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Stormcraft Studios
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Software Stormcraft Studios
Reels 5
Paylines 40
Bet Range 1 -150
RTP 96.47
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot 125,000

Enter a magical city where your wildest dreams come true. This blend of Victorian elegance and futuristic science is called “Steampunk” and has been the inspiration of StormCraft Studios’ first ever slot machine to be published. StormCraft Studios is a brand new software provider within the online casino world and this is their first ever title to be released.

Review of Fortunium

We’re going to be critical about this review and won’t cut them any slack just because they are newbies to the art of making slot machines. So far, the game Fortunium looks more than promising and boasts some cool and fresh exciting features. These features have not been exploited before by any other game provider, so let’s dive right in and see what this new game has to offer! Up and away!

Theme and Background of Fortunium

Fortunium is set in a futurist steampunk-themed city. Steampunk is a blend between futuristic machinery like flying airships, teleporters, weaponry and other technology that does not exist today. However, these are not sleek and gleaming like in other sci-fi stories, this technology is usually powered by steam, cogs and wheels and magical stones. Hence the name “Steampunk”.

This genre of fantasy has become increasingly popular in mainstream culture of the years, so it is no wonder that StormCraft Studios has decided to take this as a source of inspiration for their first ever slot game. In Fortunium we will follow the adventures of two renowned characters: Victoria and Maximilian. Victoria is an avid explorer who loves travelling the world in search of adventure. Maximillian on the other hand, is often found in his lab since he is an adventure. These two characters can be encountered on the reels and you better get to know them, because they pay out big. 

Game Mechanics on Fortunium

Fortunium might resemble a classic slot machine, but do not let its initial appearance fool you. There is some real horsepower under the hood here. The interface is made up of 5 reels and 5 horizontal rows, making up the 5 x 5 square grid. This setup allows for a maximum amount of paylines of 40 on which the player can bet. The number of bet lines is fixed and cannot be altered to a higher or lower amount.

Likewise, bet lines can only be connected by landing winning symbols from left to right. Being of a classic slot machine nature, the game also boast a rather high rolling style of playing, meaning that Fortunium can be classified as a highly volatile slot. Payouts might not be as frequent when compared to slots with a lower volatility, but if the player does manage to land a decent win they will be showered in a fortune. 

Slot Features on Fortunium

The symbols on the Fortunium slot machine are beautifully crafted to say at least. Besides the two main character we have introduced before, the other symbols include a treasure chest filled with riches, a futuristic-looking blimp, a plasma revolver and shiny gems modelled after the playing card symbols spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. High paying symbols will always pay out more than the low paying symbols, but do not let that discourage you.

Landing a couple of the lower paying symbols on the reels in a row will still greatly amp up your bankroll. 

Win Booster Feature

This feature is truly unique and sets Fortunium apart from the rest of the slot games. The win booster can be found on the left side of the reels and looks like glowing green button when active. When not active, the game is a dull forest green. This cool feature can be activated at any point in time should the player wish to do so. Once they do, their current bet will increase with a small percentage, so keep an eye out on your total wager!

However, although the player might end up placing a bigger bet, the chances of landing a bigger win increases vastly. The Win Booster will increase the chances of Mystery Symbols appearing on the reels. Not only that, but to sweeten the deal, the mystery symbols will also only reveal wilds or high paying symbols once they are triggered. Keep in mind that activate the boost will not increase the values of the pay table symbols, only the frequency of when a mystery symbol is triggered. 

Mystery Symbol Feature

These can appear at random on the reels and can be recognised by two different coloured question marks.

The question mark with the green background is the standard mystery symbol, which can land on the reel to reveal any random high or low paying symbol. Should the player activate the booster feature, the green question mark will turn into a golden on, indicating that the mystery symbol will only reveal high paying symbols. 

Scatters and Wilds

Wild Symbols can be recognised by a golden symbol with a big W on them. These symbols can be substituted for any other symbol except the scatter symbol. Players can use this symbol to create a connecting bet line where normally there would be none. 

Scatters are a different breed. These can be recognised as a big emerald gem to can land on the reels at random. These symbols also work in tandem with other symbols, much like the wild symbol. When landing a scatter symbol of two or more on a winning bet line, a multiplier starting at 1.20 will be added. In addition to that, Scatter symbols are also need to trigger the Free Spins bonus round. 

Free Spins Bonus Round

Landing 3 or more scatter symbols will trigger the Free Spins bonus round. The player will be award 10 Free Spins with mystery reels on reels 2, 3 or 5. These mystery reels will only contain the mystery symbols and really amp up the bankroll of the player. Once all Free Spins are exhausted, the player will be taken back to the base game. 

A Final Word on Fortunium

Not too shabby for StormCraft’s first ever slot game, we must say. They really kicked it off with a fantastic start by implementing the booster feature. This means that there must be more to look forward to from this new software provider. With a maximum win on 125,00 credits, players are able to change their lives for the better. Sadly for now we must be content with playing their only game, but since Fortunium will provide hours of gameplay, that is not a punishment. 

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