get rid of all the fancy things, and just come with the necessities – good, simple, and engaging gameplay with rewarding wins. The nudge and hold features provide players with a sense of responsibility and control, which they don't get from other kinds of slots. The fusion of the nostalgic and the modern gets depicted beautifully in fruit machine slots, appealing to all audiences. They are fun, exciting, entertaining, addictive, and well-paying, making them worth a try for everyone.  

Faq About Fruit Machine Slots

We took the time to answer some of our readers' frequently asked questions on fruit slots below!

What is a fruit machine?

A fruit machine is a gambling machine which is operated using coins or other forms of payment, which then produces different arrangement of symbols (usually depicted by fruits) on spinning reels. When certain combinations and winning arrangements are achieved on the linear spinning reels, players win money. The fruit machine is the British term for the slot machine, as it initially originated in local pubs in the UK. Fruit machines were also commonly known as one-arm bandit back in the day, owing to the action of pulling the lever on the fruit machines to get them to operate.

Are there fruit machine bonuses available?

Yes, fruit machine slots offer a lot of different bonuses, including bonuses being offered at online casinos hosting fruit machine slots. The bonuses get activated by certain symbols appearing in winning combinations, while some slots allow free spins as well. Players must know about the bonuses being provided in different fruit machine slots to decide which one suits them best.

Can I play fruit machines for free?

Yes. A lot of online casinos offer all their players the chance to try a demo version of different fruit slots to acquaint themselves with the game and its workings. The games require neither registration nor download, so players can just open the page and start playing the game

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